[K-DRAMA PREVIEW VIDEOS] Marry me Mary Episode 8 with English Sub

Now the word is out at end of episode 7! Everyone knows the marriage between Mae Ri and Moo Kyul is actually fake.  Both dads are busy preparing the wedding for Jung In and Mae Ri in episode 8.

After knowing Mae Ri is about to get engaged with Jung In, Moo Kyul asks Mae Ri if she really loves Jung In.  Mae Ri on the other hand teases Moo Kyul about his love theory.  Slowly they will find out how they really feel about each other.

The previous video was removed, here is a new one and hopefully they will not remove this one as well!  You need to click the link to watch on Youtube. Click here.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW PHOTOS] A date scene between Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook

Teaser photos are released for the upcoming episode 7 of ‘Marry me Mary’, where Mae Ri (by Moon Geun Young) will be going out on a date with Jung In (by Kim Jae Wook).

News source: Star News

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW VIDEOS] Marry me Mary Episode 6 ending and Episode 7 preview

Here is the background in text.

End of Episode 6:
MR: there are so many people and we could get caught so why did you want to see me?
MG: what were you doing when there are so many people?
MR: what did I do?
MG: you looked like you were dying of happiness. during the performance — you guys kept whispering to each other. it kept distracting me so I couldn’t focus.
MR: what is that? Are you jealous?
MG: I am not, this is not on me being jealous. Are you working or dating?
Mary: we weren’t talking about other things -we were talking about your music
MG: that’s what I mean — during a performance you should listen to the music so why were you there talking?
MR: Really, you’re being to strict.

J shows up: you were here.
[Mary runs over to MG’s side and grabs hold of his arm]
Mary: we were just talking.
[J stares at her hand clinging to MG’s arm, but suddenly MG grabs her hand instead and says]
MG: let’s go somewhere quiet.
J : You should not act like that in the office. Didn’t we say we would be discrete (cautious) at the office?
[MG and J glare at each other]
MG: is that why during the performance you were so close together where I could see?
Mary: stop it KMG.
[as MG leads her away, J grabs her other free hand]
Mary: why are you doing this director?
[MG and J keep glaring at each other]
Mary: why are you two like this?
[S walks in with the assistant guy and others soon follow
J lets go of mary’s hand but MG doesnt and S stares at that]
S: what are you two?
[Mary pulls her hand free]
J says he will explain.
MG says he will and holds up his hand holding hers and announces to everyone.
MG: this girl is my girl. We are married.
Mary : MG…!

Preview :
MG: we’re already married
MR: Being childish. Being petty. Hitting others. Why haven’t you thought of the outcome?!
JI saying that MR is likeable (not that bad–something like that)
MR: you also, director. To think, you are fine. You are acting as a human (not before when the met)
JI: Wi MaeRi sii.. [KISS]

MR: Kang Mu Gyul! KMG, why are you like this?!

MR: why did you hit him?
MG: Why are you with that jerk here?!

MG: Let’s stop this.
MR: what?
MG: This 100 days contract is giving me a hard time. I really can’t do this anymore.
[Both are shedding tears ]

Text and information are taken from Youtube channel musicallheart and credit to Soompi.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW VIDEOS] Marry me Mary Episode 6 Preview with Eng Sub

Here is the Episode 6 preview video with English subtitles.  This episode of Marry me Mary will air on next Monday 29th of November.

Credit: Youtube channel Musicallheart

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry me Mary Episode 5

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry me Mary Episode 4

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry me Mary Episode 5

What to do? Jung In has completely got my attention in Episode 5. His thoughtfulness and gentleness towards Mae Ri has just won my vote in this episode.

Early in the morning

Early in the morning all of our characters are thinking about each other. Mae Ri wakes up and remembers Jung In kissing her on forehead.

Outside, Jung In is trying to find the best position to place a note he wrote for Mae Ri. “Hope you have slept well, sorry I need to leave without saying goodbye. Take a good rest, see you later.”

Jung In tries to slip it under, at the side or top of the door. But he is still not sure, so he stands at the door trying to see where can be the best position for Mae Ri to see when she opens the door. The thought that goes into ensuring the note is perfectly placed is just adorable.

Alas, talking about timing! Mae Ri comes out of the room and just caught Jung In in action.

At home working, Moo Kyul is disrupted by the thought of Mae Ri and his unfinished gloves. He draws a cartoon and writes ‘Merry Christmas’.

Hold my hand

This part is just too sweet to miss.

Jung In decides to have lunch with Mae Ri everyday, he takes Mae Ri to a fancy restaurant. Mae Ri changes to high-heels and dresses, feeling awkward in her new outfit. (but she looks great!) Jung In turns around and noticed her clumsiness,   ‘Is this very uncomfortable?’ He smiles and reaches to hold her hand. Jung In, you score again!

Everybody loves Mae Ri’s dad

Mae Ri’s funniest dad, Dae Han goes to see Moo Kyul and tries to persuade him to leave Mae Ri. Dae Han ends up drunk and Moo Kyul takes him home. Being heavy and seriously overweight, Dae Han is not the easiest person to carry. He falls on top of Moo Kyul before they reach home. (hahahaha…)

Jung In takes Mae Ri home and sees Dae Han falling, he too tries to lift him up. With all the strength he tires but Dae Han is still too heavy.

Both sons in law end up join in force to lift Dae Han, this part is just too funny to miss.

Mae Ri’s first kiss

At home, Moo Kyul is feeling frustrated about his conversation with his manager who has cunningly manipulated her way to extend their contract. Mae Ri and Jung In come to see him. Worrying Jung In may think their marriage is fake, Mae Ri asks Moo Kyul to help her to show Jung In how in love are they. Moo Kyul sees Jung In and takes his frustration out on him. Moo Kyul says to Jung In, ‘You say you will try you best now, and ask me to be concerned.’ He turns around and kisses Mae Ri, so who is concerned now?

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW VIDEOS] Marry me Mary Episode 5 Preview with Eng Sub

The preview is out for Marry me Mary episode 5, Mae Ri and Jung In are getting closer…oops

English sub in text is listed below:

SJ: What is this? Is there a girl here?
MG: huh?

Both parents talking about JI and MR who are becoming closer now and go to work together.

MR’s friend: Oh! Isn’t it Mae Ri?
MR’s friend: Wi Mae Ri!

MG yelled: Why did you do such useless things?
MR: Why are you suddenly yelling at me?

SJ : This person is a sincere and good person.

MR: Are you being jealous right now?
MG: What?!

MR’s friend: You’re like a princess.
MR’s friend: Stop being picky. End your fake marriage and marry Jung In for real!

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry me Mary Episode 5

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry Me Mary Episode 4

I am starting to feel the chemistry between Moo Kyul and Mae Ri in this episode yet things are just starting to get complicated for them.

Here we have it, two husbands finally meet each other but in a rather awkward timing! Mae Ri by Moon Geun Young finds her two husbands Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk) and Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) together in Byun Jung In’s bedroom at the beginning of Episode 4. Hahaha, but I have to say this timing cannot be any better.

Next Highlight

Jung In finds where Moo Kyul is and trys to persuade Moo Kyul to be the music producer of his drama. The 3 meet again in front of Moo Kyul’s van.

I really like how the story is developing here, 3 young and unfamiliar people are brought together for their passion (Drama and Music) and also love (Mae Ri).

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[K-DRAMA NEWS & VIDEOS] Marry me, Mary OST part 1

The current airing KBS2 drama, ‘Marry me, Mary’ started selling Part 1 of its original sound track on the 15th of Nov. The album has a collection of 11 songs including “My Precious” and “Take care, my bus” out of the 4 songs performed by Jang Geun Suk. Jang only plans to sing 3 songs for ‘Marry me, Mary’, yet he likes the music so much that he makes a request to sing one more song.

News source: chosun.com


Take care, My bus

My precious

Credit: Youtube channel lovetbc1122i

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Marry me, Mary slow start

Marry me, Mary aired on 8th of Nov night on KBS, with all the anticipations and the high-profile launch coverage, did it deliver what everyone expected?  To me maybe not from the start, but we surely hope it picks up the speed later on.

The drama gained around 8% rating for its first two episodes, not too bad for its premier. Let us give it a bit of time and I know this post will not be my only one for this drama.

The story

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young led the opening, Moon plays Wi Mea Ri a girl who is jobless, schoolless, loveless and in debt. Yet, she has this bright personality that helps her to get through the tough times in her life. She runs into Kang Moo Kyul by Jang Geun Suk, a popular and handsome rock band lead singer. They become ‘friends’ and Moo Kyul agrees to help Mae Ri to get out of an arranged marriage with Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) by pretending to be her other husband. Mae Ri will spend her day with Jung In and evening with Moo Kyul during the 100 days, at the end of the trial Mae Ri will decide who to marry.


Hard to match up the expectations, that is my first impression for the 2 episodes. So now I am tuning the expectation button in order to give this drama a fair shot.

Some quick comments here. I am not sure how you feel about Jang Geun Suk in this drama (feel free to give your views), for me I am not feeling his character coming through yet. I get the point that Kang Moo Kyul is a free-spirited singer with no baggage attitude but it is not working for me somehow.

A few shots in the first episode where they focused on Jang are supposed to be stunningly beautiful, yet they fall right through my eyes that I can not see any sparkles. I love Jang in You’re beautiful, Hwang Tae Kyung is charismatic with a personality that captures me right from the start. I hope he will bring out the personality of Moo Kyul harder and sooner.

Quoting my twitter buddie, there is no chemistry between Jang and Moon yet. I do agree to certain extent, they are not acting on the same level YET. I have to say yet a lot, because it only just started and we should give it a bit more time.

One person I have to talk about is Kim Jae Wook, he surprised me here and currently he is leading me to the show. He plays this workaholic drama producer who looks so refined in his preppy outfit, he is talking to me in Jung In language and I am secretly siding with him right now.

I am certainly following this drama till the end, will check in half way to talk a bit more about it.

[K-DRAMA EXTRAS & VIDEOS] Marry me, Mary Original Manga clips

Marry me, Mary is based on a popular on-line manga from Korea, someone has kindly put some scenes in a video. Here are the two clips for us to get a taste of the story.

We can see the sweet encounters between Kang Moo Kyul by Jang Geun Suk and Wi Mae Ri by Moon Geun Young. The character of Byun Jung In by Kim Jae Wook is perfect from his looks to personality in the original manga and Kang Moo Kyul is a rock band singer.  Our main heroin Wi Mae Ri is caught between the two perfect yet complete different men and starts her 100 days of marriage with both.

Part 1

Part 2

[K-DRAMA UPDATES] Marry me, Mary receives mixed comments

Marry me Mary by Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young finally aired tonight. I am a bit nervous about it, maybe it is because of the high expectations there are some mixed comments posted.

I am a bit biased here by keeping a good faith, overall viewers are attracted to the drama by its warm and comical story telling, both Jang and Moon are charming in their own ways. To those who cannot wait like myself, here are some sneak previews.  I will leave the story out for now, just pictures.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & NEWS] Marry me, Mary preview

About to air in 3 days on 8th of Nov, “Marry me, Mary” is getting itself ready to show the world what is it all about.  It is jointly produced with Japan’s ACC, and already pre-sold to Taiwan and China at record high prices.  We can’t help but to expect nothing but the best from this drama, especially when the two most desired young actors Moon Geung Young and Jang Geun Suk are joining forces.

An article is recently featured on 10asia, I have taken some part of it to give you a preview in advance.

“Marry me, Mary,’ based on a comic of the same name by writer Won Soo-yeon, is a romantic comedy which shows how main female character Mary (Moon Geun-young), not at all ready to get married, becomes concerned about the realistic issues and love and marriage, in between two men. Mary, who has suddenly become a married woman because her father forced her into a contractual marriage with the young and wealthy Jungin (Kim Jae-wook), makes things worse by ending up in two marriages by taking a fake marriage photo with indie band vocalist Mugyul (Jang Keun-suk). And she must decide on one after being married to both for 100 days. With the appearance of Seojun (Kim Hyo-jin), Mugyul’s former girlfriend and actress who has signed with Jungin, the four slowly start to get to know each other and love and envy.

Storywise, the drama’s greatest chance at doing well lays in how well it makes its viewers understand ‘double marriage’ which could be an unfamiliar matter to many. And unlike the original work which has been published for over two years, the time limitation the show will have as a 16-part drama must be taken into consideration. That is why the producers said they loosely adopted the set-up from the original series and re-created the comic into a realistic drama. Writer In Eun-ah, in charge of the show’s script, explained that the characters and situations they are put in will be different and that she “attempted to create a fun and easy-to-watch story about marriage and families.” Hong Suk-koo, who asked the actors not to read the original comic since the story will be different, said “The characters are from the romantic comedy genre but about a realistic story.”

KBS’ drama department director Lee Eung-jin did not fail to hide the quaint excitement he felt over the drama. “The top actors of the second Hallyu generation are stepping into the world. This will be an opportunity to show Korea’s cultural power.” But like Jang said, that he is “trying to make a good drama ahead of it being a Hallyu content,” it will be difficult to ascertain the success of a drama whose degree of completion has not been vouched. Director Hong Suk-koo who said, “I see myself when I was in my 20s overlap with the characters and actors in their 20s.” And writer In Eun-ah she will write the story “honestly” and “work hard at it.” Will the two be able to tell a ‘real’ story about the love and marriage of people in their 20s?

Reporter : Lee Seung-Han fourteen@
Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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[K-DRAMA NEWS & PHOTOS] Marry me, Mary Press Conference

At 2 pm today, Imperial Palace Hotel Seoul Marry me, Mary had its press conference.  Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook and Moon Jung Hee attended the event with much enthusiasm.  With all the expectations around this drama even I can feeling the pressure for them.  The good thing is that they seem to enjoy themselves, Moon mentions how great it is to work with Jang who is the same age.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW VIDEOS] 2 teaser videos released for Marry me, Mary

Things are getting more interesting for Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk’s Marry Me, Mary.   Here are the released teaser videos.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

[K-DRAMA NEWS & PHOTOS] Wedding scene stills released for “Mary stayed out all night”

As we count down to the end of SungKyungKwan Scandal, but also beginning of the highly anticipated Mary stayed out all night starring Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook and Kim Hyo Jin.

Recently there are some news talking about the drama, 2 photo stills are released for a wedding scene in cemetery setting.  Moon Geun Yong holds hands with the two male leads Jang and Kim, representing the 2 marriages she will have with both.  But did you notice that she holds Jang’s hands tighter than Kim’s?  All 3 leads say this is a very special experience for them, Moon mentioned about having 2 grooms, Jang talks about wearing jeans as wedding suit and Kim says it is a unique wedding setting with 1 bride and 2 grooms.

On the side, here are some photos from Jang’s concert for his character earlier.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] Mary stayed all night out teaser video released

Mary stayed out all night/Mary night out recently released its promo video,  all 4 leads were featured including Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook and Moon Jung Hee.  We can feel the mood of the drama is very much light-hearted, playful and free spirit.  Many are excited about the Jang and Moon couple, it airs after Sungkyunkwan Scandal on 8th of Nov.   For now, let us be teased and enjoy:

Credit: Youtube channel anpan2H

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & PHOTOS] Mary night out, released more official promotional photos – UPDATED

Mary night out has been attracting attention even before they started shooting,  featuring Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young as its leads.  Recently, there are some official photos released to promote this drama.