[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Behind last episode of SungKyunKwan Scandal & After Party

SungKyunKwan Scandal ended earlier this month in Nov, a video featuring last episode behind the scenes of our four favorite scholars is made by KBSWorld and released to public with English subtitles.

We will also hear from Park Min Young, Song Jung Ki and Yoo A In (except Yoo Chun) at the after party about how they feel about the drama now that it has ended.  It is so good to see them once again!

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Song Jung Ki, the wink lord

As everyone tries to wrap up SungKyunKwan Scandal with some last words and photos, Song Jung Ki shows his killer facial expressions one more time.  This is funny, some fans give him a nick name, wink lord.  Well, see for yourself if you agree to this statement.  Song says he is very grateful for this role as Goo Yong Ha which has brought him unexpected popularity, he has just done a commercial shoot for Fujifilm.

Photo & News source: HangKyun.com & Osen.co.kr

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[K-DRAMA EXTRAS & PHOTOS] Quick look at SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 20, the ending

It is a happy ending after all. The last episode of SungKyunKwan Scandal shows Kim Yoon Hee and Lee Sun Joon are happily married. Time flashes to some years later, Yoon Hee and Sun Joon are Doctor Kim and Doctor Lee working at SungKyunKwan as professors.  Goo Yong Ha continues to be ‘Goo Yong Ha’ but now a fashion designer who has his own label, and Moon Jae-shin becomes an officer in military force.  They seem to have gone separate ways, but I like see them together more!

Then a bit more in detail…

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS & PHOTOS] Song Jung Ki’s 2nd tear for SungKyunKwan Scancal

Here we have it again, Song Jung Ki cried for the 2nd time in Ep 19 of SungKyunKwan Scandal. His tears moved many viewers as his character Goo Yoon Ha finally comes out of a lie about his real family background, he is a descendent of merchants never government officials. Goo’s tears are more like a sign of liberation from the needs to keep up with the social status of his co-scholars.  This is why the King has also called Goo into the project of creating a new country that everyone is created equal.

[ACTOR & INTERVIEW VIDEO] Star date with Song Jung Ki with Eng Sub

KBSworld recently featured an interview with the hottest Song Jung Ki / Song Jun Gi / Song Joogn Ki, there are so many ways to spell his name!  Well, that is not my point.

Here is  a short 5 mins interview video which brings us to Song Jun Gi who only started his career 3 years ago but already capturing the hearts of many with his smile with the wink *_^.  It is also interesting to see what other casts from SungKyunKwan Scandal have to say about him.

Credit: KSBworld

[K-DRAMA BEHIND THE SCENES] SungKyunKwan Scandal on set photos revealed

A group of behind the scene photos are released recently, SungKyunKwan Scandal ends tomorrow night and we see the scholars are getting on well with each other on set.   Hard not to feel a bit lost after it ends!

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW] SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 19 Preview with Eng Sub

It took me a while to decide whether I should post this preview here, even with the sub I still have no idea what is going to happen in Ep 19.  One thing I know is Sun Joon is arrested as Hong Byek Seo, tell me about making things complicated for the finale.

Credit: Youtube channel Musicallheart

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Many faces of Song Jung Ki as Goo Yong Ha

I know I cannot get away without featuring Song Jung Ki /Song Joong Ki, this guy sweeps various charts as No. 1 from most moist skin to most popular performer.  His popularity is unstoppable and some even call this phenomenon a SongJungKiholic.  I think Song’s fast growing popularity owes a lot to the fact that he has done a pretty good job playing out his character Goo Yong Ha.  We see Goo Yong Ha as someone who maybe roguish from outside and cares nothing about the world, but deep down he holds on to his principles and friendship.

Here is a collection of his facial expressions as Goo Yong Ha in SungKyunKwan Scandal, his cute smile, playful wink and charming expressions are all now his trademark as the No. 1 flower scholar.

First appearance,

Many facial expressions,

This is where he shed his tears for his friend who was about to do something dangerous.

Some basic background on Song Jung Ki, you may already know.

Basic information

Body: 178cm, 65kg, A-type
Debut: Love Action Drama 2008 YTN


Elementary School Daejeon St. Mary’s Elementary School
Middle School Hanbat Middle School
High school ANTARCTIC former high school
University Sungkyunkwan University,Department of Business Administration

2010 The 11th Jeonju International Film Festival Ambassador


2010 SBS Good Sunday 2010 KBS Sungkyunkwan scandal
2010 SBS Gynecology 2009 SBS Snow for Christmas?
2009 From KBS Team Season 2 2009 KBS Music Bank
2009 Triple MBC 2008 KBS Precious Baby
2008 Mnet handsome Lung crisis 2008 YTN Love Racing


2010 2 hearts 2009 Itaewon murder
2009 Five Senses 2008 Frozen Flower

Source: people.nate.com

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 18 Preview with Eng Sub

Here is the preview of Ep 18 which airs tonight with English subtitles, the pace seems have picked up.  See what happened in Ep 17 here.

Credit: Youtube channel mickytoho2

[K-DRAMA NEWS & PHOTOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 17 rating dropped 1.3%

Despite its rating dropped to 13% from previous 14.3%, SungKyunKwan Scandal still put on a good show last night.  Love has fully blossomed between Sun Joon and Yoon Hee, we see some sweet moments of the two in Ep 17.

A video featured here with no sub from end of Ep17 and preview of 18 (version with Eng Sub can be found in here).

Credit: Youtube channel dnfxmfk0

Ep 17 ended with a kiss.

But then we cannot forget about Jae Shin who loves Yoon Hee, now he is alone yet still carries his brother’s death on his shoulder.  Knowing that he too will find his own love later (in the original novel) makes me feel better.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] SungKyunKwan NEW extended Ep 17 Preview with Eng Sub

Here is a new preview posted for Episode 17 of SungKyunKwan Scandal, extended from the previous version and both are posted here.  At the end of Episode 16, the 4 starts a secret project assigned by the King. It gets me excited to see them working on something together, they do make a good team.  Now Sun Joon knows Yoon Hee is actually a girl and Yoon Hee also expressed her feelings, I look forward to see how it will develop between the two.

A date scene from Ep 17 has just been released, here are the preview pictures. Love is definitely in the air



Credit: Youtube channel musicallheart

[K-DRAMA INSIGHTS & VIDEOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal Recollection and Possible Ending

Now we have almost reached the end of SungKyunKwan Scandal, there are 4 more episodes left.  Despite a strong speculation and request of an extension to the production company, until it is confirmed we will continue to keep our hopes high.  This drama is based on part one of the original novel, mainly about the lives of the F4 at SungKyunKwan University.  Part 2 of the original novel is about their lives at KyuJangGak.

Part 1 of the original novel ends at Yoon Hee and Sun Joon are about to get married, the 4 of them will continue to be together but working at KyuJangGak for the King, a glimpse of Jae Shin’s future wife, and Yoog Ha continues to be the one and only Goo Yong Ha (later in Part 2, Yong Ha also marries someone).  We don’t know how much further the drama will go, but for now it seems to be a very happy ending by looking at the original novel.

Here is a MV recently featured on KBSworld, a good re-collection of the story of what happened between the 4 of our favorite students from SungKyunKwan.  I love when the 4 are together, they are very different yet create great chemistry by being with each other.

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Park Min Young looks like Hamtori?

Park Min Young is getting cuter as Kim Yoon Hee in SungKyunKwan Scandal.  Some say she looks like Hamtori?!  Hahaha, this is just so hilarious, I have to post it here.

Having said this, I do adore her in the recent episodes especially when she tip-toed to kiss Sun Joon that is just too cute!  Here are some pictures of their first kiss,

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW] SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 16 preview with Eng Sub

Ep 16 of SungKyunKwan Scandal will air tonight, here is a sneak preview with Eng Sub (sub in text also posted below) for those of us who are super excited about the ‘coming out’.  The good news is Sun Joon finally finds out Yoon Hee is actually a girl after rescuing her from drowning.  Yoon Hee still do not know about this yet, will she reveal it herself?

Before we jump into Ep 16, here are some scene shots from Ep 15:

Video Credit: musicallheart

Translation credit: blue_angel_1004 @ soompi & tishafi

SJ: You’re telling me to just let you go like this?
JS: Where the heck did this kid go?
JS: What?
YHa: You can check for yourself.
Voice: What are you two doing?
SJ: You mean you saw me as a fool who would leave a girl that I like at this men-infested Sungkyunkwan?
JS: That’s my spot.
SJ: How can there be “my” spot and “your” spot
CS: I came to see you despite the rudeness.
IS: Go catch them!
YHa: Those two… something strangely changed about them.
SJ: Since when was it? That you hid your beautiful face under the guise of a man.
YS: Kim Yoon Hee. Kim Yoon Hee is my name

[K-DRAMA BEHIND THE SCENE PHOTOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal rating rises & behind the scene photos

3 more weeks until it ends, SungKyunKwan Scandal rating rose on 18th to 13.1%.  Here are some photos behind the scene during the water fall shoot and on Park Min Young.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 15 Preview with Eng Sub

I don’t know about you, I am enjoying Sungkyunkwan Scandal so much and can’t wait till next week.

This just keeps getting better!  Sun Joon finally confronts his feeling towards Yong Hee, poor guy he thinks he is a gay.   But will he finally find out Yong Hee is actually a girl?

Credit: Youtube channel musicallheart

[K-DRAMA BEHIND THE SCENE PHOTOS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal having fun on set!

Don’t we love to see the energy been transferred from off-screen to on-screen!  As this show celebrates friendship, they are having great interaction when cameras are off.  Some newly added photos, seems like the older actors are also having a great time 🙂

There are also some extra photos from Ep 10 and 11.

In Ep 10, in order to save Sun Joon, Yoon Hee had to change into female costume where we see the feminine side of her and her beauty has also caught Sun Joon’s eyes.   A quick peek into Ep 11, Yoon Hee and Sun Joon out alone on their way to an island.  They sure expressed their ‘feelings’ in Ep 10 but how will this alone time help them?  Hm…I guess we have to wait until next week!

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[K-DRAMA VIDEOS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal casts behind the scenes Video Clips with Eng Sub

While we wait for the next episode to air, here are some clips from their release promotions where we get to see the casts behind the scenes.  Enjoy!

A great introduction or recap

credit: Youtube channel mickytoho2

Interview clips from the main casts

credit: Youtube channel crazykaiyi

Press Conference clips

credit: Youtube channel crazykaiyi