[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, Samsung Smart TV behind the scenes clip

I came across this NG version featuring Hyun Bin from his Samsung Smart TV commercial.  You got to know why he is so popular, it takes more than just the looks to get there, it’s the attitude for the best performance, which I think he knows very well.

Here is Hyun Bin, once again behind the scenes from his commercial shoot.

BTW, I love it when he blows his cheeks 😀

[ACTOR NEWS & VIDEO] Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee get together for Hite Lite Beer

How many ads have you done, Mr. Hyun Bin? But, I am so glad you have done all the commercials, something for us to enjoy while you are training hard to be a better man!

The ad is to be released on the 11th, on 10th its concept is disclosed by the media.  ‘The age of innocence’ is the theme for Hyun Bin’s new commericial with actress Lee Yeon Hee for Hite Lite Beer, enjoy beer on the floor, face to face in a Korean traditional house with cherry blossom season arriving soon, fresh and pureness are the messages to be communicated to the market.

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[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, Samsung Smart TV Commercial behind the scene clip

What can I say, Hyun Bin is Hyun Bin, he is looking good here, as usual.

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[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin teams up with Kim Seong Goh for Samsung Smart TV commercial with Eng Translation

This is hilarious, Hyun Bin teamed up with his secretary from ‘Secret Garden’ Kim Seong Goh and filmed the commercial for the new Samsung Smart TV.  Enjoy and it brings back all the good memories from Secret Garden 😀

Ok, you have asked for a translation.  Again, I have done a quick one as I know you want to know what they are talking about, please read it for reference only 🙂  Enjoy.

Quick Translation

Kim:  Why is the picture quality so good?

Bin:  It is full HD 3D.  You are not watching those TV with poor 3D quality TV, right?

Kim:  I will change when I get bonus

Scene change

Kim: What are you doing?  When will you learn to behave?

Bin:  Is this the best?

Kim: Why Why? I told you this is TV!

Bin: …(this part I am a bit lost) don’t you understand it is mysterious design?  This is about space.

Kim: Try one more time, Mr. President!

Scene change

Kim: What are you doing?

Bin: Watching TV

Kim: I see you are chatting.

Bin: I am watching TV

Kim (doubting) : You have done search as well!?

Bin:  I am watching TV!

Kim: You are chatting.

Bin:  I said I am watching TV!!

Bin: While watching TV, I’m able to chat and search at the same time.

Bin:  I can multi task, this is difference between you and me.


[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, first K2 TV commercial

It is here finally, Hyun Bin’s TV commercial for outdoor fashion brand K2 is released.  I believe there are more versions to come as the story is not finished yet, we shall see how Hyun Bin’s journey continues.

Take a look at the first one here:

[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, latest Laneige Homme Commercial

Another commercial is released starring Hyun Bin, this time it is for the skin-care brand Laneige, featuring its BB lotion with sun protection for men.  Hyun Bin has done commercials for fashion, drinks, skin care and TV, his face is showing up in every household in the country!

[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, TV commercial for K2

How to make outdoor sportswear look so stylish and desirable?  Well, Hyun Bin has done it for K2, one of his commercial contracts where he signed as K2’s exclusive model, I think K2 has the right spokes person for its brand.

Mentioned in the news, images featuring Hyun Bin from the commercial are released for the outdoor fashion brand K2.   Filming of the TV commercial took place on the 12th and 13th, on Jeju Island, despite the cold weather, Hyun Bin modeled in Summer and Spring wear for the brand’s 2011 S/S collection.  The TV commercial is to be released around end of the month, isn’t that sometime around now? ^^

News source: 스타뉴스 | 2011/02/24

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, from the location of Samsung Smart TV commercial shoot

News just announced, on the 7th of February, actor Hyun Bin has signed a contract with the biggest electronic brand Samsung as it domestic model.

Vice president of Samsung Electronics, Son Jeong Hwan mentioned to the media, Hyun Bin has shown a young and smart character in the drama (‘Secret Garden’), which matches well with the image of Samsung Smart TV, such as having advanced features and being innovative.

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News source & Photo source: DC

[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin, from the location of K2 commercial shooting

Photos from Hyun Bin’s latest commercial shoot for an outdoor fashion brand K2 are released to the public, the pictorial for K2 2011 S / S season is expected to release in February.


News source: 마이스타뉴스 | 2011/01/31 & TV리포트 | 2011/01/31

[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin, from the location of commercial shooting

Photos are released featuring Hyun Bin from one of his recent commercial shoots for a Vitamin brand.

People are reacting positively and leaving comments like “The suit matches him very well,” “I want to see Mr. Kim Joo Won ~” and “What vitamin does the elite of society take?” Very interesting, seems like the image of Kim Joo Won has left deep impressions on the minds of the audience.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has two movies due to be released in February, ‘Late fall ‘ with Tang Wei on 17th and ‘Loved, love does not ‘ on 24th.

New source: 매일경제 원문 2011-01-27