[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Special, behind the scenes

The Secret Garden special aired just now, the characters are back to themselves as Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa Rang.  There were unseen NGs clips, selected 10 best scenes from the drama and each character shared about their views of the drama with some behind the scene stories.

The 10 best scenes screen caps:

I will just summarize some parts from the special that I thought was interesting and I understood (but there still might be some differences in translation ;))  I have not written the pieces in the same order as how they are shown in the special as I am trying to recall from memory and it may not connect so well, and it might different when you watch it.

There was a scene, Oscar stood beside Ra Im’s bed (after Joo Won switched bodie with Ra Im) crying.  Ha Ji Won actually fell asleep at that time, and Oscar did the take 3 – 4 times and Ha just slept.  When the production crew asked Ha Ji Won about this scene, she laughed, and shared that Hyun Bin also slept at one of the scene when they were acting together.  The scene took place at the resort, the bed scene when Joo Won held Ra Im in his arms.  I am sure most of you would remember, before Hyun Bin’s part, he fell a sleep while Ha Ji Won acted.  That to me is funny, how can he fall asleep when Ha Ji Won is still in his arms. I think they are just too tired.

If I understand it correctly, the cappuccino kiss between secretary Kim and A young took 28 takes to complete, wow…hahahaha…but it only took one take to complete for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.  Oscar said he would like to have some kissing scenes as well, but he only gets chestnuts and cakes, very funny, Yoon Sang Hyun.

They answered questions from audiences on the street, one young man asked Ha Ji Won, how would you rank the kissing scene you had with Hyun Bin?  Ha Ji Won was a bit embarrassed, she said how can students ask this kind of question.  Then she looked at the camera, answered honestly, Hyun Bin made me feel comfortable, when we filmed kissing, my heart was beating, I can’t tell you the rank, it is a secret.  I am quite surprised, no one asked Hyun Bin about this kind of sensitive questions.  For him, people asked 2 questions, 1. do you wear tracksuites? 2. Can you say something to Joo Won? He answered, 1. no 2. because of Joo Won, he has received many praises, he lived as Joo Won happily for 3 months and he will not forget it, thank you.

As usual, I like to focus on the ending scene.  There is no exception today, at the end the 4 main characters shared their thoughts from inside.

Ha Ji Won said to Hyun Bin, “We were so happy together and I am very grateful as well, seems like I will miss this for sometime. and you will be enlisted in Marines soon, go and be healthy, when you are back, I look forward to see you in better shape”.  Hyun Bin said to Ha Ji Won, “I am grateful always, Joo Won is possible because of Ra Im, I don’t only thank you, I really appreciate it.”

– end –

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 20, heartfelt happiness

Call me biased, call me blinded, episode 20 of Secret Garden is so prettily done, everyone gets a perfect ending, the ultimate finale we can ask for.  I was smiling all the way, there was heartfelt happiness in every scene.

Romance bubbles up between our favorite couple as they finally get married, Joo Won gives his hand to Ra Im, ‘I love only you, without a ring, flower, candle, will you still be my wife?’ Ra Im gives him her hand as well, ‘Of course’.  If they were cute before they were married, they are now cute x 10 times as a married couple.  They are inseparable, like madly in love all over again, and they are not shy to show us how much they love each other. ^^

Five years later, we see Joo Won putting 3 pairs of little shoes on the window bench, then we meet the 3 little people, all at different age.  Joo Won’s mom still has not accepted Joo Won and Ra Im yet, but she accepts the grandchildren and spends time with them.  Joo Won says after they drop off the kids, time will heal and things will be better.

Oscar finally proposes to Yoon Seul, before that he had to throw in his sense of humor, he gives her a chestnut!  Then, he takes out the real deal, says 15 years have passed and I will make you happy all my life.  He proposes to her and of course he gets a yes.

For Director Im (by Philip Lee), he meets Son Ye Jin who comes to see him for audition, she proposes they work together on his script Black Rain (Just a thought, why are all the movies titles have to be so dark?), to Im this is a miracle.

I love all the endings scenes in this drama, and there is no exception to this episode.  At the end of the story, it flashes back to 13 years ago at Ra Im’s dad’s funeral.  Joo Won visited  the funeral and saw Ra Im crying herself to sleep.  When everyone has left, he crouched in front of Ra Im, looked at her and apologized to her over and over.  He suddenly fell down (maybe exhausted), lied next to Ra Im, before he lost his consciousness, he touched her forehead when she frowned, his hand dropped onto Ra Im’s hand when he could not sustain himself any longer.  I love how writer Kim ties the story back to where it all began.

This is the end, completed with happiness.  Well done, a great drama, 11 out of 10!

Note: Secret Garden does not end here, there will be a 70 minutes special program for Secret Garden to be released at 9pm on SBS on 22nd of January.  The special will include behind the scenes, NGs and some highlights, the name list for the casts who will attend the show is to be confirmed.

by alou from thedramascenes.com

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 19, bittersweet

When Joo Won suffers from amnesia, he is faintly familiar, like the Joo Won we used to know, cute and adorable.  When Joo Won remembers everything, he is charismatic and romantic.

The scene stealer was when it all came back, the memories were all back, although it took more than half of Episode 19.   Joo Won remembers everything again when he finds the little mermaid letter with his own handwriting.

Joo Won runs to Ra Im and my heart ran with him, wishing he was able to see Ra Im straight away, so there is going to be no more issues between them! (but he eventaully had to drive ^^).  He finds Ra Im, hugs her and kisses her forehead, tells her that he loves her.  Joo Won tells Ra Im that he remembers everything now, not only about her , he also remembers Ra Im’s dad.  He tells Ra Im what happened that day, in the lift when Ra Im’s dad gave up his own life for Joo Won’s.  Though there were tears, both of them cried, even pain I believe to remember everything again, there is also reconciliation and moving on.

Joo Won and Ra Im visit both parents at the end of episode 19.  In front of Ra Im’s dad, Joo Won makes commitments as a man to make Ra Im happy all his life.  In front of his own mom, he tells his mom that he will live as Ra Im’s husband from now on.  That was both touching and sweet.

But one thing I don’t get is A Young’s dream, she had a dream again, and that dream worries me a bit.  In her dream, she says she saw people in white crying. [Ok, I watched this part again, phew…I actually think it is a good dream ^^  She said Joo Won was with 3 kids in white and the kids were crying.  Isn’t that indicating the coming of the triplets?! Sorry if I have you worried :P]

At this rate, I think we can expect to see wedding scene, even better with triplets ^^!  Episode 19 is more like tying up all the loose ends, setting the stage for the finale.

by alou from thedramascenes.com

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 18, mood shift

I was preparing myself for another sad episode, but I was not sad for long, as Episode 18 shifted its mood so quickly that I was trying to catch up with the story development rather than dwell in the sadness of episode 17.   Don’t read the following until you finish watching the episode, be pleasantly surprised by Secret Garden. ^^

Not long after Ra Im found out Joo Won actually switched body with her, they switched their bodies back but only with one issue, that Joo Won has lost his past 13 years of memory.   When this happened, I couldn’t help but thought, we are about to enter another tormented story line, that Joo Won has forgotten everything, including Ra Im and now it is all about how to bring his memories back.

When I was still thinking the whys and hows, unlike the other memory loss dramas, Joo Won remembered Ra Im, though not knowing exactly who she was, he remembered the feeling.  I give writer Kim a hi5 here, yes, end the cliché.  Rather than lingering on and on in the past, Joo Won again found himself naturally thinking about Ra Im and wanting to see her.   Ra Im again appeared in his thoughts just like how it all started.  I adore Joo Won in this episode, he was back to his arrogant and childish self that Ra Im said she will love him regardless, I think so will we now, we are also just thankful that he lived, both of them.


[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 17, beautifully done

Oh…I am…it is so hard for me to type now, what an episode, one piece of tissue is definitely not enough, I hate to spoil it for anyone, but this episode was sad but touching. It is shot in beautiful tones, moving from one affecting moment to the next.  Again, great acting, directing and script writing!

I just have to talk a bit about Episode 17 before I forget and move onto the next episode.

The climax was when Ra Im got into an accident, everyone was at the hospital.  For Joo Won, he came as well.  The camera started from his feet, he stood at the far end of the corridor, the camera moved up to his face, he did not speak a word, there was no emotion on his face.  Without raising its voice, this scene has captured the heaviness and sadness in the air.  At the other end of the corridor, A Young cried her heart out, Joo Won silently walked towards Ra Im’s room.  At her bed side, Joo Won held Ra Im’s hands and wiped her hands, many days and nights were passed by.

The ending scene, oh…I could not hold my tears when Joo Won carried Ra Im out in his car, parked at the side of a road with storm coming from a distance.  Ra Im leaned onto Joo Won, after Joo Won finished saying ‘I love you, love you’, he drove the car into the storm without any hesitation.  So he will vanish like the little mermaid, for the person he loves, and he made the deliberate decision to do so.  This scene is powerful and beautiful.

There were just too many scenes that touched me, I had tears in my eyes the entire episode, and I am just so limited at describing all the touching moments in this episode.  I suddenly feel the real Korean Drama is coming back, the tear-jerking, heart-breaking and beautifully portrayed love story is back.

I think we would have all guessed that Joo Won switched body with Ra Im on purpose, I just can’t wait for tomorrow, when Ra Im wakes up in Joo Won’s body, what will happen then?

Just a thought, would that not also mean Hyun Bin will be acting a lot in these episodes since he will be playing both characters in his own body?

[K-DRAMA CAPTURE] Secret Garden Episode 14, the kiss

Special Feature: The Kiss

Joo Won and Ra Im have ‘kissed’ before, but this time, this kiss is as romantic as it can possibly be.  It is the first time they both kissed each other, a big step forward and perfect timing, when and where can it be a better place for their declaration of love than a party where the cinderella meets her prince.

I can see both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won have put in effort to show the deep love their characters have for each other, I have also thrown in a behind the scene photo for this scene, I am sure it was a bit awkward for them to shoot, but I am glad they are so into their characters that I am deeply moved.  I have watched this part so many times, and I can still watch it again and again, love it! ^^

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 10

Episode 11 is almost out, and I am still working on episode 10…ah…but every-time I watch it, it just cracks me up and I laugh non-stop, you know which scene I am referring to…^^

There is also that cappuccino Kiss, genius, writer Kim, that kiss deserves an award for creativity, if SBS is going to consider an award for ‘best scene’ at its year-end Drama Award, this scene should be nominated!

This episode, Joo Won struggles about his feeling for Ra Im, difficult to give up I am sure.

Episode 9 ended at Oscar was dropping Ra Im off at her place, Joo Won showed up.

Ra Im sends Oscar off nicely, ‘Oppa, drive carefully’, Joo Won follows Joo Won down to her place, asking why she never calls him Oppa, instead of getting an answer Ra Im slams the door at Joo Won. Joo Won calls out ‘Don’t you know my nose is taller than others, I could be hurt!’

Ra Im returns home, a packaged arrived for her.  She eagerly opens it and takes out a book she ordered, ‘Alice in wonderland.’ She explains to Ah Young (best to use her own words here) “I have been to someone’s house, there is a big bookshelf. When I saw that, I thought if he read all these books? Which book does he like the most? What does he think or feel when he reads that book? I am curious…I want to understand what is in that person’s heart, maybe I am able to find the sincerity that I may have missed.” This part helps me to see what is Ra Im thinking, she tries to understand Joo Won, someone so arrogant and annoying to her, but she wants to see his heart, so she reads the same book as Joo Won.  I really like this scene, two people who are not grown up in the same environment, but reads the same book to find commonality.

At home, Oscar is trying to find out how Joo Won feels towards Ra Im, and brings Joo Won back to reality that love someone like Ra Im is as not easy as he thinks, marriage to him is a commercial transaction.  Joo Won sits in his ivory house and starts thinking what he ought to do.  After days without seeing Ra Im, he confronts his feeling and tells Oscar that he likes Ra Im and he will break up with her but not now, maybe after seeing her for a while he would be over the crush. (No.no.no,Kim Joo Won you are so wrong, by then you will not be able to let her go…me talking here)

Affected by plagiarism accusation, Oscar’s sign meeting is rather quiet, but with the loyal fans who stands by his side, he is able to smile again.  Yoon Seul shows up at Oscar’s sign meeting, asking Oscar to sign ‘My forever love to Yoon Seul’, instead Oscar writes with words ‘Thank you for having loved me’, sad and hurt, Yoon Seul cries in her car.

Joo Won goes to see Ra Im, 4 times.  Each time he makes up absurd excuses to see her. First time he asks Ra Im to give him back his six packs, (laugh) second time he gives the underwear Ra Im washed while inside of his body to Ra Im, (laugh again) 3rd time he asks Ra Im to be responsible for his constipation problem. (laugh more!) Then the 4th time he tells Ra Im that the stock prices is affected because of her signature, but only this time he does not just go away, he kisses the cappuccino foam off Ra Im’s lips. (Now, this is sweet^^)

Then this is not enough, Joo Won does not give up easily.  He follows Ra Im to a filming set, where he is assigned to play various extras.  (You must have laughed at this scene so hard :)) Joo Won is transformed, he has a mole, a wig, a hat that keeps falling off.  He acts with other extras, shot by an arrow, everyone dies in that scene so he needs follow but he is not just any extra, he dies on someone’s body because there is mud everywhere.  Then when he transforms into a bandit, he does not want to fight and he is able scare his enemy off.  He back stabs his own team leader with a furious look on his face because that team leader is Im Jong Soo, his rival.  After the shoot, he asks if he could see a replay of his scene in his huge sunglasses.  Yes, he thinks he is a ‘star’, an extra who is equivalent to Jang Dong Gun.  Hahahaha, this scene is just…funny…plus witty…plus good acting by Hyun Bin.

The fight between Joo Won and Im Jong Soo continues at supper, they both drinks until the last man remaining.  They follow Ra Im home, both men fights to get into her place.  Joo Won claims he is the man who helps Ra Im to wear underwear and washes her body, shocked at what Joo Won just said, Ra Im asks Joo Won to stop talking.  Joo Won and Jong Soo sleep at Ra Im’s place, only waking up in the morning to realize what really happened the night before.

What is going on between Oscar and Ra Im? I seriously hope writer Kim will not write a love line between Oscar and Ra Im.  In this scene, Oscar says Ra Im is becoming more attractive to him, let us hope they will not make things more complicated than what it already is…???

Ra Im receives a call to see Joo Won’s mother at the end, as usual the mom asks Ra Im to leave her son.  Joo Won walks in, telling her mother not to take things too seriously now, it is not like he will marry Ra Im.  He continues, if there is a day when he really can’t live without Ra Im, then the mom can come and stop them.




[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 9

A very much long overdue post.  I myself had to go back and watch episode 9 again, just to refresh the memory a bit.  So much has happened since then, don’t you think?

Our main characters got their bodies back, thrilled and excited, but there is one issue, Joo Won is now kept in detention at the police station. He is locked up with a security guard from Secret Night Club.  The odd thing is that, he is wearing the same tracksuits with ‘Hyun Bin at entrance’ characters written on the back, the same expensive bling bling tracksuits.  Shocked with disbelief, Joo Won decides not to wear that brand again.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 8

One more hour of crazy body switching then we will have to say goodbye to our newly acquainted friends ‘Joo Won’ and ‘Ra Im’, and say hello again to them as themselves.  At the end of episode 8, Joo Won and Ra Im will switch back to their own bodies, marks the end of the soul switching incident.  The story develops very quickly, keeping the viewers engaged, the writer and director have raised up the anticipations again, just when we are feeling maybe there is a bit too much of body switching.

Oscar’s confession

At end of Episode 7, Oscar declares he will not give up Ra Im in front of everyone.  That surprised Ra Im especially, but it’s nothing new to Yoon Seul and Joo Won.  Yoon Seul storms out leaving the 3 of them behind, there Oscar also confesses his real intention.

Sad but relieved, Oscar says to ‘Ra Im’, “I hope she (Yoon Seul) is sad, and cries really hard until she can’t even open her eyes…  Sorry I have used you (Ra Im) and I may use you for many times, I hope you (Ra Im) will help me….So that she (Yoon Seul) will not run away too quickly this time.” Hearing Oscar confessing his real feelings towards Yoon Seul, in a voice over, Joo Won says to himself  “He (Oscar) is serious (about his feelings for Yoon Seul).”

Yoon Seul runs outside to the golf course and cries, she recalls the misunderstanding that took place sometime ago between Oscar and her.

The ‘Kiss’

It is just a lip touching ‘kiss’? It happened when ‘Joo Won’ was trying to help Oscar who almost fell off-balance.  After the ‘kiss’, ‘Joo Won’ can’t help but to feel glad, realizing ‘he’ actually ‘kissed’ ‘his’ idol.  Oscar on the other hand feels disgusted and astonished at ‘Joo Won’s’ reaction when he lifts his feet up again!  ‘Ra Im’ is shocked, can’t believe what just happened.

Heart to heart

After the switch, Ra Im and Joo Won have had many opportunities to know each other better.  The director ‘switched’ them back again temporarily in this scene where Joo Won tries to know more about Ra Im.

Joo Won: I am suddenly very curious about what other people have but you do not have.

Ra Im: There are many things I don’t have, which one are you talking about?  Money? House?

Joo Won: Family

Ra Im: Mom died soon after I was born. Dad said my eyes and the way I smile look exactly like my mom. Dad was a fireman, died when I was 17 on a rescue mission. Dad saved many people, he was a brave man.

Joo Won:  So who raised you?

Ra Im: I grew up by myself with the help from my neighbors

Joo Won: What about your expenses?

Ra Im: Support from the government.

Joo Won: My taxes have gone to you! If I knew this was the case and I am supporting you, I would have paid more.

Ra Im: Sometimes, I don’t think you are that bad.

There, I feel they have grown closer to each other.

Back to the present

Ra Im and Joo Won switched back to their original bodies at the end of episode 8, just when we are getting used to see them as each other.  Yet, I look forward to watch how their relationship will develop after they have lived as each other.

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 7

The fun continues in Episode 7 of ‘Secret Garden’ after Joo Won and Ra Im go back to their lives in Seoul.  They do not just live in each other’s body, but also in each other’s life now which also means facing friends and families.

Back to Seoul

Last episode ended at Yoon Seul walks right in to see ‘Joo Won’ trying to stop ‘Ra Im’ taking shower. Yoon Seul misunderstands ‘Joo Won’ thinking it’s his hormone acting up and also insults ‘Ra Im’ as someone who is not in the same league as her to compete for ‘Joo Won’.

Oscar is now gone, the entire production team fly back to Seoul. Both ‘Ra Im’ and ‘Joo Won’ have not completely settled in their new bodies yet.

‘Ra Im’ gets off the plane sweating and it’s ‘her’ first time sitting in the economy class, LOL!

‘Joo Won’ responds to Im Jong Soo’s orders immediately.

All these need to be sorted out before they go and live as each other.  ‘Ra Im’ takes ‘Joo Won’ away. (This is really funny, the writer has really taken the little details into account. ‘Ra Im’ taking ‘Joo Won’ away, hilarious, as normally it should be the man taking woman away!) I would not blame the action school crew looking at the new ‘Ra Im’ and ‘Joo Won’ with amazement.

Meet the family

This is the toughest part, how can they get away with this in front of the people who have known them for over 20 years.

Joo Won’s mother like all rich mothers does not like Joo Won spending too much time with Ra Im. Seeing both them coming home together just made it worse. She goes up to Joo Won’s room and takes out the clothes Joo Won bought at the department store after he threw them at Ra Im, again she throws them at ‘Ra Im’.

There Ra Im also finds out for the first time that even Joo Won has thrown his expensive life at her but he also carefully packs away Ra Im’s pride by buying back all the clothes.

Joo Won, ‘for the first time I actually think the exchange is good.’

Here the director ‘switches’ them back to their original characters to help us the viewers to relate to the characters better, so we able to see beyond the appearances and into their souls.

Joo Won again says something that I have to write it out, ‘I am glad you were not the one listening to my mom’s (harsh) words. For the first time, I actually think the switch is a good thing.’ He is glad that he took in all the unkindness for Ra Im, so that she would not be hurt that way. Ra Im looks back and feels moved for a little while.

What will happen to Ra Im?

This question keeps popping up to my mind, more and more as the story goes on. We have had some strange clues along the way, and as the name of the drama suggests it is secret garden where things remain as a mystery until later or the end. What do you think?

First it was the Ra Im’s dad, who says he is trying to save Ra Im’s life by switching their bodies.

Next is Joo Won says Ra Im will disappear like little mermaid rather than live happy ever after as cinderella.

Now Ra Im’s friend, Im Ah Young says in her dreams Ra Im is sleeping while Joo Won cries and Ra Im’s dad appears with a red rose.  So what will happen to Ra Im?  Until then, I will not think too much about the ending and just enjoy the drama.

Culture exchange

Like what Ra Im says, this is a culture exchange for them. Ra Im now lives a million dollar life where as Joo Won the millionaire lives with mere necessity of basic living.

Episode 7 ends at Oscar is taken to jail for car theft (actually it was Joo Won who reported him for taking his car).  At the police station, being hurt and disappointed at Yoon Seul, Oscar declares his interest in Ra Im but this time is in front of Ra Im and Joo Won together.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 6

I had a hilarious time watching episode 6 of ‘Secret Garden’, even I know it was going to be funny but I still underestimated how funny it could really be.  Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won nailed the characters, for some reasons I can never see them as their original characters the same way again.

Our leads switched their body at end of episode 5.  Joo Won now is inside of Ra Im so he becomes ‘Ra Im’ and Ra Im becomes ‘Joo Won’.

In shock

In the morning, Ra Im and Joo Won are in total shock to find themselves in each other’s body.   Oscar has no clue what so ever, seeing ‘Joo Won’ acting up strange, he actually thinks there is something wrong with himself.  I just love the fact that he loves himself too much!

Ways to switch back?  Maybe not.

They sit in the garden trying to find a way to switch back, ‘Joo Won’ suggests to kiss like what happens in fairy tales.  ‘He’ touches ‘Ra Im’s lips, nothing happened.  “Ra Im’ pulls ‘Joo Won’ over and gives ‘him’ a good long kiss, still nothing happened.  This is also their first kiss!

(The ‘Secret Garden’ in the woods mystery from episode 4 is solved here, the middle age restaurant owner is actually Ra Im’s dad.  Ok? You mean Ra Im’s dad is a wizard?)

I am now a man and I am now a woman

Despite the change, Ra Im and Joo Won still need to go about their daily lives.  Such as shaving or wearing a bar.  It is beyond funny when ‘Joo Won’ does a how to demo for ‘Ra Im’.

I don’t know about you, when you see Joo Won there is actually Ra Im inside.  The writer and director try to use what we are familiar with to bring that character out.  Ra Im is a super fan of Oscar, when she is shy or happy she actually lifts her right feet up!  ‘Joo Won’ is doing exactly that here.

I actually think exchanging their bodies is a good thing for them. Ra Im is a stunt woman, her job requires some extreme actions.  ‘Ra Im’ sees her own body with many bruises and scars, ‘she’ slowly understands Ra Im.

Episode 6 ends with ‘Ra Im’ wanting to take a shower and ‘Joo Won’ tries to stop ‘her’. Yoon Seul walks in to catch them both in action.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 5

The wait is definitely worth it, episode 5 of ‘Secret Garden’ did not disappoint me at all!

I like how this episode is done, it reconnects back to the previous stories which are retold here again from a different perspective and therefore bring out a different layer of meaning.

Different side of Ra Im

Episode 5 starts with Ra Im and Oscar are about to have lunch and very surprised to see Joo Won is also there at the restaurant. Joo Won has booked the entire restaurant, just like how the characters are introduced in the episode 1. If Oscar was to book one table, Joo Won would book the entire restaurant. Without a choice, the 3 sit together for lunch.

The writer and director continue to entertain us with comedic performances.  Over lunch Ra Im is totally taken over by the fact that she sits with her dream singer at the same table.   She asks if she can call Oscar ‘Oppa’, Joo Won watches Ra Im open-mouthed,  a side of her which he has never seen before!

Still ‘that woman’ and ‘that man’

Music starts, Han Tae Sun (by Lee Jong Suk) a rookie singer whom Oscar is trying to scout starts performing at the restaurant and the song he sings is ‘That woman’. The melody brings Ra Im and Joo Won back to the last few incidents. We see from their perspectives.

After Joo Won leaves the night club, he actually follows Ra Im home. He stands from far and sees Ra Im tying her scarf around the pins on her bag. The scene is beautifully shot, and this part moves me for some reason. Seeing Joo Won stands alone from far on a top of a hill and Ra Im sits under a street light with her bag, that woman lingers around in Joo Won’s mind and heart.

Do you still remember what happened in episode 4, Joo Won throws Ra Im’s motorcycle key in the pond? The story is completed here, Joo Won goes into the freezing pond and finds the key. He holds the key in his hand, it is hard to let go of that woman.

Ra Im thinks back about the same night at the night club, after she gets Joo Won’s message. She can’t hide her excitement and tries on many outfit to prepare for the date.   At the end, she puts on something she feels comfortable in and adds a touch of femininity with the scarf.

The ‘Secret Garden’

Oscar meets his first love Yoon Seul and declares he is in a relationship with Ra Im, sure he is just using this to get back at Yoon Seul. He asks Joo Won out for a bike race and the winner will be able to date Ra Im.  Without knowing any of this, Ra Im joins the race as well.  The 3 of them set out for a race through a forest.

On the way to final destination, Ra Im gets left behind and follows a wrong road sign.  Worried about her, Joo Won rides back to look for Ra Im.   He finds Ra Im and both of them are also standing in the middle of the woods looking at a restaurant called ‘Secret Garden’.  They follow the sign and arrive at a mysterious house with many colorful bottles of potion.  This part adds mystifying elements to the story, we can sort of sense that something unnatural maybe happening soon…

A middle age woman comes to serve them dinner, she says some strange things that makes no sense now but I am sure it will mean something later.  Ra Im asks if the wine (potion) is for anyone, the woman replies ‘ these are for my daughter, for her destiny’I am like you, is she Ra Im’s mother? I guess this will remain a mystery until later.

Soul Switching

It finally happened!

Ra Im and Joo Won bring home a potion each, after an argument they each drink a cup from their bottle.  Like hollywood fantasy movie, wind starts blowing, then thunderstorms and rainstorms indicating that their souls are switched that night.

They each wake-up feeling strange, episode 5 ends just after the switch so we have to wait for tonight to find out more about what happens after the switch.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 4

It took me awhile to get my head around ‘Secret Garden’ episode 4, so let us get started.

The writer of ‘Secret Garden’ continues to use objects to bring out the differences between Joo Won and Ra Im, first it’s a bag with safety pins and now it is a vacuum machine.

Changing room confrontation

Ra Im receives a phone call at end of episode 3 to collect her prize from Loel department store, a vacuum machine.  On her way, she sees Joo Won who just arrives Loel for work.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 3

I have to say I am touched, moved and disturbed by episode 3 of ‘Secret Garden’.  This episode reveals the struggles between Joo Won and Ra Im.  They can question, fight or stay away from ‘that woman or man’ because the gaps between their lives are just too big, but they cannot escape their own feelings.

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[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 2

The story quickly develops after Joo Won and Ra Im meet, and this is a bit unusual for dramas as romance usually does not happen until mid way or later.

Imagination gets into Joo Won’s head

Joo Won starts to imagine Ra Im in his life, I totally adore him when he starts chanting away with his rap song on and on to keep himself focused but is it working?

First, when Joo Won waits his car, Ra Im appears next to him then vanishes as soon as he is distracted.

When Joo Won takes his walk in park, Ra Im again appears next to him but he tries to shake off the thought by chanting the song.  But, Ra Im appears again at night in his study but this time in Joo Won’s head Ra Im turns into different characters.

‘That woman’

In order to put his thoughts to rest, he calls Ra Im and visits her at the training center. There Joo Won sees Ra Im in person not in his imagination, he stops and gazes at her from far once again he is attracted by her, ‘that woman, is so much cooler (beautiful)’ than the one in his head.

Ra Im thinking about Joo Won

From Ra Im’s perspective, she does not understand why this guy keeps following her around.  She thinks Joo Won works for Oscar (very funny) and does not have a stable job.  Obviously she does not think too much of him. Yet he keeps coming to her, cares for her and says to her ‘even when you are angry you are pretty’. For the first time, she takes a good look at him and slowly Joo Won is getting into her thoughts as well.

Grand Entrance, ‘to me, this woman is Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Do Youn’

Joo Won makes arrangement for the drama to shoot at his department store, so that he can see Ra Im.  After endless re-takes, the director still pushes Ra Im hard for more effects.  Exhausted and bearing the pain on her arm, Ra Im is about to jump again.

Then the rescue comes although not riding on a white horse.  All heads turn to see the CEO Joo Won walks through the crowd and right up to Ra Im.  He grabs Ra Im’s hand and pulls her to him, says to director in his innocent arrogance ‘You should not shout at her, and just now you pushed her that was not right. To me, this woman is like Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Do Youn.  I am her super fan!” Wow, that you have it and you’ve got it, Joo Won!

My comments on this episode can be found here, [K-DRAMA COMMENTS & PHOTOS] Hyun Bin captures hearts of viewers in Secret Garden.

Title: 시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-13 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won
Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska (Joo Won’s cousin)
Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul

Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 1

Secret Garden aired last weekend and took over my drama world!  I can’t seem to have enough of it, so here are some highlights that I put together for those who are also feeling some kind of  shocking emptiness after it came then left us too quickly and yet the next episode will not be here until Saturday.

Episode 1

I like how the drama introduces each character, a lot is told about them in this episode.  My comments on this drama can be found here, [K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Love ‘Secret Garden’ at the first sight.

As beautiful as a fairytale story, ‘Secret Garden’ started by showing a beautiful garden after morning rain.

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) enters the scene, he is getting ready for work but a bit shocked to hear the TV news announcer on TV mentions his name.

A sign to show us he imagines things, and his facial expression just the cracks me up!

Never the less, he is still a good looking CEO of Loel department store and looking good in his convertible.

Here we see his cousin Oscar (Yoon Sang Hyun) appearing for the first time.  A popular singer and he is obviously popular among women.

Joo Won goes to his match making meeting, there we see Yoon Seul (Kim Sa Rang) who is a commercial director from a very good background.  She is very interested in this arranged marriage, but we also know she is Oscar’s first love.  Why does she remind me of Blair Woldorf and that will put Oscar at Chuck Bass? Hm…too much ‘Gossip Girl’ these days.

Finally Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) enters the scene, a cool stunt woman with great martial skills and from a very different background than Joo won.  Ha carries the persona of Ra Im so well that I am attracted to her ‘handsomeness’.

The 4 main characters of ‘Secret Garden’ are introduced in this episode that has set the tone and expectations of what is about to come.

Note: All rights of featured pictures belong to SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station)