[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won comes back to Korea from London trip

Oh, my girl, talking about my girl… What happened to you?  Must be the flight, you are tired, er…I am not sure about that legging you are wearing…but I love you anyway, my girl…

Ha Ji Won arrived Incheon International airport at 2pm local time on the 21st of September.  There were around 10 people waiting at the gate for her, and prepared a balloon with her name…how sweet! 🙂

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[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will be a MC for the first time

Seems like Hyun Bin will be having a busy September.

Hyun Bin who currently serves in the Marines, will take on a new challenge, except this time he will be the MC for a concert, the first time him hosting any show in public.

On the 30th of this month, at 7.30, Hyun Bin will be hosting a 2 hours ‘Marine Corps Band 22th Annual Concert ‘ at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul, an annual event held by Marine Corp headquarters.

This event is open to public however only limited to 500 seats, interested can apply via its official webiste from 23 – 25 of this month.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin will also participate in an upcoming 6.25 km Memorial Marathon on the 25th of September, to be held at Yeouido Hangang Park.  Fans are able to see Hyun Bin in action, something to be excited about.

One more last piece of info, Hyun Bin will be transferred to Marine Corp PR sector early next year.  Changes are good, but I am not sure how he feels about this move himself, he may want to experience a Marines life to the full extent.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin will visit Indonesia this month?

I have not written much updates these days, I struggle to find anything that interests me.  But when there is news that get me excited, you will sure be the first one to read it here 🙂

Hyun Bin, finally!  I have two posts on him today.  The first one got me excited, is that he will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia this month.  Though I am not from Indonesia but I know many of you are, so I am just simply excited for you,  here he comes ladies.

According to the Korea National Tourism Organization officials, Korea will participate in a cultural event, mainly driving by exporting submarines.  And Hyun Bin, part of the Marines will visit the capital, Jakarta, Indonesia later this month.

Besides Hyun Bin, there will be 8 other celebrities who current serve in the Army joining this event.

However, when this is asked at the Marine Corps officials, they mention nothing is said on their end.

I put a big question mark on this news title, so will he or will he not? We shall keep each other posted 😉

Just on the side,  if this turns out to be the real deal, isn’t Korea pushing the Hallyu effect a little too far this time? Celebrity can endorse a TV or refrigerator, but submarines? Oof, that is a little far stretched.  Not anything to do with the celebrities, they follow orders, but just suggesting people at the top to think about this.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, chic airport fashion at Incheon Airport

Actress Ha Ji Won, looking great in her casual chic outfit, was spotted leaving Incheon Airport on 15th of September, heading to London for  a cable tv program ‘style magazine’ and Olay photo shoot.

Dressed in grey sweater, black tights and funky boots, well before the fall / winter season, Ha Ji Won completed the chic airport fashion with a pair of must have sunglasses.

Ha Ji Won will take up a challenge as a beauty editor in this tv program, she will introduce the beauty trend from London, part of her trips will be visiting Olay research centers as well as Olay shops.  This program is to air next month.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, beautiful legs for Asics CF

In one of the recent commercials, Ha Ji Won wowed everyone with her beautiful legs. Nicely toned with lines and just enough muscle, now she puts every woman like myself to shame, I want those legs!  Anyone suddenly wants to do a few push ups and run a few miles right now?

Here is the commercial:

This new commercial was released on 25th of August, for a sports wear brand, Asics.

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[CASTING NEWS] Jung Il Woo, leads new drama ‘Flower boys of the ramen shop’ (Updated)

GOOD NEWS!! Get excited ladies, Jung Il Woo will very likely to  News confirmed, Jung Il Woo will take up the lead in a tvN drama ‘Flower boys of the ramen shop’ (direct translation). Jung Il Woo’s last role was the death messenger from ’49 days’, the vivid highlight of the drama.

Though this it is still to be finalised but publisher CJ&M is rather positive about having him on board as the male lead in the 16 episodes mini-melodrama. The story is about 6 good-looking flower boys, high school students to be precise, running a Ramen shop together.

And there is going to be 6 flower boys!? Hm…and who are they!? Curious with a big question mark dangling in the air, I am definitely going to check this drama out.

“Flower boys of the ramen shop” airs its first episode on 31st of October.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Park Yoo Chun and Moon Geun Young, voted as the most popular #1 on ‘Seoul Drama Awards’

The verdict is out, the winner of popularity for ‘2011 Seoul Drama Awards’ goes to JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun in the male category and Moon Geun Young in the female category.

In the man category, Park Yoo Chun has total 47,7444 votes, followed by Jang Geun Suk with 401,987 and Kim Jae Won with 50,140.

For the female section, Moon Geun Young has 108,815 votes, followed by Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won at second and third place.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong participated in this event, award ceremony will be broadcast live on the 31st of August via SBS.

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[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won, for Movie Week

These pictures came out awhile ago, just can’t resist but to post them.

A woman’s worth, she defines it her own way.

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[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Lee Dong Wook, fall fashion shoot for Coach

Lee Dong Wook has recently done a fashion shoot with fashion magazine Arena for brand ‘Coach’, this issue is to release in September.


[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, new Olay commercial, Indian victory beauty


Ha Ji Won, the model for Olay products has released a new commercial with Indian traditions, before war, paint is applied to the warrior’s face. The cream is a ‘Weapon of Victory’ that fights 7 skin problems.

The commercial concept fits Ha Ji Won very well, I have to give credit to who ever came up with the idea. Ha Ji Won is known for her strength in beauty, not just the look alone.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Sector 7, the secret of squid ink

I am sure everyone is following Ha Ji Won on twitter 😉

On 12th of August, she posted a picture on her twitter account, showing a behind the scene photo from movie ‘Sector 7’. She mentioned, in fact the oil was actually squid ink.Ke Ke Ke… It even gets in eyes and mouth, though a tough scene…but we laugh when we look at each other. Ke Ke, now also…