Trying a new outfit

My dearest fellow sisters,

I know you would understand me, I’m a ‘girl’ who loves to try different outfit from time to time, and I have extended this love of mine to this blog :P…bear with me while I fine tune the settings

Alou ♥

19 thoughts on “Trying a new outfit

  1. Ms. Alou! Two thumbs for you I think this would be easier for us to browse and link…

    Thank you! you’re such an angel..

    btw, Im longing to join the YG of SeGa family can you help me?please. thanks much once again.

  2. wow! new outfit comes with new style….lovely changes. Alou, we accept the way u r….difference make recreation, I just need to adapt to new accessories:)

  3. Alou
    You are constantly working hard for our benefit and with this new look you are to be commended so thank you for this new great look and for keeping up to date and giving us wonderful information to entertain us!

  4. good job Alou.
    love this site. 🙂
    thank you for giving us latest news and a place to gather and discuss about things. *muacks*

  5. it’s beautiful ms. Alou. thank you for your hard work. 😀 you have made this thread a haven for us and we can’t thank you enough. *hug

  6. Unni Alou, this new “do ” looks neat and easier to navigate…Luvit!!!! Thanks for always giving us the best !!!! Jungmal Kamsahamnida Unni!!!

    • Yes it is! And I do love that you pick a bigger space for the comment page, it’s much easier to read and follow the discussion this way. Thanks a lot, Sis Alou, you’re so helpful and understanding. *hug*

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