[ACTOR VIDEO & PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, from Berlin International Film Festival

Doesn’t it feel unreal, I can’t believe that Hyun Bin has finally stepped onto the red carpet of Berlin.  Everyone has been anticipating this since the news came out and from Kim Joo Won from ‘Secret Garden’ to a Berlin film nominee, the transformation process feels surreal and real at the same time, I am excited and very happy for him ^^

On 17th of February, Hyun Bin, Im So June, Lee Yung Gi  and the team from ‘Come rain come shine’ has attended press screening at 9am (local time) and walked the red carpet at 4.30 (local time) at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin and Tang Wei to be featured in February Vogue

Hyun Bin and Tang Wei, the leads from movie ‘Late Fall’ has done a photo shoot for Vogue Korea and there will be a 12 pages spread featuring the two actors in its upcoming issue to be released on 20th of February.  Here is the preview:

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[ACTOR FEATURE] The story of ‘Come rain come shine’

I just received a request via twitter, asking if I can run the synopsis on the two movies from Hyun Bin, ‘Come rain come shine’ and ‘Late Fall’.  I am glad she asked me this as the story is often overlooked when we focus on the events that are planned around the movie.  So here is the feature post just about ‘ Come rain come shine’.


On a day that is no different from any other day, he (Hyun Bin) drives her to the airport for her business trip.  She (Im So Jung) thrusts out as a can of soft drink, ‘ I have an other man and I am moving out’.   He never asks her the reason, why she is having an affair,  until the day she says she will bring the new man back.  He packs her bags and the cup she loves, and brews her a delicious cup of coffee, thinking this is the end.  While packing, he packs the memories they have had, bringing back traces of their past.  As the familiar times re-appear, he realizes he still cares for her and that makes her angry, yet she is confused about her own feelings.  He makes an reservation at a restaurant for one last meal with her.  It rains the whole day that day, he takes home a strayed cat as an excuses, using its broken leg as an excuses, two of them stay together for an extra day.

Nothing more can be said until we watch this movie, the director intents to bring out the little details of a married couple in this movie.  Both actors focus on expressing their love for each other from liquid detergent to brewing a cup of coffee, things that a married couple does everyday for the past 5 years.  The camera follows the characters during afternoon before their breakup, revealing things other movies may neglect, even just a facial expression or an action as simple as packing teas are presented to the viewers.


[ACTOR VIDEO] Hear Hyun Bin’s version of “Hyun Bin is here”

Hyun Bin and Tang Wei have done an interview with KBS on 11th of Feb, and during the interview the host asked if Tang Wei can say ‘Hyun Bin is here’ again yet Tang Wei shifted the request to Hyun Bin.

Let us hear Hyun Bin’s version of  ‘Hyun Bin is here’ ^^

[ACTOR PICTORIAL & VIDEO] Fan taken pictures of Hyun Bin from ‘Late Fall’ premiere on 11th of Feb

I have searched high and low for photos of Hyun Bin at the premiere event of  ‘Late Fall’ on 11th of Feb, apparently media were not allowed inside of the theater.  Yet, the power of the people is evident here, fans are as enthusiastic as we are so I manage to find some photos of Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin and Tang Wei are more at ease at this event, they have dressed down rather than up compared to the other formal screenings.  Hyun Bin has gone to back to his style from ‘Secret Garden’ ^^

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If you are going to re-post this photos somewhere else, please give full credit to the sites where these photos are taken from, I have a list of credits attached below, thank you!

Photo credits:

1. meli.kr.co

2. Cafe Daum 7050

3. Blog naver kaori217

Video credit: detectivemeli


[ACTOR PICTORIAL & VIDEO] Hyun Bin, from the ‘Late Fall’ second press screening event at Youngsan

I didn’t expect this, 2 screening events in one day, one for the day and one for the night?!  And they sure have kept me very busy today ^^

Again, another press screening event for ‘Late Fall’, sponsored by a credit card company is held at YongSan CGV on the 10th of February.  Hyun Bin, Tang Wei and director Lee Man Hee arrived at a fan packed auditorium.

In the video you will hear Hyun Bin asking Tang Wei before they entered the movie theatre, ‘Are you nervous?’ in English, cute ^^

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News and video source: TVdaily

[ACTOR NEWS & VIDEO] Why did Hyun Bin laugh at ‘Late Fall’ press screening event ?

We have seen the pictures but had no idea why did Hyun Bin laugh so hard at the press conference, I am glad the news and videos are out to tell us why.

At the press conference, Tang Wei, the female lead of ‘Late Fall’ imitated a famous line from ‘Secret Garden’, the cute “Message is here, message is here”.  However instead of saying ‘message is here’, she said “Hyun Bin is here, Hyun Bin is here”.  That drew laughter from the crowd and of course from Hyun Bin himself.

Tang Wei said it at 1.00 min in the video below, after that she asked Hyun Bin, do you like it?  Hyun Bin replied,  I like it.

Video & News credit: SSTV

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, from the location of ‘Late Autumn’ media preview event

Today is the day for Hyun Bin, heavy dosage of Hyun Bin power!

On 10th Feb, a media screening and press conference for ‘Late Fall’ was held in Seoul, Hyun Bin, Tang Wei and its director Lee Man Hee were present at the event. ‘Late Fall’ premiers on 17th of February.

I have noticed that he changed his style here, more dazzling, different from what we are used to see in other photos.  His hair reminds me of his character from ‘Late Fall’, is this the same hair style he had for the SBS Drama Awards?

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[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin leaves on 15th of Feb for Berlin Film Festival

Due to be enlisted on 7th of March, Hyun Bin has applied for exit permit to attend the Berlin Film Festival. Officials from Military Manpower Administration (MMA) confirmed on the 31st of January that Hyun Bin’s application is approved, he is able to leave the country from 15th to 23rd of February to attend the Berlin Film Festival. It is also disclosed to the media that Hyun Bin will leave on the 15th of February for the opening of ‘Come rain come shine’ on 17th of February.

Meanwhile, ‘Come rain come shine’ has postponed its domestic release to March 3rd.

You know the first thing that came to my mind when I read the news was, what will he be wearing to walk the red carpet? ^^

News source: 뉴시스 | 2011/01/31


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[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, from the location of Philips Electronics event

On 28th of January at 13:00pm, Royal Philips Electronics in Seoul presented Hyun Bin, its advertising model a diamond razor at Hyundai Department Store, decorated with 50 diamonds and 14k gold, worth around 30 million Won.   Hyun Bin also held a sign meeting and met with fans.

I just love how Hyun Bin looks these day, especially those boots!

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News source: 민중의소리 | 2011/01/28

Photos source: as watermarked on each photo


[ACTOR NEWS & VIDEO] Hyun Bin, ‘Late Autumn’ Official Posters and Preview

Late Autumn, starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei has released more official posters on 24th of January, and it opens in Korean on 17th of Feb.

‘Late Autumn’ is a remake of a movie by the same title, directed by Lee Man-hee.  It is a love story, about a woman, after spending 7 years in jail for killing her husband, Anna (by Tang Wei) is granted with a special 72 hours holiday, meets Hoon (by Hyun Bin) who is on the run.

‘Late Autumn’ has been invited to the Toronto International Film Festival as well as the 61st Berlin Film Festival, and it will  compete in the Swiss Fribourg International Film Festival.

News source: 머니투데이 | 2011/01/24


[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Hyun Bin, from the location of ‘loved, love does not’ Press conference

I keep getting different names for this movie, the movie is also known as ‘Come rain come shine’.  The title is directly translated here, ‘loved, love does not’.

On the 20th of January at 14:00, Hyun Bin’s new movie ‘Loved, love does not’ held its press conference at Seoul Dongdaemun mega box, co-starring Im Soo-jeong and directed by Lee Yoon-ki, the movie opens on February 24th.

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