[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Scent of a Woman, behind the scenes, part 3

One of my most loved drama, though I am very behind on my episode highlights (not sure where to start now, should I just jump to the next episode and catch up on the missed ones later), I am keeping this drama high on my must watch list!

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7 thoughts on “[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Scent of a Woman, behind the scenes, part 3

  1. Alou
    Take the time to watch this drama b/c it is definitely a good one! I always enjoy your highlights and look forward to them but I know how it is when you have to juggle a full time job and domestic life so do what you can and we will continue to appreciate all the effort you put in large or small.

  2. Just watch the drama along with us, Dear Alou, it’s getting better and better. No worries about the synopsis, your readers surely gonna wait for the sub team, especially because they’re really fast doing this drama :D. The tango scene was just, whoaaah, daebakkk!

  3. I started watching this because of your enthusiasm. I am truly very thankful. It is certainly a plus to read your highlights. But i join Miss Didi and Miss Imud, enjoy the episodes with us. I am a full-time housewife and i barely have time myself so that is much more with you. You’ve done so much. A million thanks.

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