[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, new Olay commercial, Indian victory beauty

Ha Ji Won, the model for Olay products has released a new commercial with Indian traditions, before war, paint is applied to the warrior’s face. The cream is a ‘Weapon of Victory’ that fights 7 skin problems.

The commercial concept fits Ha Ji Won very well, I have to give credit to who ever came up with the idea. Ha Ji Won is known for her strength in beauty, not just the look alone.

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18 thoughts on “[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, new Olay commercial, Indian victory beauty

  1. Thank you so very much Ms. Alou for posting this Olay Ad of HJW. indeed Olay’s concept of indian painting of a warrior was an apt theme for her. and it coincides also with her Sector 7 as it fights 7 skin problems… I am sure if there’s someone who would love to see this commercial on TV is someone in the marines at the B-island he he he now he would see HJW everyday for Olay’s commercial….good for them….

    More power again Ms. Alou…hope and pray you’re doing well like all JB angels here….were all grateful for your generosity and kind heart for giving us the opportunity to share and voice out our feeling of admiration and love for HJW and HB…God bless and hope you do come and visit our fanpage too in YG and Kuda or even our FB from time to time…

    • Hello AnaPinay, hope you are doing well! Missed you ♥

      Thank you for leaving the comment and I read YG daily updates as I have subscribed the daily digest. I may not be able to visit you guys there as much as I’d like to since I am occupied by work, family and this blog…phew… Having said this, I love the family and will drop by 😀

  2. what a coincidence, we are having a united nation motiff party in the office, and I want to wear something korean, and Ji won’s costume in DAMO was my target but time was not on my side, I was forced to use indian costume instead because it is RTW and always available in my country, at least to pacify me, Ha ji won here has something indian LOL..

    Talking about beauty, she is prettier always even without make up…. and have you noticed how her face changes from time to time…. that is why I always wanted to look at her, her beauty has varieties, I really just can’t explain it… I like her Gil Raim Look, her face in this CF is another beauty, she looks different also in bangs, during her Sector 7 presscon, she was wearing a tube dress there, she’s also different in her Guess sunglass endorsement.. really amazing….

  3. I like her face with her hair brushed up like that. So fresh-looking, youthful, simple but elegant. I remember the same look when she got an excellence award with her role as hwang-jin-i ,where she cried. She was wearing then a black gown with spaghetti strap. Oh, I remember too that was the time she bumped into Hyun Bin. In fact I have that last pic above (two fingers up) as my computer desktop wallpaper.

  4. Ha Ji Won ssi.. you’re getting younger and younger. Simply yet prettier as ever that’s the spirit of love. hmmmm! I believed THAT MAN can’t take his eyes off you. wink!

    You’re just too good to be true.
    Can’t take my eyes off you.
    You feel like heaven to touch.
    I wanna hold you so much…….

    Pardon the way that I stare.
    There’s nothing else to compare.
    The sight of you makes me weak.
    There are no words left to speak,
    But if you feel like I feel,
    Please let me know that it’s real.
    You’re just too good to be true.
    Can’t take my eyes off you.

    I love you, baby,
    And if it’s quite alright,
    I need you, baby,
    To warm the lonely nights.
    I love you, baby.
    Trust in me when I say:…..

    to Ms. Alou thank you once again for this wonderful update of HJW. we’ve missed the two of them.

  5. Annyeong Haseyo.. Alou ssi, unnie.. Ha Ji Won ssi, unnie perferct choice of endorser! i know there will be a lot of consumers will going to buy for this! be llike Ha Ji Won sshi beauty! 😀

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