[K-DRAMA NEWS] Secret Garden ending spoiler photo released

Could this be it? Is this the happy ending? A photo has been leaked and been featured in the news about 15 minutes ago, and I am glad I am still online to catch it!

In the photo featured, we see Joo Won’s mom with open arms and a big smile on her face.  Two children are running towards her, while Ra Im carries a third child in her arms and Joo Won follows behind them.

Wow, this will make me a very happy Secret Garden fan, who has been with them for the past 3 months.  This spoiler has not spoiled anything for me, I still can’t wait to see them in the drama, I will miss this drama like most of you and I think the first thing I will do next week is to watch it all over again ^^

News and photo source: newsen

[FINAL SPOILER] Secret Garden Episode 19 and 20

I can really feel it now, we are about to come to the end of  Secret Garden.  Now I don’t care how mini or tiny these spoilers are, because it is the last time, they look big to me.

So are you ready?  I am not…can’t believe this is it!  I am starting to miss it already…

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO & TEXT] Secret Garden Ep 17 Long Preview

Secret Garden Ep 17 Long Preview was released earlier, but I only got around to post it now, actually the entire episode will be aired in couple of hours 😛

A quick translation:

Senior: Oh, our Joo Won, what are you doing here so late at night?

Joo Won: Because it is so late, I am here to see our Ra Im.  But she is not here, is the filming not done yet?

Action school: Is Ra Im filming? I don’t remember that is the case

Joo Won: What are you talking about?

Joo Won: Why are you crying? Mom came here, right?

Ra Im: No, it’s not the case! Things are getting expensive, I can’t buy anything.  Why did you ask me to come here and buy things that are so expensive?  Why ask me to buy expensive things, why?

Joo Won: Stop talking! You know you are not pretty when you cry, you don’t know I really don’t like that?

Joo Won: You silly girl, you face is freezing cold.

Joo Won (puts scarf around Ra Im): This is expensive, you know? Remember what an expensive scarf you are wearing. (He puts gloves on her hands), go home, I will buy the fruit next time.  You won’t tell me , I am going see someone who will tell me.

Ra Im: No, don’t do that.  Please don’t.  I said it is not like that.

Joo Won: No one will hit you if you just call my mom. Mom has gone to chang sin tong, hasn’t she?

Secretary: I really don’t know.

Joo Won: Didn’t I just say, no one will hit you.  Didn’t you hear that?

Secretary: I am sorry, I really don’t know.

Joo Won: Seems like she won’t see me, so please tell her this is fine by me, from now on I will follow my heart, please tell her this. (He raised his voice) Even better if you are listening.

Boon Hong: He is smart, just like me.  Watch that girl, he said he will follow his heart now, we need to watch them.

Secretary: yes

Reporter: I have been a reporter for 15 years, never been asked to run a scandal by the celebrity himself.  You are the first one!

Oscar: Yes, I am. I really want to keep Seul. Not sure what to say when texting. Come to the office (he then say this in different tones).

Yoon Seul: I heard Han Tae Sun is leaving Korea today.

Oscar: Leaving? Even the girls I see have not been this difficult.

Yoon Seul: What?

Oscar: Oh, no. But why are you telling me about Han Tae Sun?

Yoon Seul: Oppa has followed him to Jeju Island, because he is very good.

Oscar: If I say he is very good,  will you look at me?  Han Tae Sun is good.

Yoon Seul: Stop that!

Oscar: Ya, where are you going?

Oscar: Where are you going? I told you to think about it, but instead you ran away.  And, how can you go to China by boat?

Tae Sun: If not, by taxi?

Oscar: Don’t you have any common sense? Shouldn’t you go to Incheon Airport?

Tae Sun: You used your common sense to make your kind of music?  Give me my MP3.

Oscar: You think I came here to give you that?  I told you to come and get it. They are all your songs, what about if they are stolen?

Tae Sun: That won’t happen

Oscar: How do you know?

Tae Sun: You would not dare to do that.

Boon Hoon: What? Private jet? that girl did not audition, so charter a private jet? Hahahaha… this girl is good , our Joo Won has lost his mind.  Seems like I have picked the wrong target, should not be that girl, you can go now.


[mini-SPOILER] Secret Garden Episode 18

Preview for Episode 18 of Secret Garden is released, but it came from no where, and I am still not sure where it is going.  I just can’t wait for the entire episodes to air this weekend, no matter how heart-breaking or tear-jerking they will be.

Episode 18

Oscar, who called Joo Won on the phone, is feeling uneasy.  Something flashes through his mind, sensed a weird feeling, he grabs his jacket and rushes out.

Boon Hon (Joo Won’s mom) sees Joo Won and Jong Soo are together, she shouts for security to take Joo Won away immediately, asks them to guard Joo Won well to ensure he does not get out…


[mini-SPOILER] Secret Garden Episode 17

Thank you so so so much everyone, for visiting the site, for leaving so many wonderful comments, and for liking some of the posts ^^  I am just thrilled to have you here, thank you for sharing your passion with me!

The official site has revealed a mini if not tiny spoiler of what is going to happen in the upcoming episode 17 of Secret Garden and this spoiler has completely spoiled my hope that maybe Joo Won have overheard the conversation between his mom and Ra Im at end of episode 16.

(There is no preview for episode 18 released yet)

Episode 17

Joo Won visits Ra Im and asks her to buy fruit. Then he says to A Young, why Ra Im says she had to go filming, and rushed off earlier on?  He actually went to action school, but did not see any filming.  A Young only answers it is the day that Ra Im’s father passed away, Ra Im is a bit upset.

Joo Won goes to look for Ra Im at the fruit shop, he finds Ra Im crouching in front of the fruit shop, crying while picking fruits. Joo Won becomes angry, questions Ra Im why she is crying in this cold weather…


Source: SBS Secret Garden Official Site

[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Secret Garden Episode 15 Long Preview

Here is a 5 min long preview for episode 15 which just aired, for those who are eager to find out what happened and can’t wait for the entire episode to be out.

Quick Recap for Episode 15:

Oscar and Jong Soo found out that Joo Won and Ra Im actually switched bodies.  Ra Im was accepted to audition for her role in Dark Blood, to do this she needed Joo Won to audition in her body.  Joo Won moved in with Ra Im, to spend 24 hours with Ra Im so that he could be trained and manage his company while Ra Im is still in his body.  Joo Won’s mom found out they were ‘living’ together, so she asked both Joo Won and Ra Im to move out.  Without a place to go, they moved into Oscar’s place.

On the day of the audition, Joo Won (Ra Im) was called back to his company to see his grandfather who paid a surprise visit.  Yet, Joo Won (Ra Im) really wanted to be there at the audition as this is the dream of her life. She explained to Joo Won at the coffee shop, “I am not doing this get qualified, if I were to go for audition, that does not mean I will be qualified…Because I can’t just sit here and do nothing.  To be able to attend an audition like that, is the dream of my life.  So, only if you (Joo Won) can just stand there for me.  It is not open to public, but you can bring someone in if you go there to audition.  If only I can just stand at the side, it would be something very precious.”

After meeting the grandfather, Joo Won (Ra Im) took the lift to make up for lost time, so that she could join Joo Won for the audition.  The lift suddenly stopped half way and there was no security guard to help as Direct Park sent everyone away as he could not believe Joo Won could actually take lift.  One the other side, Ra Im (Joo Won) was waiting for Joo Won (Ra Im) to come back, so he could take her inside.  While waiting, it started raining, and as we all guessed that they switched their bodies back. Joo Won got his body back, so was his condition of space phobia.

Episode 15 ended at, Joo Won fainted in the life and Ra Im was the only person who knew Joo Won trapped in the lift.  Now she needs to make a decision, between the man and the dream of her life.  If you have read the spoiler for episode 16, you probably would have figured out that Ra Im will choose the man and miss the audition.  But this man will make up this opportunity for her, how?  I guess we shall find this out in episode 16.@


[SPOILER] Secret Garden Episode 15 and 16

Time flies this week, there were the holidays and Christmas, and then Secret Garden also reached its peak with the kiss in episode 14.  I seriously did not think too much about what is coming up next in episode 15 and 16 this week, I would not mind if time just stops, and the last scene is the kissing scene so Joo Won and Ra Im can just live happily ever after.  The previews brought me back to reality, a good thing or I would never leave my computer with my face almost glued to the screen 😉

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Secret Garden Episode 14 Preview

I am sure many of us were or will be soon screaming inside and out loud, when we saw and will see the episode 14 preview. Here it is with a quick translation, click below to play.

A very quick translation
(for reference only)

Oscar: Memories are coming back, there will be one day that I will remember everything, so, I will put everything back at its place one by one.

Oscar’s manager: You want to record the song even you know it is plagiarized.
Oscar: I know you know each other!

Ra Im: I know being with you, will be very tough. (they kissed while dancing ^^)

Joo Won’s mom: Ruining a friend’s life, do you think you can live happily?

Ra Im: Am I still just a little mermaid?

Yoon Seul: I am worried about you, I think it is better not to just let you be alone.

Ra Im: I am not leaving your son (Joo Won), this is the best for your son.


[K-DRAMA CAPTURES] Secret Garden Ep 14 Preview

I can’t contain my excitement when I saw the preview for Episode 14 at end of Episode 13, I just have to post them here to share with everyone without any delay 😀

These pictures say a thousand words, see the last frame without blinking your eyes 😉

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Secret Garden Ep 13 Preview

If the text preview is not enough, then how about a video? A short preview video for Episode 13 of Secret Garden is also made available by some nice people from the internet community ♥

Fantastic!! Thanks and hugs to adjovie who left a comment and shared a 6 min long Youtube preview clip, now we have a longer version to watch! Yay!!!

adjovie also asks if I could transcribe the video, not something I am good at, but how can I turn her down :), so I tried and there are some lines are just beyond what I can understand so I have left them out.  Hopefully, this helps and feel free to add in anything you feel is right! 🙂

Joo Won: go to the room next door, there is an empty room next door.

Ra Im: Are we going up the mountain?
Jong Soo: If possible
Joo Won: Where are you two going? I have said many times not to ignore me!

Joo Won: Here, here you see it is swollen!

Baek Ji Young: What is wrong with your hips?
Baek: Do you want to me show you? You want to learn from me?
Oscar: I don’t want to dance with you neither, I want to dance with Sandara.
Baek: Do you know how many fans Dara has? You want to have a taste of how hard that is?
Oscar: Hey you, is it because your OST is selling well recently, you are showing  disrespect to oppa now?

Oscar: Oh, it’s me, I want to see you so I sent you a message.  When are you free?

Oscar: It is really not you? I have misunderstood you. This is really nothing, but why did you love me, love a bad guy like me? I will think about this again, think about everything again, so I will also think carefully about why you were hurt because of me. Bye.

Senior: Kim Joo Won has a meeting tomorrow so he will not leave with us, I have also left Ra Im here with him.

Ra Im: Are you really sick?
Ra Im: AH! You are so dead!
Joo Won: Why? (not sure but this line) You have not…

Joo Won: Gil Ra Im
Ra Im: What is it?
Joo Won: There is smell of lavender in your actions,
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won:Just you being here, is already a miracle to me.
Ra Im: Crazy!

Joo Won: I want to sleep in this room
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won: Why not? People need to stay with each other to become close. (about 50% accurate)
Ra Im: Are you crazy, aren’t you leaving?!
Joo Won: (completely lost here :P) Ya..
Ra Im: Ok, you can sleep here, I will leave

Joo Won: Oh, Director Im, you are still here? Did you leave something behind?
Ra Im: Director Im?
Joo Won:I am so right about you are only strong in physical form but so simple minded.
Ra Im: Aren’t you leaving!?
Joo Won: Let us sleep, so tired
Joo Won: I told you to sleep! (Start rapping) Gimsuhanmu..turtle and crane…


Click here Tudou Link to watch, this is the short 30s preview. 🙂