[ACTOR NEWS] Lee Min Ho becomes Hyun Bin’s neighbour

Lee Min Ho has recently become a neighbour of Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young couple.

Given his enormous popularity, Lee Min Ho has moved into Seoul Heukseok Villa after his contract expired 2 months ago in Sangdodong according to an official.

I have found a picture of this villa known as the ‘Star residence’,  but now I have to give it a new name, the Hunkiest Villa, with Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Lee Min Ho, leads the airport fashion trend

Lee Min Ho is leading the airport fashion as he travelled to Thailand to shoot his upcoming new drama ‘City Hunter’ last week, the press loves his fashion sense and describes him as a fairy-tale prince.  Ok, they may have done it with too much marketing, but I am liking him in this simple outfit 😉

By the way, the next time you travel, try carrying a dark colour backpack, this seems to be the thing for the boys.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Lee Min Ho leaves with City Hunter crew for Thailand

To all the Lee Min Ho fans in Thailand, watch out, because he and ‘City Hunter’ are coming your way!  You have been spoiled recently with all the K-POP singers and now…

Lee Min Ho will be visiting Thailand to film his new drama ‘City Hunter’ on 24th of March, according to his agency on 22nd.   The scenes to film in Thailand are to focus on the birth of  the City Hunter, the official mentions Lee will be filming the process of becoming the City Hunter.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] ‘City Hunter’ casts get together for script reading

Finally!  The main casts of  ‘City Hunter’ gathered together on the 14th of March in Seoul, Korea for the first script reading meeting.

Images are released via the agency 3HW, featuring Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Goo Ha Ra and Lee Jun Hyuk.

Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Yoon Sung is a smart MIT doctorate degree holder and Park Min Young will play Kim Na Ra who is a Judo athlete but now working as a bodyguard at the President’s office.   Action orientated or rather anti-stereo typed female lead pairs up with nothing but the elite male lead is nothing new to us,  we shall see what chemistry this pair will bring to viewers this May, to air on SBS on 25th of May.

News source: Newsen 16th March 2011