[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won in London

Ha Ji Won travelled to London for the brand she represents, Olay, for a beauty trip.

She recently updated her me2day:


She mentioned: ‘I am doing well in UK,  I miss the autumn in Korea. Life between tomorrow and the future, I love and miss the people and things’.

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13 thoughts on “[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won in London

  1. this pics shows that she’s not just into endorsing the Olay products but as well as knowing how it was made and probably the facilities as well as the whole research team of Olay in UK. that’s why we not only love and admired her we do support her in everything that she does. wished i was one of those european girls that she was talking to and probably asking why or what they like about the Olay products.

  2. Thks for sharing those beautiful pics Ms. Alou ! HJW is always so sweet, focused on working and also enjoying her trip as a tourist, she’s really unique.
    I also like her words mentioning the future, we feel her impatience to come back home and see people she misses a lot ^^
    September is oveflowing with good waves 😉

  3. hi guys! I’m new here from Philippines. i love to read all your comments, especially AnaPinay. Reading all the news and comments makes my day complete because I really, really love HB and HJW. Watching SeGa everyday relieves all the stress…i hope i can read more news about them 🙂

  4. On September 18th, actress Ha Ji Won shared a photo with her fans through her agency’s me2day and wrote, “I’m doing well in London.” The actress departed for London on the 15th for a commercial shoot with cosmetics brand, Olay.

    In the photo, you can see the actress smiling wistfully for the camera at a local cafe. Her appearance is very casual, as she’s seen donning a simple white sweater and minimal make-up.

    Ha Ji Won added, “Its only been a few days since I arrived and [I’m] already missing the beautiful skies of Korea’s Autumn“. She added, “Suddenly, I thought of this expression, ‘Between tomorrow and the next life‘. It’s a time where I’m missing the things I love the most.”

    Netizens who saw her post commented, “Your beauty shines even in London,” “This post is definitely the work of a goddess” and, “Please hurry and come back to Korea“.

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