[K-DRAMA NEWS] Another romantic scene from ‘My Princess’?

A photo featuring both leads from My Princess sitting in front of a fire-place, with text written: ‘Traditionally, when a man and woman sit alone in front of a fireplace the unexpected will happened.  What will be the next intimate scene after the staircase kiss? Ke ke…’ was released via me2day on 13th of Feb and featured in the news today, on 14th of Feb.

These previews are giving audiences high hopes, many are shouting for ‘Kiss, Flame kiss!’  I hope so, and no matter whether it’s a kiss or a hug, let it be a romantic scene ^^


[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Dream High Episode 11, finding their own melody

People change the way they look and cut their hair to move on from a relationship, episode 11 started with Sam Dong cutting his hair and putting on an earring.  In a narrative voice, with his own voice, Sam Dong tells us as he speaks to his mom that he is hurt and disappointed.  Scene changes, Sam Dong sits opposite a doctor, the doctor tells him that his hearing ability will diminish over time,  He is just too young to go through this, my first thought when this happened.  Sam Dong dragged his tired body outside, fell down, and cried in the middle of the street.  Without Hye Mi, Sam Dong is lost as she was the reason he is in Seoul and doing what he does.  Sam Dong disappears and works in a bar while trying to find himself again.



Hye Mi receives a call from the talent agency asking her to debut.  Teacher Kang quits from Kirin Arts Academy as agreed with the principle, in order to bring him back, teacher Shin suggests if everyone from Kang’s class gets A in composing then they will bring teacher Kang back.  On the day when the results are announced, Pil Sook is third, Hye Mi comes second and Baek Hee has the 1st place.  Though Sam Dong has not won anything, his music stands out from the rest and he is shortlisted for the showcase as well.

This episode to me is about breakthrough, re-discovering and a journey they must take, each person tries to compose their own melody by finding inspirations in each other and their own lives.   Jason is the source of inspiration for Pil Sook, her music is about love.  Hye Mi thinks about Sam Dong while composing her music, her music is interesting to see on stage.  Sam Dong’s music has layers of emotions that others don’t have.  How I wish Baek Hee did not copy other people’s work and composed her own original song, she still can’t help it and has gone down the road of no return.

The couple who made a positive progress is Jason and Pil Sook, they are the sweetest couple in this episode and they make me smile.  Jason requests to skip his activities to study at school, he scores high marks that has impressed Pil Sook. (It was hilarious when they started to play 2pm’s ‘I will be back’ at this scene, totally not related but a pleasant surprise^^)  Jason asks Pil Sook to see a movie, he covers himself up and meets her in the cinema. This is the right thing to do Jason, keep on doing it!  🙂

At end of episode 11, Teacher Kang is back to Kirin, not by the effort of his students though they have tried.  He re-applied his position and is accepted again. (hm…what a twist!)

If the last episode was about Jin Gook, Hye Mi and Sam Dong, this episode is about Sam Dong and Hye Mi.  We did not see much of Jin Gook with Hye Mi, or actually not much of Jin Gook at all, isn’t it a bit too one-sided?


[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Dream High Episode 10, it has everything

This episode has everything, dance battle, cuteness and sweet romance all bundled up in one hour.

Our kids have ventured out on a field trip to Japan, however things did not go as planned for Pil Sook who became sick and is not able to join the trip.  Jason on the other hand, after knowing Pil Sook is sick has decided to cut his trip short and returned to Seoul.  This couple is at the verge of expressing their feelings, just one step away.  Although they have an easy, comfortable way with each other, Jason still has reservations to open up completely.

If Hye Mi and Sam Dong’s singing is not enough for the Japanese crowd on the street, how about Jason, Jin Gook and Baek Hee join them in a dance battle.  In the middle of the street, Hye Mi and Sam Dong try to earn money as street performers, and their friends join them to compete with local performers. This episode tries to bring everyone together, though with different agendas on their minds, newfound friendships can be seen throughout. Baek Hee and Hye Mi try to re-connect as friends, and Sam Dong makes new friends, a group of young Japanese performers who share the same passion in dancing and singing, yet been undervalued.

Jin Gook finally explains to Hye Mi why he missed their date and about his dad trying to send him abroad to study. After hearing this, Hye Mi softens and puts her red scarf around Jin Gook, tries to cover his face, so no one can recognize him, they then board the ferris wheel.  Inside, Jin Gook shares his story about the ferris wheel, 7 years ago he took it with both of his parents, a good memory that keeps him going this far.   Tears flows out of Hye Mi’s eyes as Gin Gook tells the story. Jin Gook asks Hye Me, why are you crying, she cried for him before and still cries for him now.  Jin Gook wipes off the tears on Hye Mi’s face and kisses her, as Hye Mi closes her eyes, a drop of tear flows down.  Camera slowly moves to Sam Dong, who stands at a window seeing this scene, and faints after hearing a loud bang in his head.


That is the end of episode 10, we did not see a preview of episode 11. Things can go either way, what do you think?

[K-DRAMA NEWS & MUSIC] Dream High OST Part 6 released

The latest OST for KBS2 drama ‘Dream High’ Part 6 is released on 7th of February.

There are 2 songs included in this album, here are the videos with lyrics:

1. 사랑하면 안될까 by 2AM 진운 (Jin Woon), 창민 (Chang Min)


매번 마주칠 때마다 니가 웃어줄 때마다
조금씩 내 안에 조금씩 널 향한 마음이 자라더니

이제는 널 생각하면 니 모습을 떠올리면
자꾸만 두근대는 내 심장은 멈출줄 몰라

더 이상 감출 수 없는 내맘
전부 다 주고 싶어

항상 곁에서 (니 옆에서) 널 사랑 하면 안될까
누구보다 너를 지키고 싶은 맘 받아주면 안될까

너의 맘속에 (가슴속에) 내가 있으면 안될까
너에게 가장 소중한 사람이 되고 싶어 어서 내 맘을 받아줘

매일매일 커져가는 널 향한 사랑 때문에 난 정말 하루 종일

아무것도 할 수가없어

이제는 숨길 수 없는 내 맘 너로 가득 차버렸어

이런 내 마음을 알아줘 알겠다고 대답해줘


2. 가지마 (Don’t go) by 2PM 준수 (Jun Su), 임정희 (Lim Jung Hee)


가지마 가지마 날 지워버리겠단 거짓말 다신 하지마 그런 말은 하지마
거짓말 다 거짓말 그런 마음에도 없는 말로 날 잡지마 이미 넌 늦었자나
정말 우리가 이대로 헤어진다는 게 겁이나 음 겁이나
나는 우리가 이대로 만난다는 게 더 겁이나

다시 그때로 oh 넌 그대로 oh 돌아와줘
이러지마 너 이런다고 달라질 것 없자나
다시 내게로 oh 그 자리로 oh 돌아와줘
이러지마 제발 그만하자 다 끝난 일이야

좋은 영화를 보고 음악을 듣고 웃으려 해도
나의 가슴이 너를 불러내 눈물이 나고 음

애써 돌리려 하지마 시간이 한참 지나면 다 잊혀질 거야 너도 잊혀질 거야
우리 함께 나누던 사랑이 너무도 아프자나 이대론 아니 자나 우리 행복했잖아
제발 더 이상 이대로 놔 줬으면 해 부탁이야 부탁이야
마지막이야 한번 더 생각해줄래 부탁이야

다시 한번 니이름을 불러보지만 차가운 니 뒷모습은 대답이 없고
정말 아쉽지만 우린 더 이상 아닌가 봐 왜 가지 말란 말 밖에 못해

Video Credit: Youtube channel akilovesSJ2

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Dream High, the Ferris Wheel kiss between Taecyeon and Suzy

This first kissing scene from Mon and Tue KBS2 drama Dream High is creating a hot topic in the news today.

During the field trip in Nagoya Japan, Jin Gook meets Hye Mi, and a kiss between them will take place in a Ferris wheel.  According to the production team, both actors, Taecyeon and Suzy have shown strong commitment to their roles and taken filming of the scenes seriously.  This kissing scene is said to be important to resolve the previous misunderstandings of the two characters.

This kiss between Jin Gook (Taecyeon) and Hye Mi (Suzy) will be shown in the upcoming episode 10 of Dream High, to be aired on 7th of February on KBS2.

News source: 민중의소리 | 2011/02/06

After the experience with My Princess, whatever the media decides to feature in the news will be kept in view until it really airs.

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Dream High Episode 9, head on competition

It has been a while that I am this motivated to write a quick recap for a drama since Secret Garden, but Dream High, this drama has me, I can’t believe I am all hyped up for this idol drama and you know what, my heart was beating fast when I saw Jin Gook (by Taecyeon from 2PM) hugged Hye Mi (by Suzy from Miss A) from behind^^

So where should I start, seems like I have a lot of catching up to do. But just some highlights from this episode.

In this episode, episode 9 of Dream High, our leads, Jin Gook and Sam Dong compete head on, for the dance competition as well as for the girl, Go Hye Mi.

Round 1, Jin Gook returns after his debut, and it has been awhile, he waits for Hye Mi at home. Outside of the house, there are Jin Gook’s fans, aggressive female fans I must say. Hye Mi comes home and tries to walk through the fans, but she is stopped by the leader who thinks she is also one of Jin Gook’s fans. Despite Hye Mi’s defense that she lives in that house, this group of fans pushes her away. Sam Dong comes back and sees what is happening, he pushes everyone aside and holds Hye Mi.   At the same time, Jin Gook comes out of the house as well, the fans start screaming.  Jin Gook asks if Hye Mi is ok, Sam Dong pushes Jin Gook aside and tells him it is better that he stays out of it. The next day, Jin Gook goes back to the old practice room and he sees Sam Dong there. He thanks Sam Gong for what happened yesterday (for helping Hye Mi). Sam Dong asks Jin Gook if he still has no feelings towards Hye Mi, after thinking for a while, Jin Gook says ‘No’, he has feelings.  (This part sounds awkward, doesn’t it? :P, trying to stay with the script) Sam Dong tells Jin Gook frankly, even that is the case, he will not let go of Hye Mi. I guess Sam Dong has won this round, what do you think?^^

Round 2, in order to have better marks, our leads join the dance of the year competition. Hye Mi forms a team with Jason, Sam Dong and Pil Sook, whereas Baek Hee is in the same team with Jin Gook and other 2 members. Hye Mi’s team picks a bright theme with birds as inspiration, and Baek Hee’s team picks a dark theme and their dance is influenced by the movement of snakes. Both teams have won the competition, but Sam Dong leads in this round as he steals a kiss from Hye Mi when she talks to him about winning the competition. Then, the Dream High writer decides Jin Gook needs to see this scene, Jin Gook is standing somewhere not far when Sam Dong kisses Hye Mi on her cheek.

Round 3, Jin Gook should win this round. It was heart breaking to watch when his biological father who is a politician comes out on a talk show and denies their father-son relationship for his own career, he claims that Jin Gook is his adopted son. After the talk show, heart-broken and discouraged, Jin Gook goes back to the house, he finds Hye Mi and asks her to go for a ride. But Hye Mi says there are his fans and it is cold, he should go. When Hye Mi turns around, Jin Gook hugs Hye Mi from behind and holds her tightly as he cries. Hye Mi asks ‘Are you crying?’ ‘No, it is just cold.’ He let go of her and turns around, walks off alone. Hye Mi follows him but again the writer decides to add in a twist, she sees Baek Hee picks Jin Gook up with a van, then Hye Mi smirks, probably thinking why am I worried about him?

At the end of episode 8, our kids receive a notice that they are going to Japan for a field trip but sponsored by President Ma. So our story continues in Japan, for Episode 10 I think, and in the preview I do see a kiss between Jin Gook and Hye Mi, that should be exciting to watch 🙂

I was so confused, this post is for episode 9 not for 8.

Episode 10 Preview:

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Dream High, music, love and dreams

Dream High, just like its rating, started out average but as the story develops, and after I sit through the 7 episodes, Dream High has got my attention and become one of the dramas on my current watch list.

The story is not all that deep, rather predictable, but with songs and dances that are catchy and addictive to watch. It goes one step further from just being a musical drama, to acknowledge that things do get tough when you have dreams to pursue, but when there is hope, dreams are possible.

I only started watching Dream High 2 days ago, and have caught up to episode 7. To be honest, it is not the kind of drama that had my attention straight away, the story did not work for me initially, but it was not until episode 6 things started to get interesting, when it started to focus on the character building rather than just story telling. Which, to come full circle, a pleasant surprise.

The only thing I love and hate, and not able to completely enjoy in this drama is the love triangle between Jin Gook (by Taecyeong), Go Hye Mi (by Suzy) and Song Sam Dong (by Kim Soo Hyun). It feels confusing and frustrating, not altogether there in its full expression. Or I am just asking for too much from this teenager drama? ^^

What do you think of Dream High? 🙂

[K-DRAMA NEWS] 2PM Nichkhun makes a cameo appearance in ‘Dream’ high’

To be aired on 31st of January, 2PM member Nichkhun will be making a cameo appearance in episode 8 of KBS 2TV ‘Dream High’ as romantic Romeo.

Nichkhun will appear as a top star in a commercial shoot with Lee Ri Ah by Yoon Young Ah for a MP3 player. The advertising concept comes from the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Nichkhun is dressed as a medieval knight and presented a heartwarming look.

News source: 서울신문NTN | 2011/01/30

[K-DRAMA NEWS & PICTORIAL] Dream High Press Conference

At 14:00 on 27th December, 2011 KBS2 drama ‘Dream High’ held its press conference at KINTEX Ilsan Gyeonggi. Dream High, a 16 episodes new drama will take over Marry me Mary and airs on next Monday January 3rd, 2011.

Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment, together with the casts Kim Soo Hyun, 2PM Taecyeon and Wooyoung, Jang Woo, T-ara’s EunJung, IU and Miss A’s Suzy attended the press conference, attracting a large crowd of media and supporters.  At the event, girl groups T-ara and Miss A performed on stage, and other 4 members of 2PM showed support to their fellow team members off the stage.

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News source: Arts News | 2010/12/27

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Dream High releases official drama posters

The new KBS2 drama ‘Dream High’ has released new posters to the public. In this batch of released photos, all leads Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, Taecyeon, Ham Eun Jung, Wooyoung and Lee Yoon Ji are dressed in school uniform. ‘Dream High’ will take over ‘Marry me Mary’ and airs on 3rd of January, 2011.

News source: Sports Today 20/12/2010

I’ve got to take my mind off Secret Garden for just a little while, Dream High is something I have been looking forward to for sometime.  I am interested in the plot, a Glee like story about dreams of a group of talented young musicians, the production team, choreography arrangements by JYP the name behind Wonder Girls and 2PM, and the casts Kim Soo Hyun, a young and rising star together with 2PM’s very own Taecyeon and Wooyoung. If you have ever liked KPop, this drama should be the one to look out for next.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Stills of Taecyeon from the set of ‘Dream High’

Drama stills featuring 2PM Taecyeon are released for the upcoming KBS2 Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Dream High’ through media, Taecyeon opens up the scene with brilliant action performance on stage for ‘Dream High’.

In this scene, Jin Gook (Taecyeon) helps Hye Mi (Suzy) to get away from pursuit of a money-lender.  Its producer JYP (Park Jin Young) mentions in the news that viewers will see great performances by Taecyeon and WooYoung (2PM) in ‘Dream High’, something not seen before.  It airs on 3rd of January 2011 on KBS2.

News source: 경제투데이 | 2010/12/16

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon guest appear in ‘Dream High’

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon guest appear in ‘Dream High’

Kim Hyun Joogn and Bae Yong Joon have made guest appearances for the new upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High’, showing their support to this drama despite their busy schedules.  The drama airs on 3rd of January 2011, taking over the time slot after ‘Marry me, Mary’.

These scenes took place on 7th of December, at arrival hall of Incheon International airport . Kim Hyun Joong arrives home from oversea activities and meet Bae Yong Joon at the airport.

News source: www.gwangnam.co.kr |  2010/12/08 & hankyung.com

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon to join drama Dream High

This is exciting, casting news are released for Dream High.  Newbies Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon (2PM memeber) will join the new drama co-produced by KEYEAST and JYP Entertainment (JYPE) ‘Dream High’.

The drama is about a group of performing arts school students, the key attraction is that there will be songs and dances involved throughout.  I imagine this to be a crossover between K-POP and High School Musical & Step Up.   Music and choreography will be arranged and produced by the legendary JYP, the name behind Rain, 2pm and Wonder Girls.   Just to balance this up after all it is a drama, they have the Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, KEYEAST’s major shareholder to take part in the planning and production.  With a team like this, you’ve got to pay attention to this drama.

The drama plans to air on Jan 3rd 2011.