[DRAMA EXTRAS] Can Kim Tae Hee take on Kimura Takuya’s Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men challenged the Field of God?

Kim Tae Hee maybe the beauty queen in Korea? But when she leaves her home ground this fall, heads to Japan for her début role in ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’ (99 days of me and my star), can she compete with Japan’s drama king Kimura Takuya?

Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉 or きむら たくや) will make a come back this fall with TBS’s 60th anniversary drama 南極大陸~神の領域に挑んだ男と犬の物語 (Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men challenged the Field of God). Most of his works, Kimura Takuya is the rating guarantee. Plus, ‘Antarctica’ has a much richer story plot than Kim Tae Hee’s ’99 days’.

Let us take a closer look at both dramas. ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’ is a romantic comedy, starring Kim Tae Hee and actor Nishijima Hidetoshi. Kim Tae Hee plays a top Korean actress working in Japan, she will be romantically involved with her bodyguard by Nishijima, during a 99 days contract.

Nishijima is 40-year-old single man, ikes astronomy and enjoys star watch. He may be good at what he does but his personal life is quiet a mess, as he looks after 3 children by his sister.

The romance will develop during the 99 days, and what will happen on the 100th day? I think this is what this drama would want us to find out.

To air at the same time slot, it’s Kimura Takuya’s 20 billion Yen production, ‘Antarctica – The story of Dogs and Men challenged the field of God’.

Based on a true story, set during the Showa period. America forms a ‘International Earth Exploring Special Committee’, with countries who won the world war II. 10 years after the war, in order to build stronger faith in its own country, Japan applies to join the committee and sends out a team with 19 snow dogs to South Pole.

Kimura Takuya is the deputy team leader, Kuramochi Takeshi. The drama focuses on the touching story between men and dogs, how they survive through the harsh environment, conflicts, doubts, eventually become united and overcome each challenge.

Will there be a love-line? Well, the female lead will not appear until episode 7, Ayase Haruka plays Takaoka Miyuki, the younger sister of Kuramochi Takeshi’s deceased wife.

I am a big fan of both actors, in this case, I think the verdict is out, Kim Tae Hee has a strong rival, not to say her drama is not interesting, it appears to be a little too light weighted in front of ‘Antarctica’.

Both drama airs October, this fall in Japan.

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