[K-DRAMA NEWS] 5 Best Romantic Scenes from Secret Garden (updated with extra scenes)

It is featured in the news today that public interest is growing as Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won unfold their love story in the current SBS weekend drama ‘Secret Garden’, the media takes a look at the 5 best romantic scenes from the drama in detail.

No.1 40 Seconds giddy party kiss

This scene was shown on the 26th in episode 14, in the middle of the party, Joo Won and Ra Im finally faced up to their feelings and shared a passionate kiss with deep affection for each other. Joo Won and Ra Im kissed as if they were the only one there, with envy and admiration from the audience.  The kiss lasted for more than 40 seconds. This scene tops the list from my opinion and it felt more than 40 seconds to me, maybe more than 1 minute? 🙂

No.2  Heart melting eye contact

In episode 12 of Secret Garden, there were no physical contact, no words were said, but the hearts of viewers melted by the sorrow and love between the main leads. On the night at action school workshop, Joo Won curled up next to Ra Im as she slept.  They lied face to face, looking at each other for a long time without speaking a word, yet they confessed their feelings through hearts and eyes.  Ra Im’s “come, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow” has completely melted my heart.♡

No. 3 Cappuccino foam kiss

This was talk of the town before and after it aired.  Aired in episode 10 of Secret Garden, Joo Won lifted up Ra Im’s chin and kissed the cappuccino foam off Ra Im’s lips. Love this scene, original and super creative!

No 4 Intimate sit up eye contact

I like how the news featured this scenes, the scene stirred up the hearts of women in Republic of Korea when it hit the screen. Hahaha, I believe it is not just Korea now, maybe the whole world?  Joo Won went to visit Ra Im at action school and joined their training.  When Ra Im asked Joo Won to take the exercise, sit up seriously, Joo Won brought himself up, close enough to kiss Ra Im.  Joo Woo looked at Ra Im closely and threw in a witty joke “Since when did you become so beautiful? Since last year?”  Joo Won’s hot gaze on Ra Im, and then scanned down her face, this scene has the hearts of the female fans.

No 5 Weird and puzzled bench kiss

Aired in episode 6 of Secret Garden, Joo Won and Ra Im kissed for the first time in this scene.  Joo Won (Ra Im) proposed a solution for them to switch back souls as how it happens in fairy tales that a kiss would usually work.  They started with a quick and light kiss then a long and heavier kiss, this scene marks the beginning of their relationship.

There we have it, these are the top 5 romantic scenes from ‘Secret Garden’ selected by the media. @

News source: OSEN | 2010/12/30 & 스포츠투데이 | 2010/12/30

I was reminded by iam hebat (a great reminder ^^) that there is one more scene that needs to be highlighted here, although not featured in the news, I absolute agree with her that scene should be included here ^^

Supplement No.1 Hug in the rain

Aired in episode 9 of Secret Garden, the first person Joo Won wanted to see was Ra Im after he was released from police station, and they both had their bodies back.  Joo Won went to Ra Im’s place, at the gate in the rain, he hugged Ra Im and told her he is here for this.  Beautifully scene!

Supplement No. 2 Passion and Respect

I would like to borrow the words written by peace to name this scene, who has left a great comment below, I think she has written a better comment on this scene than I could have, love it ^^

Aired in episode 13, Joo Won and Ra Im stayed back at the resort alone.  They took a night walk, and Ra Im looked at Joo Won who is so perfect closely and started thinking whether this moment of having him so close to her world would last.

Back to their rooms, Joo Won put on his childish charm and wanted to share a room with Ra Im.  He hugged Ra Im but unable to sleep with Ra Im in his arms, he chanted his ‘gimsu hanmu geobug…’trying to stay focused.  I would like to quote what peace wrote as I think it summarizes this scene so well that I don’t know what else I should write ^^ “I was quite moved when all Joo-Won really wanted to do was to hold her tight to a point where he had to recite that children’s rhyme again and again to curb his desires, especially when his voices started to crack a little with that almost painful facial expression (which is quite noble at the end and same when he merely wanted to hold Ra-Im’s hands after he showed her the Christmas decoration he did in her house). What passion and respect!!!” Thanks Peace!!

Any other scenes that we should include here? ^^

Just want to add in an extra line here, I can’t agree more with Christina who left a message below, it has been a great pleasure to watch Secret Garden with everyone who shares the same passion and love for the drama.  Thank you, everyone^^

23 thoughts on “[K-DRAMA NEWS] 5 Best Romantic Scenes from Secret Garden (updated with extra scenes)

  1. i think u missed one more scene
    the scene when joo won hug ra im in the rain in front of her house
    i’m not sure which episode it is
    maybe episode 9 if i’m not mistaken

    so sweet of him saying that the came to see her just because he wanted to hug her
    heart melting moment

    • @ iam hebat, you are absolutely RIGHT!! That is a beautiful scene, although not featured in the news but I should definitely include it here! Thank you so much for the note ^^

  2. For sure, almost all scenes are so beautifully shot that they are all romantic to me. The picks above are absolutely the top ones, no doubt about it. Somehow, I even found those scenes where Jon-Woo just so one-sidedly stared and awed by Ra-Im’s action performances (both times when he watched her from a distance and on the side line on movie sets) are quite romantic too, IMO. That crush Joo-Won has on Ra-Im is so strong even himself was puzzled and feels like he’s in a fairy tale.

    Now I hope I won’t be stirring up another debate here by mentioning THE scene where Joo-Won tricked Ra-Im back to open her bedroom door at the resort house and then grabbed and held her down on bed. Yes, I know there are some controversies as of Joo-Won should have let go when Ra-Im struggled and said so (the concern of what kind of a ‘message’ the show might project). Yet, I was quite moved when all Joo-Won really wanted to do was to hold her tight to a point where he had to recite that children’s rhyme again and again to curb his desires, especially when his voices started to crack a little with that almost painful facial expression (which is quite noble at the end and same when he merely wanted to hold Ra-Im’s hands after he showed her the Christmas decoration he did in her house). What passion and respect!!! That’s very romantic too!

    • @ Peace, I totally agree with you, that scene is shot with ‘passion and respect’, only when a man loves a woman so much that he is able control himself ^^, true and pure love ^^

    • @ i love secret garden, a big HELLO! Definitely, you and @ peace have made a very good point ^^ I will update the post soon, wait till I get some nice pictures ^^

  3. All the scenes above (and many more) are beautifully shot and really romantic, but what really strikes me is the cappuccino kiss and the stare-and-come-tomorrow-in-my-dream scene. I agree that that kiss was creative, I’m not sure about being original but it IS a unique scene and I love that Joowon accomplished more than one thing in that scene: he removed the foam, he had an excuse for some skinship (kiss), and he, well, surprised her. XD

    The stare scene was just beautiful, proof that sometimes silence is much better and that eyes can sometimes convey more emotion than our words do.

  4. Love every part of the show where the 2 of them feature and I absolutely agree the highlighted ones are the BEST of the BEST.

  5. This scene does not need to be added, but the to me the scene when he watches her practice in episode 1. That to me was when without saying a word you just knew he was in love.
    Big fan of the show

  6. so romantic!!! thanks for compiling! ❤

    omg. that most debated scene., the bed scene.
    for me, i actually loved that it made the viewers feel to sides of the coin,
    feel for ra-im, feel for joo-won.
    i mean, what better way to show the "struggle" is to make it so that the struggle is not between them but from within.
    for most dramas, we are made to feel either for just one character in a particular scene (sympathize with just one emotion, mostly pity for the 'underdog' ) or have clear cut of the extremes (pity for the underdog, hatred for the one who has the upperhand) and that is just limiting, but here, in this certain scene… you get to empathize with the two. there is not one side you can take, nor say he or she should have been this or that., or HE's so WRONG and SHE's RIGHT. Joo-won seemed harsh at what he did but i cant find the heart to be mad at him (and i believe Ra Im feels the same way). and then how joo-won feels about the whole thing- him controlling himself and all. the scenes and interaction between the characters are so real, and yay for consistency! joo-won is just being himself. points for keeping the characters in-character.
    and my comment is just too long.
    anyway, just a few episodes left. 😦

  7. i am really admire alou….and it’s true all of the scenes stirred up the hearts of women in the whole world. i am from Malaysia n watch this drama with my daughter.our heart melted every time watching this upcoming episodes.thanx a lot to all of u.fighting!

  8. hiii. iam from indonesian 🙂
    well i love this drama badly.
    and also the kisses scenes, unordinary!
    makes me melted and dreaming about Hyun Bin all the time. ^^
    wish i have boyfriend like Kim Joo Won. LOL
    nice to met you all ^^

  9. I guess one scene which melted my heart is the scene where Joo won was in the hospital after he passed out in the elevator…Raim opens the door and cried , saying “I’m Sorry”…then Joowon said..”Come closer”….Raim cried so much because of her fear that he might lose Joowon and Joowon..said “It’s okay”. Raim sacrificed her Dark Blood auditions because she loves and worries for Joowon soooo much..
    The hug in the hospital room struck me…I never had any boyfriend but when I watched that scene I learned something about love..it is like sacrificing even your greatest dream..and it is like forgiving without any hesitations. I soooo love segret garden…in april, it will be shown in the Philippines, even though I am not a big fan of the network station where it would be aired, I will passionately watch each night for my fave Kdrama. 🙂

    Thanks alou for all your posts about Hyun bin, Ha jiwon and SG..you’re so awesome. 🙂

  10. i soooo like this tv series.. the actors and actresses carry their roles very well and i’m impressed with the director and writer… it is indeed worth watching… 🙂

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