[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden awarded as the best Hallyu drama at ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2011’

Woot! Sega wave is still strong, it was voted as the best hallyu drama at Seoul Drama Awards 2011!

SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’, starrring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa Rang was awarded as the best Hallyu drama voted by 5 cities in ASia. Singer Beak Ji Young performed the theme song ‘That woman’ at the event.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden, the biggest winner at 47th Paeksang Arts Award

Did I miss anything? And thanks so much for all of your postings, they kept me entertained while recovering.  Great to see some new writers with insightful views 🙂 Keep going!

Good timing to make my first post after been missing in action for about 2 weeks? and it is about ‘Secret Garden’, still, 😉  What else?

On 26th of May, at 8pm, the 47th of Paeksang Arts Award was held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.  It has the whole town there, from what I see.

‘Secret Garden’ has won the best drama and Hyun Bin has won the Daesang in the drama category for his role in Secret Garden.

Besides these two big awards, Yoo In Na has also won the best female new comer for her role in ‘Secret Garden’ and writer Kim Eun Sook has taken away the best script writer award for ‘Secret Garden’.

Though Ha Ji Won did not win any awards, she made an appearance and presented an award to Tang Wei, who has won the best actress for her role from ‘Late Autumn’.

News source: SSTV

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden launching radio show

All the Secret Garden fans need to be well-informed of everything that is happening or going to happen to Secret Garden, 😉 one of the missions of this blog besides its other main goal to share about dramas.

We, the SG fans have gone through a lot together, I am just thrilled to see everyone here and we must say a big welcome some new voices.  Quote AnaPinay “More power” 😀

Ok, back to the news.  I was surprised to see this one, there will be a Secret Garden radio version to be aired through SBS Love FM (103.5 MHz ) starting from April 9th, according the producers on Friday 25th of March.

So it is going to be a radio show?  That is interesting. The best part is that they will keep all the voices of the original casts, including Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sang Rang. and re-making it into a 16 episodes of radio program, the narrator will the actor Jeong In Ki who played Ra Im’s (Ha Ji Won) father in the drama.

I believe this is better than either musical or movie, at least this version keeps the original cast, the closest to the best, I am sure 😉

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden Lunar New Year Specials

I think most of us are aware of this news 🙂

At 2pm on 4th of February. SBS will air a compressed 160 minutes version of ‘Secret Garden’, the story will be told in 2 parts and 80 minutes for each part.

Part 1 will mainly about the meeting of Joo Won and Ra Im, and Part 2 will focus on the love line between Joo Won and Ra Im with the strong opposition of Joo Won’s mom and the accident.

The producers of “Secret Garden Special Edition’ mentioned these specials are put together for the fans, who want to watch the drama again.

News source: 연합뉴스 | 2011/02/03

[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] Secret Garden Behind The Scenes Part 22

Special Feature: Hyun Bin Behind the Scenes Random Pictures

Here are some pictures featuring Hyun Bin which are not included in the previous behind the scenes pictorial.

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO & NEWS] ‘Secret Bali’, fan made video with Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin and Cho In Sung

‘Secret Bali’ or ‘What happened in Secret Garden’ is a fan made video, which has been featured in a number of news today and gained enormous popularity among netizens.

The video takes scenes from the recent SBS weekend drama ‘Secret Garden’ and combines with scenes from ‘What happened in Bali’ (2004) to create a love triangle story between Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin and Cho In Sung. Very well made I have to say ^^

News credit: SSTV | 2011/01/23

Here it is:


JIS: If I divorce her, will you marry me?
text: The man who could do nothing but throw me away

JW: Bring your stuff/luggage. Stay by my side.
text: The man who threw everything away for me

JW: What are you trying to do now?

JW: Did he tell you come here dressed all prettily and disappear at the strike of midnight?

JIS: (voiceover) She’s the one that I played around with?
JW (voiceover) What did you say? Play around?

text: A dangerous…

JIS: I’ll go crazy if I don’t even see her for a day!

text: and a dreadful/violent (지독한) love

JW: (voiceover) Don’t say you’re hurt because of another man, and don’t ever come to me because of another man.

JW: get off.

JW: (voiceover) I will live the rest of my life as that woman’s husband.

JIS: (voiceover) I don’t need anything! So just give me that girl…

JW: (voiceover) Where are you right now?! I said, where are you?!


RI/HJW(as Bali character): Not giving you my heart is my last sense of pride…



Credit: youtube channel xStarCandii & original video made by blog.naver.com/leejaka

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Special, behind the scenes

The Secret Garden special aired just now, the characters are back to themselves as Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa Rang.  There were unseen NGs clips, selected 10 best scenes from the drama and each character shared about their views of the drama with some behind the scene stories.

The 10 best scenes screen caps:

I will just summarize some parts from the special that I thought was interesting and I understood (but there still might be some differences in translation ;))  I have not written the pieces in the same order as how they are shown in the special as I am trying to recall from memory and it may not connect so well, and it might different when you watch it.

There was a scene, Oscar stood beside Ra Im’s bed (after Joo Won switched bodie with Ra Im) crying.  Ha Ji Won actually fell asleep at that time, and Oscar did the take 3 – 4 times and Ha just slept.  When the production crew asked Ha Ji Won about this scene, she laughed, and shared that Hyun Bin also slept at one of the scene when they were acting together.  The scene took place at the resort, the bed scene when Joo Won held Ra Im in his arms.  I am sure most of you would remember, before Hyun Bin’s part, he fell a sleep while Ha Ji Won acted.  That to me is funny, how can he fall asleep when Ha Ji Won is still in his arms. I think they are just too tired.

If I understand it correctly, the cappuccino kiss between secretary Kim and A young took 28 takes to complete, wow…hahahaha…but it only took one take to complete for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.  Oscar said he would like to have some kissing scenes as well, but he only gets chestnuts and cakes, very funny, Yoon Sang Hyun.

They answered questions from audiences on the street, one young man asked Ha Ji Won, how would you rank the kissing scene you had with Hyun Bin?  Ha Ji Won was a bit embarrassed, she said how can students ask this kind of question.  Then she looked at the camera, answered honestly, Hyun Bin made me feel comfortable, when we filmed kissing, my heart was beating, I can’t tell you the rank, it is a secret.  I am quite surprised, no one asked Hyun Bin about this kind of sensitive questions.  For him, people asked 2 questions, 1. do you wear tracksuites? 2. Can you say something to Joo Won? He answered, 1. no 2. because of Joo Won, he has received many praises, he lived as Joo Won happily for 3 months and he will not forget it, thank you.

As usual, I like to focus on the ending scene.  There is no exception today, at the end the 4 main characters shared their thoughts from inside.

Ha Ji Won said to Hyun Bin, “We were so happy together and I am very grateful as well, seems like I will miss this for sometime. and you will be enlisted in Marines soon, go and be healthy, when you are back, I look forward to see you in better shape”.  Hyun Bin said to Ha Ji Won, “I am grateful always, Joo Won is possible because of Ra Im, I don’t only thank you, I really appreciate it.”

– end –

[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won talks about Hyun Bin

I don’t know what kind of reaction you will have after reading this post, but I seem to have my energy back after reading various news on this topic ^^  It might be the media trying to find ways to boost popularity, but for Secret Garden die-hard fans who do not want the drama to end, this helps us to ‘live’ the drama for a little while longer ^^

Actress Ha Ji-won, who just finished the successful SBS weekend drama ‘Secret Garden ‘, disclosed a frank thought that now the drama is over she seems to miss Hyun Bin during the Secret Garden specials to be aired on 22nd of January.

Ha Ji-won, mentioned ‘though Hyun Bin is actually younger but felt like an older brother, quite masculine’.  She was impressed with his good acting and did not expect him to be rather witty.  She and Hyun Bin worked very well together during the filming of the drama.

Secret Garden Special airs on SBS on 22nd at 9:50 p.m.

News source: 마이데일리 | 2011/01/21 & 이데일리 | 2011/01/21 & 서울신문NTN | 2011/01/21

[K-DRAMA NEWS & COMMENTS] Secret Garden sequel possibilities

News came out today, mentioning about the possibilities of producing a Secret Garden sequel.  At the fair-well party on the 16th, questions of whether there will be a sequel were asked.  The maker of ‘Secret Garden’ mentioned they will not produce a sequel to the drama but thinking about a movie or musical.

Representative Yun Ha Im mentioned to the media that the story is to be finalised but thinking along the story development between Joo Won and Ra Im right before giving birth to babies.

This sure sounds like a good news to me, as time travelled to 5 years later too quickly in the drama and I am sure it would be really funny to see Joo Won’s reaction when he finds out Ra Im is pregnant, not just once but 3 times!   Now the question is who will be in this movie, (my wishful thinking) I strongly and desperately wish all the original casts to be back in the sequel, but Hyun Bin is going to be away for his military service for 2 years.  That is a big challenge for the fans I believe…but Secret Garden, pleasantly surprise us like how you have always done it!

By alou from thedramascenes.com

News source: consumertimes & BNTnews

[K-DRAMA NEWS & COMMENTS] The master mind behind Secret Garden, writer Kim Eun Sook

We have enjoyed Secret Garden, fallen in love with the story like never before, besides the actors who have portrayed their characters so well, have you ever wondered who is the master mind behind the story?  She resets the rules, challenges the cliché, and comes up with the ultimate romantic scenes like sit-ups, cappuccino kiss, speak through eyes and the party kiss.  And also the lines that I think very often now, ‘Is this the best? are you sure?’ and ‘this woman to me is like Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Do Youn.’  The list just goes on and on, before we really put an end to this drama let us take a closer look at Kim Eun Sook, the writer of Secret Garden.

From not able to predict the ending to finally bring a happy ending to Kim Joo Won (by Hyun Bin) and Gil Ra Im (by Ha Ji Won) from the successful SBS weekend drama, Kim Eun Sook, 39 years of age, the author of Secret Garden, commands the emotions of the nation (the world), from when to shed tears to when to laugh for the past 3 months.

Kim Eun Sook was born in 1973, Kangwon-Do Kangnung.  Having lost her father at a very young age, with 3 brothers and sister, writer Kim Eun Sook had to work after completing her highschool from Kangil Girl’s High School.  She reads extensively, and adores the work of writer Shin Kyeong Suk, wanting to follow her footsteps to become a novelist.  In 1997, she enrolled to study Liberal Arts at Seoul Institute of the Arts at the age of 25.

But dreams did not come true that easily for Kim Eun Sook.  She failed twice in the Spring Literary Contest (direct translation).  She writes plays to make ends meet while studying in college, she stayed at a semi-underground apartment near Hansung University, and the rent was less than 300,000 won per month (~USD$270).

Her big break came in 2003, when she wrote for a SBS drama ‘South of the sun’, earning 700,000 won, a huge amount for Kim at that time.  This was also when she started her career in script writing.

And finally in 2004, she will never forget this when she wrote ‘Lovers in Paris’ featuring Kim Jeong-eun and Park Shin-yang as the leads.  The drama gained phenomenal popularity, even reached TV rating as high as 57.6%.  Kim Eun Sook became the love of the nation, and won 41st Baek Sang Arts Awards in 2005.

After the success of ‘Lovers in Paris’, Kim continued with the lovers series, wrote drama “Lovers in Prague”.  The first time she and Hyun Bin worked together was on ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’.  Kim also wrote other popular dramas such as ‘On air’ and ‘City hall’, she has now become the most popular writer in Korea.

Kim’s success did not come easily, through hard work and not giving up her dreams, it is always 99% hard work and 1% talent.

Written by alou from thedramascenes.com

New source: mydaily

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 20, heartfelt happiness

Call me biased, call me blinded, episode 20 of Secret Garden is so prettily done, everyone gets a perfect ending, the ultimate finale we can ask for.  I was smiling all the way, there was heartfelt happiness in every scene.

Romance bubbles up between our favorite couple as they finally get married, Joo Won gives his hand to Ra Im, ‘I love only you, without a ring, flower, candle, will you still be my wife?’ Ra Im gives him her hand as well, ‘Of course’.  If they were cute before they were married, they are now cute x 10 times as a married couple.  They are inseparable, like madly in love all over again, and they are not shy to show us how much they love each other. ^^

Five years later, we see Joo Won putting 3 pairs of little shoes on the window bench, then we meet the 3 little people, all at different age.  Joo Won’s mom still has not accepted Joo Won and Ra Im yet, but she accepts the grandchildren and spends time with them.  Joo Won says after they drop off the kids, time will heal and things will be better.

Oscar finally proposes to Yoon Seul, before that he had to throw in his sense of humor, he gives her a chestnut!  Then, he takes out the real deal, says 15 years have passed and I will make you happy all my life.  He proposes to her and of course he gets a yes.

For Director Im (by Philip Lee), he meets Son Ye Jin who comes to see him for audition, she proposes they work together on his script Black Rain (Just a thought, why are all the movies titles have to be so dark?), to Im this is a miracle.

I love all the endings scenes in this drama, and there is no exception to this episode.  At the end of the story, it flashes back to 13 years ago at Ra Im’s dad’s funeral.  Joo Won visited  the funeral and saw Ra Im crying herself to sleep.  When everyone has left, he crouched in front of Ra Im, looked at her and apologized to her over and over.  He suddenly fell down (maybe exhausted), lied next to Ra Im, before he lost his consciousness, he touched her forehead when she frowned, his hand dropped onto Ra Im’s hand when he could not sustain himself any longer.  I love how writer Kim ties the story back to where it all began.

This is the end, completed with happiness.  Well done, a great drama, 11 out of 10!

Note: Secret Garden does not end here, there will be a 70 minutes special program for Secret Garden to be released at 9pm on SBS on 22nd of January.  The special will include behind the scenes, NGs and some highlights, the name list for the casts who will attend the show is to be confirmed.

by alou from thedramascenes.com