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  1. Hi ms. alou so here we are another talk it away for October.. September was a meaty one and I expect more good news this month…. Angels just keep your posts overflowing here.. there are so much that we still need to talk about…. I am happy for Binnie so his last photos and he indeed looks good…. Inner glow is what I call it… I see the same aura in Jiwon….

  2. Yes, you’re right Ms. Cel. What u can see in his aura is that he’s INSPIRED, HAPPY AND CONTENTED in what’s going on in his life and same also with our amazing yeoja. I’m glad to see them both happy and contented. It really shows when your in love. I hope it’ll continue over the years until they get married and to live happy ever after like in fairytale story. They really compliment and complete each other… God bless them both…..
    God bless us all who love and support our amazing couple…..
    Thanks Ms. Alou for opening another thread….
    JB Angles fighting!!!!!!
    God bless everyone and hope for more juicy news………..

  3. hi guys im a silent reader here, im following every posts of you guys and it makes me happy really happy thats something very good is happening to our amazing couple.. secret garden ended here in the phils. last july 29 and i am so proud that i finished the drama from the beginning up to the end. after the airing of sega i feel i want more information about this couple and I searched more information about this and finally found this site a growing community, reading all your posts makes my day complete.. rest assured guys that i am a fan of this lovely couple even i started in silence. this is the time that i cannot hide it anymore, i hope you can accept me here guys, i want to show the world that I am a big fan of hyun bin and ha ji won and ti ms alou thank you very much for this big chance god bless everybody

    • Hello Ms. Pinaydin, you are very much welcome here, everyone that loves our Amazing Couple.. Feel at home coz here we’re one big happy family that love and support them. Just like you before i am a silent reader also and my days are not complete without reading posts here. And Yes, we are very proud with pride and dignity that we are the fans of our Amazing Couple of SK Entertainment especially HA Ji Won. She’s amazing woman and beautiful inside and out…
      Welcome again and God bless us all…………..
      Take care everyone! have a happy weekend….

  4. hi ms. suzanne thank you very much for the warmth welcome i really appreciate it take care and god bless thank you again and hope to hear more juicy info. about our amazing couple take care and god bless

  5. Suzanne hi, and Pinaydin welcome, try to backread past dramascenes for you to know more about our couple… I am still doing the same coz I started here actively last august only. Welcome and just keep on posting..

  6. Hi everyone, another open thread for our couple, thank you ms alou. This is my 2nd time to post, the 1st one is on september open thread. I may not be as regular to post here but I am a regular reader.I am looking forward for another juicy info and analysis be posted here by our ardent shippers lead by ms Anapinay. Just keep the faith guys, Aja…..fighting!!!

  7. I rarely post here but made sure that I read all the juicy news about our loving couple. It’s comforting to know that their LOVE is getting stronger each passing day and for me no confirmation is needed because Action speaks louder than words..

  8. Wow another thread for all the fans of AC!!! Hello everyone its raining here in the Philippines, particularly in San Pedro, Laguna and I just want to start this thread with hope and patience more to exude for our beloved HB and HJW.. @ Anapinay, lemonsnicket, cel, fon, JB shippers and JB Angels and to all the newbies Helloooooowwwwwww!!! 😉 Its better to start the month with joy, positivity and determination, and that is all we need to show for our greatest AC! Well I have seen much of the marathon and the promotion of our Amazing Namja, it is our pride and joy that he is really doing very well in his craft.. I remember that HJW gave so much support whenever she’s asked by the interviewers to give well wishes to our Amazing Namja and it is indeed he is doing his best in his MS and he is more handsome nowadays.. And also our amazing yeoja was also seen nearby the marathon route of HB and I do really hope they’ve seen each other and spend time together with HB’s parents.. That would be the greatest gift to our Amazing namja.. 🙂 The making of the Korea Movie has ended and well another hope is that HJW would have much time for our HB that she might be visiting her, who knows? The fact that there’s still no revelation from their management, still let’s wait patiently coz someday the truth will come out, even if its for the better or worst I hope all of us would be able to accept and love the amazing couple.. Lets keep the love and support and never stop to share your views and comments for us to make this thread possible until Dec 2012.. 🙂 To all the newbies it is truly helpful for you to understand everything that’s going between HB and HJW by checking all the previews thread, and you will be the judge if its real or reel.. All the believers have been very loyal and that is why Ms. Alou is very considerate to give us monthly thread for us to share all our views and opinions.. Never hesitate nor doubt because I know somehow HJW and HB knows how we feel for them and they would be able to give us the hint as soon as possible.. Lets keep the love burning and fighting till the end no matter what it takes.. Thank you so much Ms. Alou for all the Amazing News and for this Amazing Thread! God Bless Everyone! 🙂

  9. I can’t believe it’s October now!!!! weeee, time is really running past.. Thanks Ms. Alou for the new open thread..Thank you angels for all the juicy updates you posted here.. Hope to hear more great news about our amazing namja and yeoja.. JB angels AJA! hehehe
    Jiwon and Binnie fighting!!!

  10. Hi fellow JB Angels!wave! Its October month another new thread to start. Two more months before 2012 and we’ll start the countdown for time so fast that we’ll finally hear what we excitedly hear and witness the most awaited part for our CP. As of now, im a little sad and hurt maybe because I’ve missed the CP keke!. Though we’re happy for the September month yet everything are still under controlled all the speculations are still unclear for us JB shippers. Like all my seniors ms anapinay, cocorao, chief imud, fon, eds, amber and other JB Angels said “Patience is a Virtue.” Maybe not this time but we will see when we cross the bridge. Hopefully we’ll hear soon our Fairy Godmother and bring us good news lolz!. Indeed whatever outcome for this coming Dec. 2012 my support for this CP will never fade especially to our amazing yeoja…I will always be a JB shipper and was still hopeful for these two to be a real couple for I believe anyway. I may not be as active due to my work but i am updated and so happy that JB Shippers has grown. So JB Shippers let’s have faith…. have a blessed weekend..

    Ms. Alou thank you for giving us space to gather..

    with my daughter fighting!

  11. Thanks a lot our dear ms. Alou for sharing with us this new thread and hope you’re fine 🙂
    Always so glad to visit your site filled with good waves and great atmosphere, and to see the Segafam keeps getting bigger !
    September is already finished but it brought us many good news and being able to see pics of HJW in London and also pics of HB in his bday and concert was a great thing. They both look so shining, really love their smiling face, indeed their face and eyes said it all, love is in the air 🙂
    Let’s keep faith in our CP as always and more power to all of you angels. Take care everyone !!

  12. I wonder what’s next…… I have no internet connection as of this moment so I can’t check my SEGA fam, this is the only thing allowed in the office. I miss you right away guys….I guess it became a part of my life to check on the latest about the two. Binnie in spite of his MS is still very active, he is being mentioned even without his knowledge, but of course that is beyond his control…. I miss HJW, I like her personality and innocense and versatility….Binnie is so lucky to have her

  13. thanks ms alou for another thread! September was really a blast for all of us!!! and im pretty sure the following months will be a blast too! wae? of course when it comes to our Amazing Couple everyday will be a blast 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. I am so happy for a new month’s thread for our amazing couple. Thanks a million to you Ms. Alou for keeping us hoping and patiently waiting for them. Aja!!!

  15. Hello everyone! I am so happy to be back after a month or so of hibernation! I have backread a lot of posts and I am so happy with the development of our amazing couple! No news is good news right? I am so happy that we will have another month to share everything HJW-HB. Autumn is here and this starts the season of holidays and I hope that HJW-HB will get to spend moments during this long festive seasons! Thank you for everyone who keeps this site alive and kicking! You are our truly our amazing couple’s angels!!

    • Hi Ms. Awarde! Did you know any news that our Amazing Couple met before HB left for Indonesia yesterday??????? I hope they’d met privately……
      Hope that their relationship is going stronger and deeper everyday………
      God bless them and us who love and support our Amazing Couple…..

    • I wonder what was written on the cards attached to her bday gift to JDG’s son, was it from uncle and auntie Jiwon and Bin?

      • unni Cel, i like ur posts i remember during SeGa they send a bouquet of flowers to a band group that has concert that time i think it was Dec. and they both put their names on the card HBin’s name first then HJW….i remember we have discussion why HJW let HBin’s name be the first one since HB was younger but since they are in a relationship the guy should be the first one to be acknowledge….so I was laughing and smiling there’s really a possibility that was written in their bday gift card…..Ive seen HJWon’s pic during the bday and I must say she’s looking like she’s waiting for someone to call her, coz she was holding her iPhone really close he he….maybe her Yeobu hasn’t called yet to let her know that he arrived safely in Indonesia…..anyway, keep posting here and let’s keep this thread alive and kicking as most of the posters said here…we’re getting nearer and closer to the announcement for sure i can feel it…..so have a great day everyone..aja aja aja!!!

    • Thanks Ms. Awarde, i appreciated it….. hope for more juicy news for the next few days after HB come back from Indonesia…….
      love them both……..
      God bless us all….

  16. Wow! another great news happened and its just a matter of patience.. Even if there’s no formal announcement between the two of them, hearing this kind of news is something we can be happy for.. Jang Dong Gun is Hyun Bin’s Best friend and it is great that even w/out HB, HJW still manages to attend this important day of JDG and GSY son’s big day! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that who knows one day there will be a big news to be revealed by both management.. Keep the love burning and still waiting patiently! God Bless everyone and keep posting for juicy news!

      • @Yuri, I dunno about that, Dear. I am not attending those events, just sharing the info from here and there for our amazing DS family here 😀
        @Lilik, maturnuwun *wink* nice to meet you too.

        • LOL, I was going to write “@Yuri, actually, I dunno about that, Dear”
          sorry for accidentally deleted a word, it looks weird, kekeke
          OK, here is another update
          If int’l fans want to watch HB’s performance tomorrow at Indonesian SCTV, here is the link for streaming http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/7266.htm. HB hopefully will sing a song for the celebration in the Marine base in Cilandak Jakarta, with some Indonesian singers. The show will start at 3 pm Indonesian time (WIB) for about 2 hours.

  17. Hello guys… good evening to everybody especially to our JB Angels and to you Ms Alou… its been a while since my last post was in september… so busy with my work but i never missed a day to visit our thread just to read all comments, post, new juicy news from our beloved AMAZING COUPLE… it’s just too busy to post comment but i have time to visit once in a while everyday… thanks for all the resourcefulness of our JB angels who never get tired on searching for new pics and juicy news, sharing links for us to watch… i will not mention names that i might forget one but thanks guys, i love all the news, comments and post this week. Thanks to you Ms Alou for the new thread (october issue and talks), be safe always and God Bless you always… anyway guys needs to back to work… Kudos to everybody… KEEP THE LOVE OF FIRE BURNING!!! love you guys ^_^ 🙂

  18. hi girls…hows your morning… ok, to light your day, heres the link from HB visit to indonesia yesterday.

    they also have the translation, some of you might dissapointed with his answer when the mc asked about his girlfriend, but take a look carefully at the last part.
    MC: Last question, does HB have a girlfriend?
    Do you have a girlfriend?
    HB: Not yet.
    MC: So with Ha Ji Won is just a gossip?

    HB didnt answer tht last part and only smiling.or perhaps he didnt hear it clearly, or perhaps becoz its a military event and he (as usual) like to keep things private *wink
    anyway… its up to you girls… wether you want to continue shipping or not, but in my opinion we would know what hb true feeling if somebody whose influence enough could stand him in a show next to hjw. then we could see him struck by that “alice in wonderland” syndrome and would show what he truly feels towards our amazing yeoja… agree????

    • he answered “not yet”?? hmm, so maybe they are just in M.U stage since Binnie is in his MS..and they will become officially couple in December..hehe

  19. My morning is good because in spite of HB’s answer’s I know there is still something behind, I understand him in a way…. Eka I love your observation, and just like you I will continue shipping them, as long as I know both are single and unattached I will always believe they are possible to one…. Military men are not expected to mushy in public so try to understand.

    • yup,and those kind of show makes me curious about one thing, what would it be if in some event HB come as a military ambassador and then HJW also came as guest star or other ambassador… BAM… i think it would be something “sesuatu” :p really really wanna see HB expression if time like that would happen. coz im sure those eyes wont lie hehe…

    • @cel: in my point of view, HYUN BIN answers the question right because if he answered it with YES, he might be creating a big trouble by this time. If you would remember, since march when he entered his military service, its only his agency who announced that he and his ex-gf had broken up since early of the year. Guys, if HB said yes yesterday about the girlfriend thing, the credibility of his agency will be questioned right?? HB is really an intelligent and wise GUY. he knows that he’s there as an ambassador of defense dept. of ROK and very inappropriate to discuss about his personal life. but what i noticed, when asked by the MC if the rumor about hjw was not true, he did’nt answered it nor denied it but he smiled, but for me its not a simply smile, its a sweet smile when he heard the name HJW. So stop worrying guys.

  20. when i read the news about HB will visit Indonesia,
    I very surprise,b cz I’m INdonesian
    i fell it is like a dream ,,, eventough i can’t see him directly…
    wowww… amazing!!!

    then ,,,,
    yesterday I saw him on local station TV in my country,,,
    zzzzzzzzzzz,,,,,,that is really Hyun Bin who i know from secret garden
    he really come to Indonesian ,,,
    ii fell the situation can be flutter my heart

    the popularity of HB more greater than before in Indonesian….
    b cz Hyun Bin visited Indonesian when the popularity is great

  21. Dear All Beloved Sisters/Shippers/Sisters, I newbie here. Just want to share my thought on HB response to the interview re his gf. I just thinking that frankly he could not says that he has gf since it was not officially announce to public yet and moreover he is on military duty and should not discuss about personal matter. Also, the purpose of his visits to Indonesia was to represent his country military corps image, therefore it would be unpleasant to reveal personal matter at that time. It seems inappropriate, I think.

    Back to his response, he just says “Not Yet” instead of “No”. Could that be different of meaning? I guest. I’m not good in English so maybe our beloved sisters in this group could help to explore. Anyway, we just can really hope and pray for them to be together forever and let God help to settled their immortal relationship (or love?? ☺) in His good hand at the right time. It would be worth and grateful whenever it comes.

    For sure, I’m big supporter of this amazing couple (HB♥HJW). Also, I’m be amazed by our Amazing and Adorable Yeoja, Ha Ji Won unnie. Really kindhearted and lovely person, inside and outside. Very good personality and attitude. I really admire her existence as a personal and as an actress. Please continue to support her for the best.

    My gratitude for all sisters in this group (Sis Ana, Sintame, Fon, kyo rean, nnlyanna, imud, betty, Uwie, Heart, Gene, Nova, Pop, wonSGbin, Ganaax, and all other sisters/shippers that I could not mention one by one since it had become big family). I’ve been read all your analysis, comments and support to our amazing couple since April 2011 in DS re HJW as the ambassador for KAF and it was amazing. Keep sharing positive atmosphere amongst us as a big family. Do you think our amazing couple very blessed? They were able to create a big family of good people around the world to become one group fam.

    Cheers and GBU all …… Big hug…. (I’m sorry; my English is poor, which may cause confusion for people who read my notes ☺)

  22. Hi guys.. I just want to share something… 1 month ago i go to korea for holiday… Then i asked to my local guide (he’s a korean guy) about hyun bin and ha ji won… He said: hyun bin is not a couple with ha ji won, because hyun bin is younger than her&she’s like noona for hyun bin. He said that some rumours there said that hyun bin broke up with SHK because of the chinese actress tang wei. Weeewww….. Its my first time heard about hyun bin news directly from the korean people especially when i was in korea. Then i feel down after hear that… Weeewww…
    Well… I hope the rumour is totally wrong! I still have faith for hyun bin&ha ji won… 🙂

    I also read about hyun bin in indonesia in the newspaper.. I still can’t believe he’s here… I’m indonesian but lives far away from jakarta so i can’t see him directly.. 😦 well… I don’t know what will happen next… Are hyun bin&ha ji won truly a couple or not… Whatever the result… I still love them in the end… SG will always be the best drama ever for me.. Yeeeeyyy!!! 🙂

    Still keep the faith for amazing couple guys!! Fightiiing!!!!

    • @mhitaas: may I ask you when the said statement issued by hb agency? I dont have read anything yet. do you have a link?

    • really? where is that statement? I’ve been following them for the last 1,5 years and never read such a thing everywhere though..

  23. I remember when HB agency released the statement about TW.It was when HB had his first holiday break in July,whenTW visited Korea. the press tried ro say that she came ro visit HB, that when HB agency denied the Wrumors.also if you remember HB would nor go near TW when they were filming LA, bcuz TW asked HJW if HB was unfriendly towards her when they were filming SG,bcuz TW stated HB was not friendly with her during the filming of LA,so I don’t believe that about TW and HB.

    • awarde, you are right that it happens on HBin’s first MS break but not in july it is in april i know n remember it bec it also happens on my vacation. we were discussing it for long time that we burned this thread for so many days. and in the end we all believed and came to the conclusion that the reason HBin’s readily denied and issued a statement regarding TWei’s presence in Seoul was due to her CF of which she and HB are endorsing I think it is the Samsung TV if i m not mistaken. thus we also believed that how come HB readily denied about the rumor of him dating TW but not in the case of HJWon sshi??? neither he denied or confirmed about it so we all thought that they are really dating at that time (HB and HJW)…and that incident of TW and HJW was during the Prada event in china, in the video in YT you can clearly hear them talking in english about meeting in Korea for the promotion of LA and at the same time TW asked HJW if HB was reserved and quiet guy with her during the filming of SeGa which HJW readily denied that its the opposite to her. so we all know the reason why HB was different with HJW during the filming of SeGa….well i hope this helps u girls in regards with TW issue. good day again…

      • @AnaPinay you are right it was April. Also was this the same time that HB stood Twei up at a redcarpet event for LA and went to a 3D movie instead?

  24. Somewhere in Seoul… An amazing couple were talking to each other on the phone:

    B: Do you hate me?
    J: Why would I hate you?
    B: Because I denied you.
    J: Don’t be silly, we already talked about this before you went there. We both expected that they are going to ask you that question and we both planned that you have to say no.
    B: I know, but why do I feel like I betrayed you?
    J: That’s not true! Don’t say that okay? I want none of it. What you did was for us. You know how much I hate lying but you had to lie for both our sakes. I’m sorry but I’m grateful.
    B: I’m very lucky to have you. What did I do to deserve you? You have no idea how badly I want everyone to know that you’re mine.
    J: I feel quite the same way, you know I do. But we both know we have to wait for the right time when we can announce our love to the whole wide world.
    B: (now smiling) I can’t wait for that. And when that time comes, those fanboys of yours better back off…!!!
    J: Omo! (laughing) Am I talking to the jealous ahjussi again!?! Well, those fangirls of yours better back off too…!!!
    B: (chuckling) yoboseyo jealous ahjumma!!
    (She then burst out laughing, and he can’t help but laugh along with her.)

    B: Mmmm…It feels so good to hear your laughter…. I miss it every single day.
    J: I’m glad I made you laugh as well. I know how tired you are from your trip.
    B: Well, it’s all gone now because of you… Wuli-Jiwon…?
    J: Yes?
    B: Thank you for standing by me. I know it’s not easy…
    J: You don’t have to thank me, I’m doing this because I love you and you love me. I already told you, I’m here to stay and I will wait for you.
    B: Nevertheless, I’m still grateful. I promise, when I’m all done here, I’m going to make it up to you. I’m going to make sure that all our sacrifices are worth it, and that magical reunion that you want for us, will happen. I’m going to make up every moment we lost while I’m here; every hugs that we miss; every kisses that we’re unable to share. I’m going to make lo –
    J: Okay stop right there. I know where you’re going now, and somebody could hear you…!!!
    B: (chuckling) But I was just about to tell you the things that I will do to you –
    J: Ya!!!!
    B: (laughing) Are you blushing now?
    J: (blushing and smiling) You always love teasing me!
    B: How I wish I could see you now, blushing in front of me.
    J: Me too…

    B: Well, I have to go; I think my time is up.
    J: Jinja…? Araso. I understand. Hey, always stay safe in there okay? Aja!
    B: I will. You too, and don’t work too much.
    J: I miss you… so badly.
    B: I know. I miss you even more… Saranghae.
    J: Saranghae…
    (Disclaimer: This conversation between JB occurred only in my mind. This is how I imagine them talking after Binnie’s trip to Indonesia.^^)

    Instead of airing out my opinion over what happened in Jakarta 🙂 I decided to write this little piece of fiction instead 😀
    Fighting JB shippers!!!^^
    And to Ms. Alou, thank you for this new thread once again. 🙂

    • @kimchi926 I love your imagination about your conversation between them . I believe that you are not far off the mark. I love it. Good job.
      Side note: HB fangirls need to stop taking advantage of him by cashing in on the free hugs and kisses bcuz of his “so called single status”.LOL

      • lol..LOVE IT Kim:wave: hahaha, so this is What happened in Jakarta?
        Who knows,maybe it really happened during their phone conversation. Remember? Jiwon always hold her ipad while she’s in bday party of JDG’s son. on the other hand Binnie kept on texting inside the car.
        You really a good writer Kim,more fan fic conversation pa please..hahahaha
        talk to you later..:) 🙂

    • kimchi, thank u once again for making this thread about our amazing couple so alive and kicking after that No or Not yet GF issue in Jakarta….

      well, i just have a thought as i was responding to the comments of my fellow jb angels in our fb it came to my mind to ask you for a favor if I may and if you don’t mind since were both shippers of HJW and HB….IF you could also write a script of their possible exchanged of text messages before and after that incident??? just want to know or see how wild your imagination….i couldn’t helped but fall in love with your phone conversation script really you bring the whole house down with that comment of yours…so hopefully as you’re still in the inspired mood, if we could ask for more of ur possible real life script ala SeGa mode ha ha ha….

      also lets wait and see more from our baidu friends what their ppl say about what’s going on with our amazing couple…i m sure and hoping for more juicy news that are line up to come up anytime soon..lets keep our fingers cross ok!! aja aja aja.

    • I just want to express my gratitude to everyone who likes my fanfic conversation script between JB. I had a lot of fun writing it so it is such a sweet bonus for me that you guys love it. So thank you so much!

      Thanks awarde and Suzanne for liking my story! wave

      Tsukushiiiiiiii!!!! :wave: haha yep, this is What Happened in Jakarta script 😆 Thanks tsukushi! I’ll see you at pex!!! 😀

      Ms. Anapinay, thank you for the kind words. Thanks for telling me that you fell in love with my story, it made me happy. I never really expected that you, as well as the other JB shippers, would love this. And if I was able to make this thread alive after the GF issue, then that’s another bonus for me. 🙂 Btw, it would be a pleasure for me to do your request. I would try my best to write a script about their exchanged text messages.^^ I have to warn you though that I’m still a novice at this fanfic writing because honestly before JB, I have never tried to write any fanfic conversation at all. I have truly surprised myself when I tried making up stories about JB, first at pex and then here, and then finding out that people seemed to like them. Maybe JB brought this out from me and I love them more because of this. Well anyway, please don’t expect too much on my next script. keke

      Fighting JB shippers!!! 😀

  25. Hey guys! is there any news about our Amazing Couple????? on baidu or soompi??? how did they react about the declaration of HB that he has no GF??????
    @AnaPinay, Ms. PYK, Sintame, Imud, Fon and other JB shippers let’s make this home alive….we understand HB, rignt????
    Fighting everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    • of course we understand Binnie,.This is not the right time for the Big announcement.. Let us just wait on 2012.. 🙂 🙂
      I read that jiwon will gonna be busy this coming days, i hope she will really attend the BIFF, I love seeing her wearing a fabulous gown.. 🙂

  26. hi guys..its my first time to share my thoughts here but i regularly follow you because I am also attached to the jowoon-raim drama. I am of course hurt reading bunny’s story when he went to korea, but was happy reading kimchi’s fiction ‘coz I have thought of such conversation between the two. I know I will be hurt to know in the future that JB are not really in love for real but i’d like to continue believing that their destiny as couple is real.

  27. hello there JB shippers and Angels,

    i just can’t helped myself to say something regarding this No answer issue…

    kimchi thank u so much for that well written script wish HJW and HB could read ur script for sure they would laugh and smile alot knowing it is far from the truth. also maybe writer eusook kim would look for u so u could write the script for her next story sequel of Secret Garden soon…

    just a simple thought regarding the incident in jakarta about HB response to the MC’s question. At first I got upset when I read about it but when I watched it, you can see in his eyes that he was feeling guilty his smile was a tinge of guilt coz her eyelids gets smaller usually when HB is happy his eyes perks up..going back to his response I must say that it is expected like what kimchi had written above…bec if there’s any announcement right now since he is in MS i think he let his management to do it for him. second, I don’t really understand since I don’t speak indonesia if his answer was NO or NOT YET??? either way for him it is not the right place nor the right time to say something as big as having a gf. you have seen that the MC asked him again to quote him “so what about the rumor of you and HJW???? HB just smiled there meaning he will and won’t say anything from then on…which was the right thing to do at that time. he came there not as an actor but as an envoy and ambassador of south korean marines dept. like other angels here they said that probably HB was oriented already by top officials not to say or talk about anything that’s why his answer was NOT YET, which could also me YES bec at that time NOT YET was the best answer he could think of he’s not denying nor confirming its in between….so i think this issue was just blown out of proportions. in anycase, my love and support for these two will never waver specially that our fairy godmother send us right away message that totally erased all doubts we have with regards to HBin’s response…..and one of our angel here who use to be a regular commenter sent us message too that our amazing namja was busy texting as in a lot while inside the car no wonder our amazing yeoja on the other hand while attending JDGon’s kids bday party was holding on so tight to her iPhone as we saw in her pic….so I think this issue of NO answer is over and done. let’s hope and continue to have faith in their growing love and passion for each other….remember their destiny is about to end in marriage for they are fated to be together for real.

    ms Alou were hoping and praying ur doing great just like ur supporters here in DS. take care and God bless u more. hope to see more of your new ideas here in DS. keep up the good work and more power too….thanks for being our ever loyal supporter of the amazing couple of SeGa….good day everyone and have a blessed week ahead.

    • @AnaPinay I agree with everything you said. I think that if he said not yet for girlfriend, i think he meant not officially yet. BTW has there been any new information from our fairy godmother?:)

    • Hi Ms. Anapinay! Thank you again for the kind words and for liking my script. Although, I don’t think I’m at par with writer Eusook Kim’s caliber. I still have to eat a lot of rice for that to happen. hihi
      Also, I agree with your observation about Binnie when he was asked the notorious gf question, he did seem guilty and uneasy. And we all know why he seemed uneasy, that woman is absolutely behind it. 😀

  28. Dear SeGa family,
    Thanks for your wonderful writings esp. AnanP, Kimchi, LinT, & other SeGa family. All you guys well said.
    Hi bunny! The Korean tour guy gave you the worng infomation, or he is an anti fan to SeGa family, so don’t bother from it. It is common in Korea nowadays as younger men & older women’ love relationship. Look @ JSW (actor) & BJY (singer) are having a love relationship even though they’re 9yrs difference. Many younger men nowadays look for older women for maturaity, comfort, & so on.
    Furthermore, TW was not the reason they broke up their relationship but HB’s ex’s bad scandals to other actor while she was working in the beginning of 2010. Once, TW clarified that her relatiohship w/ HB is only co-actor but nothing else.
    Anyhow, there were a bit of negative moods to HB’s answer to the GF issue on “NO.”
    However, at that time, he has no choice to say no because they have not announced yet of their relationship. As you’ve already known that he just smilied when HJW’s name came out after he said “There is no (a GF) = Opsheyho.”
    Think about why JDG, GSY, & HJW went & came back toghter from England if they don’t have relationship. JDG is a HB’s boss, friend, mentor, and so forth. Additionally, HJW was invited JDG & GSY’s son’s b-day party. If they don’t have any friendship, they don’t invite their son’s the first b-day party; however, HJW was invited to the party. That is very significant in Korea. After the party, HJW was leaving w/ iPhone on her hand which means she was waiting his text message. Therefore, don’t worry & be happy.

    • @fon can i ask you or any JB angles here who knew about the Sept 30 when HB hosting the Marine concert that during that concert HB and HJW were sweet at the back stage??? i read it somewhere in FB that they were sweet. and it said there that it was an open secret…. is it true????? Fighting!!!!!!
      God bless us angles……….

  29. hello ladies!
    well the latest news on baidu is that the necklace our jiwon unnie always wears (the one with the circle pendant, it has a “J” inscribed on it – let me know if no one has posted about this before and would like elaboration) is either from hyun bin or hyun bin’s parents!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 also, they apparently did spend time together when he was out for the marathon! 🙂 sorry, i can’t really translate so everything now (i’m at work!!) but that’s what i understand from the post.

    have faith! HWAITING UNNIES! 🙂

    • hi lemonysnicket! just wondering about the pendant news….you said it was from baidu…been searching for it but can’t find the post…could you share the link of that post here? thanks so much and more power to u!

  30. Suzanne first time for me to hear about that and I hope it’s true, but let’s wait for other angels to confirm it…

    Kimchi, love your story…. I know you did it for your personal expression, but you see it’s good that a lot of people can read it, and they love it right.. you are right that’s double double bonus…. we just love the couple so much so the inspiration just overflows from us.

    • cel and suzanne, if ur going to back read here u will find that HJW wore that j pendant during the kids arts festival. after HB finished his first MS break. and later on we debated what does “j” means coz it could mean a lot like Ji Won, Jo Woon HBin’s character in SeGa and Jung which happens to be HBin’s mom’s first name so u just pick among those three choices will tell u the answer next comment. he he he suspense suspense ok…just kidding… also in this time we all have the same thinking that HJW has the looks of a woman in love as shown by her many pics. u can see all the comments on that day were all the same contents and meaning…anyway, hope that this helps u guys a bit….just keep on fighting aja aja…our amazing yeoja will be very busy again…and HB will be reporting to HH (marine headquarters) sorry guys i don’t remember the name…i m not good in remembering korean words. so let’s keep the faith n our love for our amazing couple burning till we hear or read the big big announcement weve been all waiting for!!! good nite everyone n God bless..

  31. I totally agree with Ms. Fon and Ms. AnaP. Your comments were always positive and had strong rationale, which keep encouraged and inspired us. Greatly appreciate for your thoughtfulness. I, personally, no doubt and sincerely believe of our blessed Amazing Couple destiny. With so many good people support and pray for them and by God permission, it would help them to complete their fate.

    “When you love someone, you’ll feel it deep inside. And nothing else can ever change your mind”
    “When you love someone, you’ll sacrifice. You’d give it everything you got and you won’t think twice. You’d risk it all, no matter what may come”

  32. Hello everyone! I’m missing everybody here… Just finish my finals.. so I was missing in action for quite some time.. but everyday I’m always updating myself with news about our amazing couple…in spite of my very busy sched.. nways, when it comes to Hb’s answer in interview.. I watched the video.. but I’m pretty sure that after what he said, he felt guilty,, I can see he has a fake smile or smile like feeling of uneasiness… nway, I can’t stay long over here. but keep our faith for our amazing yeoja and namja! fighting! 🙂

  33. thanks Ms. Alou for another thread….2 more months of waiting and December is just around the corner….hope something big & wonderful will happen by then and more wonderful news from our CP….wink…wink…wink…fighting!!!

  34. Hello everyone! Its great to see that we are all active in giving comments and views these past few days. I know all of us felt sad the first time our HB ssi answered no/not yet in his interview, but after the revelation I can’t help myself but to check the AC FB page and its great that most of us believe that its not a negative answer, but its a positive one. Just like what everyone is trying to share that HB’s reaction is uneasy. I made some conclusions on my own perspective 1) it is really hard to answer things like that in a foreign country and also he is the representative of korean marines 2) I believe that for a fact he just broke up w/ her ex, and he really wanted to protect HJW to the media, after all we know it might ruin our amazing yeoja’s credibility, and HJW is not known for scandalous thing with his co-actors 3) And also I believe that its so fast for them to be in a relationship and maybe their on the stage of dating or maybe they’re really a couple already but trying to protect themselves and most of all our HJW ssi.. HB and HJW is a public figure and both of them are well loved by fans, and I know for a fact that their are things to remain secret and better to keep them for awhile to avoid wrong speculations.. The fact that HB said he doesn’t have a gf that shows HB’s ex is already game over and all the antis theory are all wishful thinking.. We are all waiting for the great news and indeed it is worth waiting for coz every month there’s a great news going on between our Amazing Couple and I know someday we will be hearing from their management the great news of the year and that would be our AC real lovers relationship.. I also seen the last part of the interview about the the question is HJW rumor is not true well, that’s great to hear because even in HB’s interview HJW is still part of the question, just like HB always part of the question in HJW’s interviews.. The media is truly pushing them to reveal what is going on between the both of them and that is a good sign.. 🙂 To all the JB Shippers I wouldn’t be able to mention your names but lets keep waiting, and believe that our AMAZING COUPLE will be a real life couple.. I know that prayers is a strong weapon and we might end up seeing them together and to that our sacrifice will turn out to be the sweetest blessing of all.. Never hesitate to share its our way of showing our love for our Amazing Namja and Amazing Yeoja..

    • keishean, very well said girl…i totally agree with all u have posted. just one more thing to add though…. when HB was asked so this HJW rumor is not true??? he just keep on smiling????? ke ke ke?? so he isn’t denying nor confirming that issue??? and also how come most of their interviews though done invidually how come neither nor HJW or HB agency have issued a statement to deny anything about these two??? how come when HB was rumored to be dating TW when she came to korea earlier this year to shoot samsung commercial HBin’s agency readily issued statement saying they are not dating….just an observation to add…so that’s what we should usually have thought about when these two are being interviewed and their answers were far from what we expect we already know the reason so expect more of this denial later on until such time both of them are ready to make the BIG BIG announcement of all!!! aja aja aja…

      • Thanks ms. anapinay, you are one of those believers of our AC.. I know everyone of us here in this blogsite is trying to be positive at all times and that is a very good sign.. I really dunno when I can have this positive feeling, but I do believe that whether HB and HJW will end up to be together or end up as good friends my respect and love for this Amazing Yeoja and Namja will remain for the rest of my life.. I have never been attached with Kdramas, actors and actresses, just until I watched this Secret Garden, I’ve felt like they are worth loving and it’s great
        that I am not the only one, There are so many fans of this Amazing Couple and that what makes me keep on hanging.. I also hope and pray that even if there’s no good news lets keep posting and never hesitate to share your views and opinions, may be our amazing yeoja and namja also visit this site and they might realize that there are so many fans who truly adore them.. Always stay happy and keep safe everyone. God Bless us all! 🙂

      • “and also how come most of their interviews though done invidually how come neither nor HJW or HB agency have issued a statement to deny anything about these two??? how come when HB was rumored to be dating TW when she came to korea earlier this year to shoot samsung commercial HBin’s agency readily issued statement saying they are not dating..”

        Hi, Ms. AnaP. I soooo Love this observation of yours…yes, come to think of it, why didn’t their agencies issued statements regarding HB & HJW not really dating whatsoever if there is really nothing serious and romantic going on between them, and for all the speculations be stopped once and for all, when, when it came to TW there was already a statement from HB’s agency that they (HB&TW) are not romantically involve with each other, right? HB”S break up was also done/announced thru his agency..

        and c’mon, SeGa’s ended almost a year now, and press people are still asking these two about each other???!! yaaahhhh…..

        btw, I love all the posts here, really, strength booster…=p

  35. hai..
    i’m newbee here.. :p
    i just wanna ask this to u all.. kinda make me fluterring.. i read in soompi, that the discharge date of Hyun Bin on the Lunar calendar is 10th month, 23rd day i.e. 1023. The number that is mysteriously associated with HJW’s fan club.

    Credit: Baidu

    is it true? omg.. weird n amazing coincidence.. hahahaha…

  36. Hi anapinay, cel, imud, sintame, ms. alou and to all the shippers here. ^^

    @ anapinay, Hello po, I want to join on your yahoo group… Please… I’ll wait for your reply..

    It’s been almost 5 months being a silent reader of this blog site… Sobrang fave ko talaga silang dalawa, I’ve been searching all the juicy news about them. I even watched SG, BTS/NGs, commentary and interviews for nth time (hehe), I’m super gaga over them. I’ve never been this super hooked by any kdramas that I’ve watched way before SG. But SG really has this some kind of a virus that made us all crazy for SG

    I’ve just read this article about HJW’s foreign fans that visited in her house. Lucky for them, to see and meet HJW in person, HJW is very sweet and nice because she really spend time to entertain her fans.

    • ruby, just keep on showing ur dedication n love and passion for the amazing couple here and someone from the yahoo group will surely noticed your postings and for sure she is already watching or reading your postings after this email. so be patient and have fun ok…meanwhile if u really wanna know more about our SeGa couple may I suggest to you that you started back reading since the month of march or even earlier than that for sure you will find a lot of informations that will also make ur heart flutter and help u understand more what’s going on the current topic that weve all been discussing or talking about here…good day everyone…God bless too!!! aja aja aja!!!

  37. @sega4ever, assuming u can read chinese – it’s in the 小道楼! You know what I’m talking abt? Haha. Specifically the thread which starts 不可不说… Don’t think I shd post the link here.. I think there was recently an attack by the antis in the forum, so now the moderator has even taken to writing everything in cursive chinese and creating a picture w(it’s watermarked too! With anti anti messages) so that it will lessen the chance of the antis abusing the info. Surf ard, you’ll find it! Though a lot of fans were very excited so they kept posting, and u gotta really look through all the “levels”.

    Well there was more news from ms park – like I said, everything is in cursive chinese and I can’t make it all out, but the part I’m sure of in the new news is that if our binnie performs well, he’ll get to come out more often or something so he can meet out jiwonnie 🙂 it also said we may have to wait longer for them to announce their r/s though.

    The other part of the fresh news has something to do with someone knowing abt their relationship but not disclosing it to the media. If you or anyone else can make that part out u can let us all know haha.

    • thanks lemonysnicket for this fresh news.. I’m not expecting so much of an announcement to come out soon.. but for as long as the two of them neither confirm nor deny and even their agencies does not deny the assumption of fans from this amazing couple.. I will always be their shipper until the big announcement comes out in the open..yay! fighting!

        • I think it’s JDG who knows something about the relationship of HJW & HB bcoz why would HJW go to JDG’s son party if they are not even close. maybe they became close bcoz of HB. :))

      • @eds im not also expecting the big announcement as of this time, for I know there is a reason behind it and that only hjw and hb could understand time flies so fast anyway…for I Know we will going to have a happy ending very soon..

        @anapinay I really love your posts you make heart feels really great everytime im reading it and thank you very much for being there all the time, sharing all your thoughts I really appreciate it.

        @lemonysnicket thank you for all the juicy and fresh information love all of those info.

        @kimchi i really love you r fiction… it makes my heart flutter… another one please….

        Lets keep on praying guys for this amazing couple and HE will surely hear us…..just be patient…

        God bless us all, and to ms. alou thank you so much for this (October talk it away) god bless you and the rest of your family

    • lemonysnicket, good thinking dont post or never shared the link from baidu bec the ex fans or anti fans are lurking everywhere and they want to discouraged HJW and HB fans.
      anyway, hope everyone here keeps their spirit up and excited all the time to know or read something about our amazing couple.
      n EDS, keep up the spirit of hope and faith in our couple girl we do like your loyalty and faith keep it up…
      keishean, for sure our HJW and HB are fated or destined to be together for real in life as we have a saying in filipino “harangan man ng sibat” eng translation even if arrows aimed at me i don’t care…or even death more appropriate i think…
      well ive seen in baidu a pic of HJW doing photoshoots for some magazine I think someone will post the link here from YT take note of her leopard bag and her necklace???? this will make your heart flutters for more..he he he good nite everyone take care n God bless…
      PS credits to our unni Crystal Chan for those info sorry i couldn’t post the pic not a techie person..thank u for understanding…and to Ms Alou more power and hope to read more from you soon!!!!

      • Hi Ms. Anapinay.. I have watched the video in youtube about the OLAY which Hajiwon is endorsing..and her trip to london.. and yes indeed.. I have a very keen eyes on those.. the leopard bags and purse, the necklace..y focus on necklace?! hehehehe..the camera man is a shipper too! LOL! and also the ring on her left ring finger.. ans she’s trying to cover it… If you have observed that?! yay! our jiwonnie still is very shy… 😀

    • hi lemoysnicket finally found the site after going back and forth too many posts hard to climb the building…yes they are now very careful since they were attacked by the 3 goos but i think HJW thread was also attacked…actually i saw that post at another building but still looked for it based on your tip….thanks again!

  38. Hi everyone! Just want to share this one.. http://access.ygladies.com/2ne1/111013article-2ne1-nominated-for-style-icon-award-for-third-consecutive-year-special-surprise.. Ha ji won and Hyun bin is nominated for the “Style Icon Awards 2011”.. I hope our beloved AC will win this award.. 🙂 And also while I was searching if HJW and HB is also nominated see what I found out they are next to each other again.. Wooaaahhh! 48. Ha Ji Won (Actress) 49. Hyun Bin (Actor).. And also HB’s ex SHG she’s on the 22. Song Hye Gyo (Actress).. Well for me this things makes my heart flutter.. 🙂

  39. Guys Thanks for reading my hub, I can monitor my stats as of this date already 75 readers came from this Dramascenes thanks… for the love of HB and HJW..

  40. Hi there JB shippers! Did I tell you I was able to intercept Jiwon’s email msg for Binnie as well as his response while she was in London?
    Here they are:

    Dear Wuli-Bin,

    I’m doing well here in London. I’m having fun doing research and photo shoots for Style Magazine. I’m also having a grand time here with Oppa and Unni. It’s nice to be away from prying eyes once in a while. But of course I miss home, and I miss you…
It’s a good thing I’m wearing my J necklace and I also brought the leopard bag you gave me so it’ll feel like you’re with me now. But still, it’s not the same. Wish you were here…
    Although, it won’t be long now until I’ll see you again for your birthday. I can’t wait until that day comes because I’m looking forward to spend it with you.
And I know I keep saying this but please, always stay safe… 

    I love you Wuli-Bin.

    Only yours,


    Dear Wuli-Jiwon,

    You worry too much. I’m fine here. And I promised you before that I will always be careful. Btw, I’m glad you’re bringing something from me in there and I’m also happy that you’re enjoying yourself, along with hyung and nuna. I know I’ll hear more about them when I see you all in my birthday. Speaking of my coming birthday, I just realized it’s going to be the most special yet because I will celebrate it with an amazing yeoja who means the world to me. And when I see you then, I will show you how much I miss you. I’ll be counting the days until then…

    I love you Wuli-Jiwon.

    Always yours,


Disclaimer: Just my imagination.

    Peace everyone ^_^

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