[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Scent of a Woman, behind the scenes, part 9

Special Feature: Episode 14 of Scent of a Woman

Source: SBS

4 thoughts on “[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Scent of a Woman, behind the scenes, part 9

  1. im sori… but that girl sekyung… really really needs to groom her eyebrows!! i can’t stop cringing everytime i see her and all i see are her eyebrows!!

  2. well…actually this drama is good, it teached us to enjoy every single time of our life…but in my opinion..it was lost of taste when the drama told about a women who got a cancer but the actris didnt show that she got a cancer. how could be someone who was doing a treatment of cancer still look fresh…if the actris didn’t want to cut her hair…just do the magic of make up…very disappointed

  3. OMO! I miss this! I love the scene when Lee Dong Wook was carrying the baby he’s just so cute! I really bought the DVD so I could watch it whenever I like to, the drama just had its last episode last week of December 2011 here in the Philippines, Filipinos love Scent of a Woman so much because they mention our country I guess twice and they also visited here in Cebu for their vacation glad you did guys! Hope you guys can visit again Lee Dong Wook is my favorite Korean actor because of My Girl I like his character their I also love his fashion style. ♥

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