[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, beautiful legs for Asics CF

In one of the recent commercials, Ha Ji Won wowed everyone with her beautiful legs. Nicely toned with lines and just enough muscle, now she puts every woman like myself to shame, I want those legs!  Anyone suddenly wants to do a few push ups and run a few miles right now?

Here is the commercial:

This new commercial was released on 25th of August, for a sports wear brand, Asics.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, new Olay commercial, Indian victory beauty


Ha Ji Won, the model for Olay products has released a new commercial with Indian traditions, before war, paint is applied to the warrior’s face. The cream is a ‘Weapon of Victory’ that fights 7 skin problems.

The commercial concept fits Ha Ji Won very well, I have to give credit to who ever came up with the idea. Ha Ji Won is known for her strength in beauty, not just the look alone.

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[ACTOR VIDEO] Ha Ji Won, latest CF + making for A Cafe La

This CF has been out for sometime, I believe it was released around mid May and I am sure many of you have already seen it.  Nonetheless here is the CF plus the video making of the CF, enjoy them again!

In this video, Ha Ji Won teamed up with Indie band (duo) 10cm for a coffee, A Cafe La to shoot for its latest CF.

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won, from Crocodile fan meeting

I have been so busy lately, with work mainly, that left me little time for my little world here with dramas and you.  I am just glad you are still interacting with each other to find out the latest, and here is Ha Ji Won from her latest public event.

Photo source: DC + Daum Cafe

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won, more stills for Cass Light Beer

Stills featuring Ha Ji Won and PSY for Cass Light Beer are released.

I am loving Ha Ji Won in these photos, refreshing, makes me want to have a taste of that beer!


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[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won glams up for Guess eyewear

No matter it is vintage classic, urban stylish or sexy glamorous, Ha Ji Won is able to look good and transform into the roles required, that is the kind of actress she is and that is why Guess eyewear has signed her as its 2011 model.

On 23rd of February, Ha Ji Won has done a series of commercial shoots at Gangnam studio, she modelled in 3 three different themes for the brand.   One minute she has long wavy hair looking sexy and glamorous,  the next minute she is back to her short hair looking chic and stylish.

These photos can be seen at the national department stores and duty-free shops.

Vintage Classic

Urban Stylish

Sexy Glamorous

News source: Newsen 24/01/2011