[ACTOR NEWS] Jang Geun Suk and Kim Ha Neul take part in ‘You are my pet’

It is not a ‘new’ news but since I never mentioned here, here it is.

Finally Jang Geun Suk gets his leading lady for the new movie ‘You are my pet’ despite it was first said to be Han Ye Seul, actress Kim Na Neul’s agency announced on the 2nd of March that she will take on the female lead role. Based on a popular Japanese manga ‘Kimi Wa Petto’ by Yayoi Ogawa, ‘You are my pet’ was made into a drama version in Japan starring Matsumoto Jun and Koyuki in 2003.

Kim Na Neul is currently filming a new movie ‘Blind’ and she took the time to attend the press conference held for ‘You are my pet’ in Ibaraki, Japan on the 3rd of March. The movie will start filming in May in Japan and to be released sometime during the second half of this year.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Jang Geun Suk at Thailand airport

Jang Geun Suk, who just finished KBS2 drama ‘Marry me Mary’, has started his new year activities in China and Thailand.  Jang travelled to China on the 2nd of January for commercial filming,  and then moved to Thailand on the 5th of January.  While he was at Thailand airport, thousands of his fans flocked to the airport, paralysing traffic and operation, local police force was mobilized to manage the flow.

News source: news.sportsseoul.com . 10/01/2011

[ACTOR NEWS] Jang Geun Suk holds concert in Japan

Male lead of ‘Marry me, Mary’ Jang Geun Suk is going to hold his first concert ‘Where is your star?’ in Japan, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Kobe and Yokohama starting from 12th of Nov.  Jang has become a super shining star after his role in ‘You’re beautiful’ as the team leader of an idol band, in his earlier years he took on a singer role in movie ‘Do re mi’ and now he plays a lead singer from a rock band in ‘Marry me, Mary’.  Without intentionally setting himself as a musician, he is indeed known and accepted as a multi-talented artist.

The tickets are already sold out for the last performance on 27th and his official fan club will be launched on 15th.  He sure will be juggling between the tight shooting schedule of ‘Marry me, Mary’ and his tour.

Source: Arts News