[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, Vogue photo shoot behind the scenes

Today is Hyun Bin’s day, just when I thought he is out my system.   Then he came back with his enlistment on 7th then the big news on the 8th, how can we just let Hyun Bin off the air?

So ladies, here is the Vogue photo shoot behind the scene clip for its 2011 March issue, featuring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei.

[ACTOR NEWS] Hyun Bin, from the location of K2 commercial shooting

Photos from Hyun Bin’s latest commercial shoot for an outdoor fashion brand K2 are released to the public, the pictorial for K2 2011 S / S season is expected to release in February.


News source: 마이스타뉴스 | 2011/01/31 & TV리포트 | 2011/01/31

[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Secret Garden Behind The Scenes Part 22

Special Feature: Hyun Bin Behind the Scenes Random Pictures

Here are some pictures featuring Hyun Bin which are not included in the previous behind the scenes pictorial.

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[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Special, behind the scenes

The Secret Garden special aired just now, the characters are back to themselves as Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa Rang.  There were unseen NGs clips, selected 10 best scenes from the drama and each character shared about their views of the drama with some behind the scene stories.

The 10 best scenes screen caps:

I will just summarize some parts from the special that I thought was interesting and I understood (but there still might be some differences in translation ;))  I have not written the pieces in the same order as how they are shown in the special as I am trying to recall from memory and it may not connect so well, and it might different when you watch it.

There was a scene, Oscar stood beside Ra Im’s bed (after Joo Won switched bodie with Ra Im) crying.  Ha Ji Won actually fell asleep at that time, and Oscar did the take 3 – 4 times and Ha just slept.  When the production crew asked Ha Ji Won about this scene, she laughed, and shared that Hyun Bin also slept at one of the scene when they were acting together.  The scene took place at the resort, the bed scene when Joo Won held Ra Im in his arms.  I am sure most of you would remember, before Hyun Bin’s part, he fell a sleep while Ha Ji Won acted.  That to me is funny, how can he fall asleep when Ha Ji Won is still in his arms. I think they are just too tired.

If I understand it correctly, the cappuccino kiss between secretary Kim and A young took 28 takes to complete, wow…hahahaha…but it only took one take to complete for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.  Oscar said he would like to have some kissing scenes as well, but he only gets chestnuts and cakes, very funny, Yoon Sang Hyun.

They answered questions from audiences on the street, one young man asked Ha Ji Won, how would you rank the kissing scene you had with Hyun Bin?  Ha Ji Won was a bit embarrassed, she said how can students ask this kind of question.  Then she looked at the camera, answered honestly, Hyun Bin made me feel comfortable, when we filmed kissing, my heart was beating, I can’t tell you the rank, it is a secret.  I am quite surprised, no one asked Hyun Bin about this kind of sensitive questions.  For him, people asked 2 questions, 1. do you wear tracksuites? 2. Can you say something to Joo Won? He answered, 1. no 2. because of Joo Won, he has received many praises, he lived as Joo Won happily for 3 months and he will not forget it, thank you.

As usual, I like to focus on the ending scene.  There is no exception today, at the end the 4 main characters shared their thoughts from inside.

Ha Ji Won said to Hyun Bin, “We were so happy together and I am very grateful as well, seems like I will miss this for sometime. and you will be enlisted in Marines soon, go and be healthy, when you are back, I look forward to see you in better shape”.  Hyun Bin said to Ha Ji Won, “I am grateful always, Joo Won is possible because of Ra Im, I don’t only thank you, I really appreciate it.”

– end –

[K-DRAMA VIDEO] My Princess Behind the Scenes Clips

What am I doing these 2 days, lost…and still lost…having major withdraw without Secret Garden.  I watched Secret Garden too hard, with my heart rather than my head I think, but that is way I am, I watch to feel the drama… 😀  You will know when I am able to move on when I stop talking about Secret Garden in posts about other dramas, 😛

Here are some interesting clips on My Princess which I would like to share with everyone 🙂




[K-DRAMA NEWS & VIDEO] Secret Garden on SBS Good Morning show

Featured on SBS Good Morning show on 14th of January, TV drama ‘Secret Garden’ releases its behind the scenes from episode 19 to the public.

The NG scene in episode 19 is attracting attention, Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) kicked Joo Won (Hyun Bin) when he said ‘you try to seduce me with sexy underwear.’

After the take, Ha Ji Won looked rather apologetic and put her hands on Hyun Bin’s shoulder, Hyun Bin smiled back showing friendly atmosphere on set.

Just love seeing them off cameras, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won definite have great chemistry on and off the screen.  As it is getting closer to the weekend, I am also reminded that, there are only two episodes left!

News source: TVdaily

Summary transcribed by alou from thedramascenes.com

Here is the clip: