Written on 23rd of July, 2011

A big welcome to you, it maybe your first time visiting thedramascenes.com or your nth time here, I am just so happy you are here!

This blog may have changed its layout and look, but it is still thedramascenes.com. A place for everyone who share the same passion as I do about drama and just to talk about anything we want!

Feel free to browse around and leave any comment if you feel like it.

Written on 10th of December, 2010

It is about time that I update my ‘about’ page, as this blog has evolved from sharing about dramas to still sharing dramas but more sharing about my drama obsessions.  Despite all the extra information I have included here, my intention stays the same, that is to help you to watch dramas.

While I am here, maybe it is a good idea to talk a bit more about myself…bear with me or you can just press the home button.

About my writing style, I realize it is not the best out there as I have seen some really good ones and I just adore them.  I read more management and business books in my life than fictions or other kinds, I tend to write in a very straightforward and direct manner.  Sometimes I wish I could be more descriptive, but my better half tells me simple is beautiful.  So I hope you find it easier to understand, if not all that well written.

And yes, I am married to a very understanding husband, who gives me a lot of personal space so that I have been spending more time with my blog rather with him.  So this blog would not have been here without his support.

Sometimes I wonder how long I can keep up with this, a lot of heart work and hard work.  But my passion for drama is still around, so I think I will be around for sometime.  I see visitors from different parts of the world, and I am truly humbled by your visits.  Wherever you are from or doing, thank you for stopping by and sharing your passion with me.  I am always very excited to see one or two comments left on my posts.

Until next time, hope you enjoy the information here!

Written in May 2010

I go by the name ‘alou’, I love watching drama since young, there must be hundreds of them that I have watched.  Yet, I always have questions like what should I watch next?

With this in mind I started this blog around May 2010, I wanted to share about dramas that I am watching and about to watch.

I am not an expert in this field, and never want nor claim to be.  I have no intention to write drama reviews, just want to help others like myself to have better idea on what to watch next.

Occasionally I like to throw in some interesting news, footage or information related to the featured dramas.  I believe in only sharing relevant information and things I myself will read, so most of the posts and pictures are carefully screened before posting.

Watching drama is a very personal thing, I like to shut myself in the room with a tub of ice-cream (New York Super Fudge Chunk from Ben & Jerry is my favourite right now) in hand. Tissues are a must if it makes you cry but I love the ones that can make me laugh really hard. 🙂 Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Note: all pictures featured here are from the Internet and © copyright reserved for the production companies and news media, thedramascenes.com does not own any of the pictures.

How to find me?

Write to thedramascenes@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Just found your site… currently watching Playful Kiss and while waiting for it to be subbed watched Goong. We are doing similar sites, so just thought I would say Hello! I’ll be keeping you in my favorites and enjoy reading your comments. Best – Kormerica.

    • Hi kormerica, thanks for leaving the note! Great to hear from someone who is passionate about the same thing! I will be checking out your site! \m^_^m/

  2. Alou, I’m curious which other dramas are you watching aside from SG and My Princess. And looking forward to your About page update. 🙂

  3. Hi Alou,

    Just a little note to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. Like you I’m also addicted to K-drama. In fact I have watched most of the dramas you’ve recommended. You are doing a very good job indeed and I hope that you will carry on with the good work!. Please tell your better half that I’m grateful that he is so understanding in giving you all his support , otherwise I would not be able to have all the latest info on anything Hallyu related, kamsa-hamnida.

  4. Hi Alou, sorry i just got the time to read more about your blog site. I was amazed to know that you are married and fortunate to have a husband whose willing to support you in anything that you do that’s true and real love for sure….anyway, you didn’t mentioned if you have kids? i have been wanting to ask you how did you decided to make a blog like you have right now???? I am sure you never expected people to come that much often to your site but because you’re blog has really been nice to touched and to reached out people of all walks of life around the globe. you definitely have a talent in maintaining and managing this blog of yours. hands off to you and your husband for letting you do what makes you happy…..
    lastly, thank you very very much for your never ending courage and patient in reading and dealing with all our comments, thoughts, videos/links that we shared with you….our journey together for our passion in dramas indeed was a happy and pleasant one hope it gives you more satisfaction and joy in the knowledge that people do like to come and visit your blog over and over again because they not only find it rewardning but also fulfilling in a way that only drama can evoke in our life, emotions, thoughts and views.
    More power and keep up and press on my friend…I am glad to be part of your team bloggers for Secret Garde fan club….God bless you more and more success!!!

  5. Hello alou, seems late but just can’t resist the urge to say how grateful i am in finding this blog..
    your passion has been touching our lives, it’s been really really great to know so many people with lots of positive attitude, sharing the same thoughts and laughing at jokes that only we could decipher, could even say its madness but then again couldn’t care less knowing there are people sharing the same passion as i… you have made things possible for us, thank you.. i know it’s a lot of hard work, your patience is truly amazing… god bless and more power to you!

    • Second to that, I am also really grateful to find this blog. It really helps me , big time, having some fun with great friends all around the globe. Kamsahamnida Alou Dearest. I hope you’re doing fine, having great time with family and friends. God bless you, Sis!

    • I did my interview with the Make-A-Wish peolpe when I was 17. After I was nominated, my mom got a call saying that I was selected for the wish. From there they worked with my mom and me to see when we could meet with someone from our hometown. I was really excited the day we met with the peolpe of the Make-A-Wish Foundation . I got interviewed separately from my family, and I filled out a form and talked to them about the type of wish I wanted. At first I wanted to record a cd because I like to sing, but then I found WWE and John Cena and talked to Lauren, my Make-A-Wish coordinator, about changing it.When I turned 18, I just had to sign one more form because I’m an adult. I keep in constant communication with Lauren and Karen via email or phone calls about making everything possible for my wish. Just stay calm and I know that you will get chosen. =)

  6. Hi Ms. Alou great to get to read on your blog once again. We surely did missed you a lot. Happy to know that we could post or comment on your so ever generous website. Thank God you’re back and looking forward to more of your postings and news specially about our amazing couple of Secret Garden HJW and HB. More power and WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

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