[ACTOR NEWS] Song Jung Ki and Han Ye Seul cast in a new movie

This is exciting, I was waiting for Song Jung Ki’s next project and this news just came out on time.  It is confirmed that Song Jung Ki will take part in movie ‘Although I was born’ (working title) with actress Han Ye Seul.

Song rises to stardom after playing a role in the popular drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and for Han, this will be her first acting project after ‘Will it snow at Christmas?’.  Song acted in ‘Will it snow at Christmas?’ playing Han’s brother when they were young, I guess they never really acted together but this time they are the leads for this movie.

A simple synopsis about ‘Although I was born’,  Hong Sil (Han Ye Seul) only has one goal in her life that is to make and save money whereas Song Jung Ki plays an unemployed college graduate. The movie focuses around the lives of the young people.

The movie will start filming in early 2011 and planning to release to in the second half of 2011.

News source: Sports Today 스포츠투데이 | 2010/12/14

[ACTOR VIDEOS] Star Date with Song Jung Ki with English Sub

KBSworld takes Song Jung Ki to the streets of Seoul for his guerilla interview. I have to say the reactions from the fans are hilarious, but why not? Nobody can really stay calm when Song Jung Ki actually stands in front of them! You go girls!

Credit: KBSworld

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Song Jung Ki, the wink lord

As everyone tries to wrap up SungKyunKwan Scandal with some last words and photos, Song Jung Ki shows his killer facial expressions one more time.  This is funny, some fans give him a nick name, wink lord.  Well, see for yourself if you agree to this statement.  Song says he is very grateful for this role as Goo Yong Ha which has brought him unexpected popularity, he has just done a commercial shoot for Fujifilm.

Photo & News source: HangKyun.com & Osen.co.kr

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[K-DRAMA COMMENTS & PHOTOS] Song Jung Ki’s 2nd tear for SungKyunKwan Scancal

Here we have it again, Song Jung Ki cried for the 2nd time in Ep 19 of SungKyunKwan Scandal. His tears moved many viewers as his character Goo Yoon Ha finally comes out of a lie about his real family background, he is a descendent of merchants never government officials. Goo’s tears are more like a sign of liberation from the needs to keep up with the social status of his co-scholars.  This is why the King has also called Goo into the project of creating a new country that everyone is created equal.

[ACTOR & INTERVIEW VIDEO] Star date with Song Jung Ki with Eng Sub

KBSworld recently featured an interview with the hottest Song Jung Ki / Song Jun Gi / Song Joogn Ki, there are so many ways to spell his name!  Well, that is not my point.

Here is  a short 5 mins interview video which brings us to Song Jun Gi who only started his career 3 years ago but already capturing the hearts of many with his smile with the wink *_^.  It is also interesting to see what other casts from SungKyunKwan Scandal have to say about him.

Credit: KSBworld

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Many faces of Song Jung Ki as Goo Yong Ha

I know I cannot get away without featuring Song Jung Ki /Song Joong Ki, this guy sweeps various charts as No. 1 from most moist skin to most popular performer.  His popularity is unstoppable and some even call this phenomenon a SongJungKiholic.  I think Song’s fast growing popularity owes a lot to the fact that he has done a pretty good job playing out his character Goo Yong Ha.  We see Goo Yong Ha as someone who maybe roguish from outside and cares nothing about the world, but deep down he holds on to his principles and friendship.

Here is a collection of his facial expressions as Goo Yong Ha in SungKyunKwan Scandal, his cute smile, playful wink and charming expressions are all now his trademark as the No. 1 flower scholar.

First appearance,

Many facial expressions,

This is where he shed his tears for his friend who was about to do something dangerous.

Some basic background on Song Jung Ki, you may already know.

Basic information

Body: 178cm, 65kg, A-type
Debut: Love Action Drama 2008 YTN


Elementary School Daejeon St. Mary’s Elementary School
Middle School Hanbat Middle School
High school ANTARCTIC former high school
University Sungkyunkwan University,Department of Business Administration

2010 The 11th Jeonju International Film Festival Ambassador


2010 SBS Good Sunday 2010 KBS Sungkyunkwan scandal
2010 SBS Gynecology 2009 SBS Snow for Christmas?
2009 From KBS Team Season 2 2009 KBS Music Bank
2009 Triple MBC 2008 KBS Precious Baby
2008 Mnet handsome Lung crisis 2008 YTN Love Racing


2010 2 hearts 2009 Itaewon murder
2009 Five Senses 2008 Frozen Flower

Source: people.nate.com