[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, Vogue photo shoot behind the scenes

Today is Hyun Bin’s day, just when I thought he is out my system.   Then he came back with his enlistment on 7th then the big news on the 8th, how can we just let Hyun Bin off the air?

So ladies, here is the Vogue photo shoot behind the scene clip for its 2011 March issue, featuring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei.

[ACTOR NEWS AND PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin releases ‘Never forget now’ pictorial with HIGHCUT magazine

I felt somehow lost when I saw the news and its title, this is Huyn Bin’s last pictorial before his enlistment on the 7th of March.  Cry…big time!  Though it is just a piece of news, why do I feel so sentimental and sad?

Actor Hyun Bin  released his 30 pages pictorial taken at the Berlin International Film Festival with HIGHCUT magazine, containing precious memories of exclusive pictorial with the theme ‘ Never Forget Now’.

Images include Hyun Bin arriving at Tegel Airport in Berlin, his first day at international film festival red carpet, movie premiere, press conferences, media interviews, and the closing ceremony.  Besides these formal events, pictures are also taken in his hotel room, as well as makeup and getting ready for the red carpet in Berlin, in a restaurant located outside of the town, and some personal time around the city.

At the closing ceremony Hyun Bin wore a classic Giorgio Armani tuxedo, at the press conference he wore a simple Dolce & Gabbana semi-suite and at the airport he was dressed in casual Emporio Armani.

The pictorial is to be released in the first week of March via High Cut issue #48.   Here are the pictures released via the media.

News source: TV리포트 |  2011/03/02

[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin and Tang Wei to be featured in February Vogue

Hyun Bin and Tang Wei, the leads from movie ‘Late Fall’ has done a photo shoot for Vogue Korea and there will be a 12 pages spread featuring the two actors in its upcoming issue to be released on 20th of February.  Here is the preview:

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News source

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, Cine21 collection

Hyun Bin is recently featured in the latest issue, No. 790, 08/02/2011-15/02/2011 issue of Cine21. While I was browsing through his photos I have also found some earlier photos of Hyun Bin.

Here they are for everyone, I have to say there are more layers of charisma coming out of Hyun Bin as he ages.  Just can’t get enough of him! ^^

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