[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will visit Indonesia this month?

I have not written much updates these days, I struggle to find anything that interests me.  But when there is news that get me excited, you will sure be the first one to read it here 🙂

Hyun Bin, finally!  I have two posts on him today.  The first one got me excited, is that he will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia this month.  Though I am not from Indonesia but I know many of you are, so I am just simply excited for you,  here he comes ladies.

According to the Korea National Tourism Organization officials, Korea will participate in a cultural event, mainly driving by exporting submarines.  And Hyun Bin, part of the Marines will visit the capital, Jakarta, Indonesia later this month.

Besides Hyun Bin, there will be 8 other celebrities who current serve in the Army joining this event.

However, when this is asked at the Marine Corps officials, they mention nothing is said on their end.

I put a big question mark on this news title, so will he or will he not? We shall keep each other posted 😉

Just on the side,  if this turns out to be the real deal, isn’t Korea pushing the Hallyu effect a little too far this time? Celebrity can endorse a TV or refrigerator, but submarines? Oof, that is a little far stretched.  Not anything to do with the celebrities, they follow orders, but just suggesting people at the top to think about this.

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46 thoughts on “[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will visit Indonesia this month?

  1. Wow it is really very interesting I hope he do…though I’m not from Indonesia also…but somehow I get excited knowing this good new and hoping to see even a picture of him to be posted.

  2. Woaaaa…..kamsahamnida for the GREAT news, uri Mommy Alou 😀
    Gonna send our warmest welcome to the SK Marines during their upcoming Indonesian visit, most especially to Pvt Kim Tae Pyung *wink* Indonesia surely loves you, kekekeke

  3. I’m from Indonesia^^ And now the news spread widely around twiitter. Secret Garden just finished couple weeks ago on national TV so our Joo-woonie is really famous here. I hope it’s true though I’m sad i couldn’s be in Jakarta at that moment.

    • Hi Fanny…..I’m quite sad that you wouldn’t be able to see him..Indonesian followers of SEGA were so lucky at least you would have an opportunity to see him…..Is Jakarta really far from your place? I hope you could see him.

      • Hi Ness..actually Jakarta not very far from my hometown, only 2 hours travel by car. And you’re right, this is very rare opportunity 😦

  4. indonesian angels *wave wave! hahaha. tnx ms alou for another great news. its September only but the gifts we received were too bounty 🙂
    btw philippines is not that far, kekeke

  5. wow! really???
    if it was true, i’ll have to meet him no matter what.. xD

    the korean culture event will be held at ‘gandaria city mall’ jakarta.. still no confirmation yet about the attendance of hyun bin and kang in suju..

    • haaaiii..i live far from jkt..but if hyun bin or ssh is coming i will make my best effort to attend :):):) btw when is korean cultural event will be held??

  6. He may visit Indonesia next month. Here is the update from The Chosun Ilbo

    Marine Corps Mulls Sending Hyun Bin to Indonesia as Defense Envoy

    Korean drama star Hyun Bin may visit Indonesia next month to support the export of defense industry products as part of his two-year-long stint in the Marine Corps.

    The 29-year-old model and actor, who is now serving his mandatory military service, apparently cannot escape his transnational appeal and may be heading overseas in an unofficial ambassadorial role.

    “The Indonesian government invited Hyun Bin to the nation’s Armed Forces Day ceremonies from Oct. 4 to 7, and the Ministry of National Defense is considering sending him to Indonesia,” an officer of the Marine Corps said.

    • Thanks for the info ms. alou and chief imud. Even if I’m not from Indonesia, I’m still hoping that he will visit the country so that all my Indonesian friends will have a chance to see him in person. 😀

        • *wave” @Sakura & Hajibinnie, how are you, Sis? Hope the storm in Phil will do no harm to all, please stay safe, our pray for you.

          @Ik, yes, it is going to be a G-G event, his concert is available for free, thanx to the good relationship between the two countries’ armed forces. If you want to see him/attend his concert, you must follow these official twitter accounts for his Indonesian fans; http://twitter.com/SecretGardenIND, @HyunBinnieID, & @BinnieLoversIND. You need to answers some questions from them to get the tickets. Good luck!

          • Sorry, bad news, the mini concert is canceled due to his very tight schedule during his visit here. Info from SecretGardenIND twitter.

  7. @Alou, thanks for the news. You made it to the right point, k military’s been too far w/ their schemes since hb’s controversial military book. Even they r notable, any artists wouldn’t wanna be on demand 24/7…

  8. It’s been so long since my last post, such a good news for JB angels in Jakarta. Thanks Miss.Alou. Dear Imud, I hope you can see him and bring a lot of stories and photos.

  9. anyone know if this is a confirm event? i want to fly there to see hyun bin.
    how about the location of this event? is it open to public?

  10. Latest news (credit to Conceptual_SG on twitter) : Hyun Bin will be arriving in Jakarta (Indonesia) on 4th Oct with Korean army people. Will release the arrival time soon^^

      • I just answer a quiz to win a free ticket but bad news came. The concert is cancelled due to tight schedule. Still waiting confirmation from the TV network (which planning to broadcast Hyun Bin’s concert) and Korean embassy 😦

          • Yes, Riroy, I think it’s official that he IS coming to Jakarta, but he will not hold a concert. Because he is in town as a Public Relation Officer for South Korean Marines. So he will attend the ceremony for Indonesian Armed Forces Day, Oct 5. Hyun Bin will leave Jakarta on October 7, 2011. The news said he will arrive on Oct 4, 2011.

            Initially, the SK Embassy in Jakarta was going to have a mini concert for his 1000 lucky fans, but it was canceled due to his tight schedule during his visit here. There is still a big possibility that he will sing a song during the gala dinner after the ceremony and that, hopefully. it would be broadcast by SCTV so all Indonesians can see him for free 😀

            @Mommy Alou, look at me,seems that I am attacking this page with TONS of posting about this stuff …kekekeke

            @Mommy Alou, hope u don’t mind with

                • Hello Celeste, yup, he will sing a song for the public and it’s free, but you need to visit the Marine’s headquarters in Cilandak, South Jakarta. You better follow SCTV’s twitter account for its updates. Here is from their latest twit “HYUN BIN akan hadir memeriahkan “PANGGUNG HIBURAN PRAJURIT” di LAPANGAN MARINIR CILANDAK pada 6 Okt pkl. 15.00 WIB.”

  11. Hi imud,
    thanks for the information!
    are you from indonesia? i see that Marine’s headquarters in Cilandak, South Jakarta is quite a quiet and far place. is it true?

    • HI Celeste, it seems that you,re not Indonesians, sorry for flooding you with Indonesian news above :D. Last night I read from twiter that 500 lucky fans of HB will meet him in the morning, before his performance in the afternoon. The location of this event is still “a secret”, maybe in Cilandak or maybe in the embassy.

      To answer your question, IMO, Kasatrian Marinir Cilandak is a compound in South Jakarta where the Indonesian marine’s headquarter located. It has buildings, lake and a huge grassy area known as Lapangan Marinir Cilandak. There will be big stage there for singers/rock bands to perform for the the Armed Forces Day’s celebration. I am sure thousands of people, mostly rock band’s fans known as Slankers, will attend that event (because it’s free), So I don’t think it will be a quiet place anymore :D. But yes, Cilandak is a little far from downtown (kota area).

  12. Hey imud. thanks for the info, it is really nice of you.
    yes, i m not from indonesia, and i am heading to indonesia tomorrow just because of hyun bin. but sad to say, there is no news yet. hopefully this is not a wasteful trip 😦

    • Omo, Celeste. Hyun Bin must be so proud to have you as his dear fan. If you have a facebook account, you can join the fanpages where international fans, including Indonesians, are gathered. Maybe they can help you to go into Cilandak together.

      Have you tried to post at these fanpages at Facebook, to have updates or simply meet some companions to the event? Like; Amazing Couple Hyun Bin – Ha Ji Won (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amazing-Couple-hyun-bin-and-ha-ji-won/225259534171368) and Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Secret-Garden-Korean-Drama/101483916592558) Please check google if this link doesn’t work.

      You can also contact the admin of HB Indonesian fanclub, Ms Debby. I have her email address and celphone, but I think I can’t share it in public. Do you have a facebook or soompi account? So I can send you a PM?

      • LOL, you have contacted Debby yourself, good job, Cel. I just saw it @ twitter. Please chat with her via YM (she has replied your twit). She is the organizer of the event. I think they will buy some belated birthday gift for him and going to the airport too. Have a great time, Cel!

  13. Hey imud
    really appreciate your help. yeah knocking on all doors yesterday to see if i have a chance to contact hyun bin’s fans in indonesia.

    really thank you for your comments. I will be back with pictures i hope 🙂

  14. thanks all for sharing..especially imud !!..I’ve read in soompi about hyun bin ssi always glued to his cellphone during he visit in jakarta,so he must be texting someone.
    His amazing yeoja? I hope so..

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