[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won comes back to Korea from London trip

Oh, my girl, talking about my girl… What happened to you?  Must be the flight, you are tired, er…I am not sure about that legging you are wearing…but I love you anyway, my girl…

Ha Ji Won arrived Incheon International airport at 2pm local time on the 21st of September.  There were around 10 people waiting at the gate for her, and prepared a balloon with her name…how sweet! 🙂

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, chic airport fashion at Incheon Airport

Actress Ha Ji Won, looking great in her casual chic outfit, was spotted leaving Incheon Airport on 15th of September, heading to London for  a cable tv program ‘style magazine’ and Olay photo shoot.

Dressed in grey sweater, black tights and funky boots, well before the fall / winter season, Ha Ji Won completed the chic airport fashion with a pair of must have sunglasses.

Ha Ji Won will take up a challenge as a beauty editor in this tv program, she will introduce the beauty trend from London, part of her trips will be visiting Olay research centers as well as Olay shops.  This program is to air next month.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Park Yoo Chun and Moon Geun Young, voted as the most popular #1 on ‘Seoul Drama Awards’

The verdict is out, the winner of popularity for ‘2011 Seoul Drama Awards’ goes to JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun in the male category and Moon Geun Young in the female category.

In the man category, Park Yoo Chun has total 47,7444 votes, followed by Jang Geun Suk with 401,987 and Kim Jae Won with 50,140.

For the female section, Moon Geun Young has 108,815 votes, followed by Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won at second and third place.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong participated in this event, award ceremony will be broadcast live on the 31st of August via SBS.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Sector 7, the secret of squid ink

I am sure everyone is following Ha Ji Won on twitter 😉

On 12th of August, she posted a picture on her twitter account, showing a behind the scene photo from movie ‘Sector 7’. She mentioned, in fact the oil was actually squid ink.Ke Ke Ke… It even gets in eyes and mouth, though a tough scene…but we laugh when we look at each other. Ke Ke, now also…


[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, in cute panda swimming cap

On 24th and 26th of June, actress Ha Ji Won left messages on her official me2day and posted photos while she was training for her diving licence in Saipan.

In the photo, she wore a cute panda cap and she said in her message on 24th, ‘Hello, long time no see.  I am actress Ha Ji Wo.  In order to play the role of Hae Jun from ‘Sector 7′, I have got a scuba diving licence.  I am going to tell you the story of Ha Ji Won, her sweet and hell-like training from Saipan.’

On 26th of June, she continued ‘Saipan: Sweet and hell-like training.  Story 2: before we go into the water, let me introduce my instructor, Lee Jae Hoon from group ‘Cool’. My master!’

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, a licensed scuba diver for ‘Sector 7’

In order to perform the role she has in ‘Sector 7’, which is about fighting sea monsters.  Actress Ha Ji Won has obtained scuba diving certificate for her role in ‘Sector 7’.

Ha Ji Won travelled to one of the 3 best diving sites in the world, Saipan’s, the Sharks caves, shipwrecks Point and B29 points for intense training by Lee Jae Hoon.  She was certified with advanced scuba diving license.

A staff from the local training centre mentioned ‘ diving requires a unique breathing technique, one must overcome the fear of going deep places, usually it is not easily achieved in a short period of time.’ Yet Ha Ji Won wowed everyone with her high level of proficiency.

‘Sector 7’ premiers on August 4th.

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[ACTRESS NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Korea’s best muscle female actress

Ha Ji Won showed off her muscles in the recent ‘Sector 7’ promotional stills, which took 8 hours of weight training daily for her to achieve.

Scheduled to premiere on 4th of August, in ‘Sector 7’, Ha Ji Won plays an experienced drilling equipment manager who fights with sea monsters. The recent stills revealed her strong and sexy physique form with well build muscles, especially her shoulder and bottom.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, talks about her school days with Entertainment Tonight

Actress Ha Ji Won caught up with KBS2’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’ at the location where she shoots for poster of her blockbuster movie ‘Sector 7’.

This episode of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ aired on 4th of June, the host asked about a recent topic being discussed among the internet community, regarding her top school grades and her being the class captain.

The host asked if Ha Ji Won was a good student, Ha Ji Won answered with confidence, yes.  She added with self-confidence, she was the captain for many times, that drew laughter on the set.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden, the biggest winner at 47th Paeksang Arts Award

Did I miss anything? And thanks so much for all of your postings, they kept me entertained while recovering.  Great to see some new writers with insightful views 🙂 Keep going!

Good timing to make my first post after been missing in action for about 2 weeks? and it is about ‘Secret Garden’, still, 😉  What else?

On 26th of May, at 8pm, the 47th of Paeksang Arts Award was held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.  It has the whole town there, from what I see.

‘Secret Garden’ has won the best drama and Hyun Bin has won the Daesang in the drama category for his role in Secret Garden.

Besides these two big awards, Yoo In Na has also won the best female new comer for her role in ‘Secret Garden’ and writer Kim Eun Sook has taken away the best script writer award for ‘Secret Garden’.

Though Ha Ji Won did not win any awards, she made an appearance and presented an award to Tang Wei, who has won the best actress for her role from ‘Late Autumn’.

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[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won, the ambassador for Kid’s arts festival

You guys are fast!  I see some of you have already posted the picture in the comments section. Thank you for keeping each other updated! 🙂

On 30th of April, at 4pm local time, actress Ha Ji Won attended the opening ceremony of Kid’s arts festival as its ambassador along side with another ambassador Yoo Seung Ho.

‘Nurture a child’s dream of art’ is the theme of this festival, to discover children’s hidden talents through their imagination and studies, and artistic expression, this is the difference between this festival and other children’s cultural events.  This event aims to stimulate children’s intellectual curiosity about ballet, musicals, classical, theater, traditional music and performances of various genres.

The festival will be held from April 30th to May 6th at the Gyeonggi Arts Center.

I have to say, Ha Ji Won looks as young as Yoo Seung Ho who is about 15 years younger than her!  Got to find out her secrets, I believe one of them is to smile a lot 😀
Personal favorite pictures from this event:

News source: Arts News 2011/4/30
Photo source: Naver

[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, shopping at Cartier

On 10th, a fan caught Ha Ji Won shopping at a Jewellery shop and posted these picture under her account with text, Ha Ji Won at Myeong Dong Store. One of the news took note of the pictures and posted the news.

In these photos, Ha Ji Won was seen wearing a beige dress and jacket, looking elegantly and enjoying herself at the mall. She tried a ring on her left hand, and I would like to take a look at the ring she was trying! 😉

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