[K-DRAMA NEWS] Scent of a Woman, sold to 8 countries

On 5th of September, SBS announced its weekend drama ‘ Scent of a woman’ is sold to 8 Asia countries, including Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The drama will end in Korea next weekend, 16 episodes in total.

News source: 연합뉴스 2011/09/05 14:59

5 thoughts on “[K-DRAMA NEWS] Scent of a Woman, sold to 8 countries

  1. I just finished watching episode 14 and couldn’t stop my tears…2 more episodes and it’s the end. I love this drama but I wished that it could end earlier because it’s so sad! There’s so much to deal with for those who’s at the end still living. I guess the last 2 episodes will be more on people around Yeon Jae to accept and spend the last few moments with her and she can leave in peace (in the arm of her loved one). Expect more tear-jerking moments though, cos I think I cried almost every episode since she discovered her illness. It’s inevitable, life goes on…but memories will always give us the strength to move on. Fighting!

  2. Enviable lot, I would have promote this drama “Scent Of A Woman” in Thailand. People of Thailand like this series so much. I hope to miracle of this series.

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