[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will be a MC for the first time

Seems like Hyun Bin will be having a busy September.

Hyun Bin who currently serves in the Marines, will take on a new challenge, except this time he will be the MC for a concert, the first time him hosting any show in public.

On the 30th of this month, at 7.30, Hyun Bin will be hosting a 2 hours ‘Marine Corps Band 22th Annual Concert ‘ at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul, an annual event held by Marine Corp headquarters.

This event is open to public however only limited to 500 seats, interested can apply via its official webiste from 23 – 25 of this month.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin will also participate in an upcoming 6.25 km Memorial Marathon on the 25th of September, to be held at Yeouido Hangang Park.  Fans are able to see Hyun Bin in action, something to be excited about.

One more last piece of info, Hyun Bin will be transferred to Marine Corp PR sector early next year.  Changes are good, but I am not sure how he feels about this move himself, he may want to experience a Marines life to the full extent.

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14 thoughts on “[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will be a MC for the first time

  1. The end of Sept is full of surprises, I can’t wait to see him again !! He keeps showing he’s talent and for sure that woman must be so proud of him! Thks very much Ms. Alou for sharing all these news.
    Take care angels and have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi to all HB shippers! 😀 This is a very wonderful news for us. We will have a chance to see ktp more this Sept. Let’s keep our faith on our amazing couple, take care guys!

  3. I am sure he changed alot..specially to make his woman proud of him and love him more and more…Thanks Ms. Alou…and his woman already back to korea today….:) let’s keep our hope and faith for our amzing couple…ajaaaa….

  4. wow, great job!! It’s a good news for me as well. I think that he deserved it and that jobs suits him very well. So excited to see all his whereabouts 🙂

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