[K-DRAMA NEWS] ‘Scent of a Woman’ team travels to Cebu for holiday

What a way to end a drama!  Not just a celebration dinner, but on beaches, not just an individual but together, the entire crew in the beautiful Cebu!  Unless they get along, they would not want to travel together.   Now they have done it, hope to see more dramas to follow suit.

‘Scent of a woman’ ended last weekend, and on 15th of September, the whole team, 20 people including leads, Kim Sun A, Lee Dong Wook, Eom Gi Jun, Seo Hyo Rim together with drama’s PD, writer and staff.

This 3 nights and 5 days holiday meant to help the crew to recover from their tight shooting schedules.  A well deserved holiday, have fun!  And I want to see girls in bikinis and boys half naked with chocolate padding chests!  😀

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10 thoughts on “[K-DRAMA NEWS] ‘Scent of a Woman’ team travels to Cebu for holiday

  1. hope for safe travel and enjoy the views and the beaches there. they deserved it.
    i watched Scent of a Woman and i really liked the story and had beautiful and hopeful ending. we can learn moral values, positive insights and the determination to live and to fight what is right for the sake of the one you love.
    enjoy your vacation…….
    well deserved……

  2. Glad to read that the whole cast and crew of SCENT OF A WOMAN chooses CEBU as their vacation destination in SEA… I m sure they would love their stay there specially the beach. hope they would also be able to go to Bohol and the panglao beach resort and see the mini zoo as well as the most endangered tarsiers…KSA would have a great time and fun looking at these little creatures with big bright eyes. I wonder where they checked in???? well we will find the answers soon when we get to see their pics later on. and yes the story of SCENT OF A WOMAN was very touching and very realistic. I like the way the writer able to make all the people in the end accepts LYJ’s cancer and how they deal with the people who does not know what to do when facing such dilemna in life. they have shown lots of faith and trust to those people who are with her that makes her able to fight and stay alive through cancer. i just hope that at least the writer have added a little bit of thought of having faith in the ALMIGHTY ONE…though at some points there’s a scene where LYJ’s parents went to the temple (Buddha) to pray for her. but over all the story was really nice. I love happy ending no matter what….

  3. Have read on some blogs that there’s a possibility that they’ll saty in Imperial Palace, is owned by a Korean and most of the Korean celebrities stayed in that place, Rain and Lee Song-ki. 🙂 And yes, I love your “bikinis and half-naked” ideas! *giggles*

  4. WOW PHILIPPINES!!! My beloved country is one destination that you will truly enjoy!!! So many tourists spots and one is CEBU PHILIPPINES!!! Nice to hear that they will have a vacation here… ENJOY and have lots of FUN!!! Eventhough its not summer, yet the weather is sustainable also… HOPING THAT OUR SEGA COUPLE will also visit our DEAR PHILIPPINES… Wishing it badly and if that would happens ((soon:)), hayzzzz i will be very happy to see them wherever their destination would be!!! KEEP THE SPIRIT OF HOPE AND LOVE BURNING!!! Good Vibes might come true sooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!! 🙂

  5. Glad that they’ve chosen Cebu as their vacation destination! They’ll love the beach for sure!

    @jamie@owen waaahh, lets keep our fingers crossed, sana bumisita din dito ang amazing couple!

    Thanks Ms Alou!

  6. It was Nice to know that they’ve selected the Philippines’ “Queen city of the South” for their holiday. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the breathaking sceneries in Cebu and the wonderful hospitality of the cebuanos :D. I Hope next time our amazing couple hjw and hb will visit Philippines as well. for their honeymoon hehe 😀

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