[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, chic airport fashion at Incheon Airport

Actress Ha Ji Won, looking great in her casual chic outfit, was spotted leaving Incheon Airport on 15th of September, heading to London for  a cable tv program ‘style magazine’ and Olay photo shoot.

Dressed in grey sweater, black tights and funky boots, well before the fall / winter season, Ha Ji Won completed the chic airport fashion with a pair of must have sunglasses.

Ha Ji Won will take up a challenge as a beauty editor in this tv program, she will introduce the beauty trend from London, part of her trips will be visiting Olay research centers as well as Olay shops.  This program is to air next month.

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24 thoughts on “[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, chic airport fashion at Incheon Airport

  1. WOW!!!! Nice outfit… So simple yet so fashionable!!! Love the outfit so much!!! Goodluck on your trip UNNIE JIWON!!! Stay safe and always be happy!!! Looking forward to see your activties on this events of yours!!! You’re really so cute!!! I love the way you wear your jeans, perfect for your body!!! You’re GUTS is so AMAZING!!!! :)))) Love You so much…. Thanks to you Ms ALOU for this post, you really and always made our day for juicy news with regards to our SEGA COUPLE!!! Thanks for keeping our spirit always in High notes… God Bless You Always! To our SEGA FAMILY & JB Angels and to all the members of this thread, HELLOOOOO everybody, its so nice to be back in action again…. STAY FIGHTING and KEEP US ALWAYS UNITED for our HB and HJW shippers!!! Love you guys!!!! Otoke, Otoke ^_^

  2. OMG!!! What a lovely and fresh looking aura!!! So envious, that i wish i could have that same kind of aura. AURA OF SO MUCH IN LOVE and HAPPY and CONTENTED LIFE ahead!!! I LOVE TO STARE AT HER BEAUTIFUL FACE!!! Thanks MS ALOU for the update photos, Love you!!!! Now I can sleep already…. Goodnight everybody!!! See you around and tomorrow hope to hear more news, new blogs, new post… etc… etc… GOD BLESS US EVERYDAY!!!! ^_^

  3. HJWon ssshi ur drop dead GORGEOUS!!! no wonder HB so in love with you. I wonder why it happens that HBin’s best pal and wife are on the same plane with you and the same destination?? could it be everyone in the group were going to see or visit bridal shop where Kate Middleton get her wedding gown?? he he he…and perhaps the reason JDG and GSY are with her bec our amazing namja doesn’t want her to wander around UK alone???? probably he thought she needed his closed friends and confidant to go with her though its just a photoshoot for Olay…maybe they would also include their wedding plans for 2013??? well hope to hear their announcement anytime soon….just noticed too that she’s wearing the watch like KJW wears in SeGa??? well my thoughts are running wild again also they are all coming back on the 21st of Sept. in time of HBin’s bday and marathon???….good day everyone….and lets wait and see and be patient for their announcement..aja aja aja….

    • Ma’am Anna! Love your post so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My heart beats fast and i can’t help smiling and saying ohhhhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaah. (I am a silent reader of this fan page and all of you always made my day great with your news about the amazing couple. You never fails to amaze me and I admire your hard work in getting these news. More power!)

  4. What a nice outfit Jiwon as always you’re really such a fashionista. Love your boots hehe…
    But I wanna see the pendant of your necklace is that the same as what you’ve wore before???

  5. THAT WOMAN she’s so beautiful and gorgeous!!!!! that’s why HB is so in love with her!!!!! It’s true that when you saw her you will never stop staring at her (beautiful face even with a simple make-up) like HB always been doing when his with her……she’s so blessed with a natural beauty……
    she always carry herself well in whatever occasion and whatever she does………..
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! soooooooooooooooo beauiful with a kind heart!!!!

  6. first of all, thanks Ms. Alou for this update…luv the pics u posted here…agree w/ u Ms. AP about the watch could HB have given her his watch?…since JDG & GSY is w/ her on the trip and they would return together it’s a probability that they are also billeted in the same hotel to keep her company…and they may also be shopping for a wedding gown or maybe contacting a designer to make her one…and have noticed the ipad she’s holding…she may have used it to send luv notes to HB while waiting for her flight…or they may be exchanging email or PM during the flight if it’s allowed…ooooh can’t wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and it’s coming real soon….patience patience patience….fighting! aja! aja!

    • cherryl, thanks a lot for liking my posts and for your continued support for DS and our amazing couple. don’t worry everything is going great as they have planned and yes we might read or hear the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT anytime soon!!!! ottoke…better book a plane ticket to Incheon right after their announcement he he he….let’s keep the love burning and our support endlessly for this two beautiful people of SK entertainment….have a nice day to all!! and God bless…

      • @ate Ana yey, we have to meet then so we could have a celebration! When I read Fon’s post in the open thread, it’s like I’m gonna cry. Sobrang saya ko! *fingers crossed*
        Thanks Ate! Have a happy weekend!

      • I really want to do that since I am a silent reader here, hope and pray that’s its all true, cant wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…

  7. Who would not fall for Hajiwon?! 😀 She has a beautiful face and a wonderful soul. HB probably asked his bestfriend to keep a close eye on her admirers in London 😀

  8. Never get tired looking these pictures. Her simplicity makes her outshines whenever she goes. HJW ssi were so much blessed with her beauty and has a really big heart person. That amazing namja were so proud of his amazing woman… so I guess the JDG couple has to be with the amazing yeoja to protect her from the eye of admirers…keke! ms anapinay hope that big announcement is the amazing CP wedding…kyaaa!jumping here like a frog! aja!

  9. her beauty is daebak! my gosh, I was thinking what kind of molder our Almighty use to come up with such a perfect and beautiful creation above…kekekeke 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    No doubt HB fell for her, and she has a lot of fan boys in Korea… as you look at her she’s so simple and her outfit, but she has that unique glow that makes her inner beauty stands out

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