[K-DRAMA] Scent of a Woman, Episode 10, Lee Dong Wook finds out the devastating truth

Just when we feel things are going well between Yeon Jae and Ji Wook from ‘Scent of a woman’, episode 10 ends with Ji Wook is about to find out the devastating truth about Yeon Jae’s cancer. What will Ji Wook’s reaction be on this?

Do you think he will pretend he does not know the truth and continue to love Yeon Jae till the end? Or he will go into a dark moment then goes back to Yeon Jae? I know one thing for sure is that he will be there for Yeon Jae during her final hours. What do you think?

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHT] Scent of a Woman, episode 5, just let it tango up

Scent of a woman continues with the feel good direction, episode 5 again, makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

This episode, Ji Wook falls in love helplessly, he tries to rationalize it but clearly heart rules no matter how you think.

Ji Wook takes Yeon Jae to see the old man about the road, on their way back Yeon Jae asks Ji Wook to drop her off. Ji Wook follows Yeon Jae and finds her changed in her hot red dancing dress. He looks at Yeon Jae from toe to head, stunning, he must be thinking. He can’t take his eyes off her. ‘What are you doing here?’ Ji Wook is intrigued.

Yeon Jae has also noticed him standing in front of her,’I am here to learn Tango, but are you following me?’ Yeon Jae asks, Ji Wook wakes up and waves a phone in his hands. He is here to give back her phone. Ji Wook leaves the studio, but he keeps the thought with him, Tango or actually it’s Yeon Jae.

Yeon Jae waits for the lesson to begin, and the coin man comes over ‘Call me Francis.’ He tells Yeon Jae.

The next day, Ji Wook finds himself standing in front of the Tango studio, ‘I am crazy.’ He says to himself and cannot bring himself to turn the door knob. A voice comes from behind, ‘Everyone thinks this way the first time, come on in.’ As she speaks, she pushes Ji Wook into the room.

Again, Ji Wook finds himself standing in front of Yeon Jae, today in a black deep v dress, who is still very surprised to see him. ‘You are here to see me?’ ‘Of course not, I am…here to…learn tango.’ Okie, Mr. Ji Wook, see what have you got yourself into.

The lesson begins, everyone walks in circle, bored with regrets, Ji Wook reluctantly moves along.

It is time for pair practice, Francis demonstrates how to dance with a partner, and he practices with Yeon Jae. He asks Yeon Jae to put her hands on his chest and he holds her shoulder, Ji Wook sees this, filled with jealousy, his eyes are about to pull his wig off.

Time to change partners, Ji Wook walks towards Yeon Jae. Gently, Yeon Jae places her hands on Ji Wook’s firm chest (I cannot help but to think about the shower scene from episode 3, that must feel good, Ms Kim).

Ji Wook’s heart-rate starts to pick up, so quickly that Yeon Jae feels it. Ji Wook slowly lifts his hands and holds Yeon Jae. Yeon Jae shakes a little, they start dancing. The tension is there, with eyes look at each other that intense and hearts beat this fast, the next thing on my mind is, kiss her!

Francis breaks in, tells Ji Wook…to be honest I cannot not hear him talking anymore, all I am thinking is he could not have picked a better timing!

Half of the time, Lee Dong Wook’s eyes look like he’s never woken up in this drama but those eyes can talk when he wants them too. Especially in this tango scene, his acting seems matured and his eyes are endearingly captivating.

Yeon Jae is chosen to attend JunSu’s fan meeting, and she brings Eun Sook with her, who is 100% unwilling but 100% supportive.

Fan meetings can be crazing, you have a room full of people who are crazy about one single thing, Jun Su. They are loud with force, shouts one single name hundred times without feeling tired, Eun Sook covers his ears when fans scream, a neat touch added to his character that I notice and like.

JunSu sings and dances, at end of the fan meeting he wants to pick someone to have dinner with him, and he picks a couple. He calls out for Eun Sook, and reads the note Yeon Jae wrote. Yeon Jae feels awkward and apologetic, as she wrote about him meeting his first love after 25 years, but unfortunately she is sick so can they have dinner.

Ji Wook is in the audience, how complicated, he heard the note and saw Eun Sook and Yeon Jae standing side by side. His face twists, mixed with jealousy, he is not too happy hearing what he hears and seeing where he sees.

After the meeting, Eun Sook asks if Yeon Jae feels this way about him, the first love. Yeon Jae clears up, she has done this mainly for the fan meeting. Ji Wook over hears and smiles.

JYJ JunSu is delightful in this episode, natural at being himself and his acapella version of ‘You are so beautiful’ is heart melting. Even more in this context, a popular singer sings for his fan, one to one.

Episode 5 ends at Yeon Jae receives a court order, a 3 billion won compensation.

By alou from thedramascenes.com

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHT] Scent of a woman, episode 4, 20 wishes

It is a disturbing thing sometimes that we, the viewers know too much, we know more than other characters in the drama.  We are one of the few ‘friends’ Yeon Jae has, who know the bare truth, about her fears, her struggles, her desires and when her life may end.

We picked up the story at where it was left off at end of episode 3, Se Kyung saw Yeon Jae and Ji Wook coming back to the hotel.  She questioned their relationship, at the same time she also brought everything out in the open.  Now Ji Wook knew Yeon Jae actually knew him before they met, and Yeon Jae knew Se Kyung was Ji Wook’s fiance.

Yeon Jae in another well of despair, just realized her dreams were shattered and she was back to reality.  She was once again reminded of the short life she had in front of her, she walked slowly until the sunset and saw a couple dancing Tango.  The man invited her to join him, Yeon Jae cried over his shoulder, there were still so many things she would like to do, get married, take care of her mum and see her children get married too.

Yeon Jae flew back to Seoul.  Ji Wook looked Yeon Jae up in his employee records, and called her for a meeting.  Somewhere in his heart, he wanted to see Yeon Jae.

Ji Wook tried to understand Yeon Jae.  He even invited the department Yeon Jae worked in for dinner, just to find out more about Yeon Jae.  He collected bits and pieces of Yeon Jae,’ Who is the Yeon Jae? What type of person is she?’  He was curious about Yeon Jae.

Ji Wook passed back a necklace Yeon Jae left at the hotel in Okinawa. After the meeting, Yeon Jae left. Ji Wook found Yeon Jae in front of the coffee shop in pain on his way out. She asked Ji Wook to take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Yeon Jae aksed Ji Wook to leave, as he was no body to her.  Ji Wook left but could not help but to feel disappointed at her response.

Eun Suk rushed to see Yeon Jae, ‘I am scared’ Yeon Jae told her doctor.  ‘You still have six months, and I will not let you die in this six months’.  Eun Suk assured his patient, the best he could do.  Yeon Jae went through some tests and very funny, it was actually Yeon Jae’s constipation that caused the pain.  Yeon Jae met a girl, who shared the same room with her at the hospital.  She might never leave the hospital, compared to her, Yeon Jae felt life was still good to her.

When you have a desire to live, for yourself and for the people you love, it is unbearably upsetting to think about how little time you actually still have left.

Yeon Jae made a wish list, 20 wishes for her to complete before she dies, learn tango, wear a wedding dress once, stay with her loved ones til her final days and die his arms.  The next morning, Yeon Jae walked up a hill in her track suits.  She looked at the view and took them in.  As if she made up her mind to embrace rather than to run or hide.

Yeon Jae started with her first wish, she went to a tango class.  Much to her surprise, the coin-man (who worked with her at Lion Tour), the type of guy you would never look twice, was a very well respected tango teacher at the dance studio.  An interesting twist the script writer added in here, I have a feeling he will be one of Yeon Jae’s best friends in her final days.

Episode 4 ended at Yeon Jae’s ex-boss apologizing for how he treated Yeon Jae back then, and Ji Wook walked in to this scene.  He too, asked Yeon Jae’s boss to continue with the apology.  At this point, the viewers have sensed that Ji Wook started to understand Yeon Jae, not just knowing her but was able to appreciate her.


[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Scent of a Woman, episode 3, life is interesting!

I think I will love this drama, I liked it so far but after episode 3, I think I will love it.

There is a special kind of appeal to this drama, it is witty, funny, romantic and the best part is it addresses more than just the romance, it looks at life from more holistic view-point.  It is still based on a cinderella plot, a format with classic charm, but it shows more than the obvious, I guess all I am trying to say is, it is not shallow.

At end of episode 2, we saw Ji Wook finally met Yeon Jae and mistaken her as his tour guide, Miss Lee.

‘Miss Lee’ seems have match made Ji Wook and Yeon Jae, when Ji Wook asked if Yeon Jae was Miss Lee, she was, just not the same Miss Lee that Ji Wook was waiting for.

Yeon Jae wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, but how can some one reject Lee Dong Wook (plays Ji Wook).  [ I am going to side-track a bit here, in this episode, we got to see plenty of Lee Dong Wook.  He was clearly the scene stealer.  Everytime the camera made a focus on him, cuteness and sexiness, he effortlessly captured my heart.]

Yeon Jae and Ji Wook travelled together, and explored the island.  Ji Wook lost his wallet, Yeon Jae helped to chase the thieve and threw a shoe out, instead of hitting the bad guy, the shoe hit directly at Ji Wook.  Very funny scene!

And Ji Wook was mischievous here, tried to ask Yeon Jae to talk while having squid ink soba! 🙂

Towards end of their trip, Ji Wook and Yeon Jae had to stay in the same room over night out in a local house.  Yeon Jae could not help but to gaze at Ji Wook’s face.  Clearly she was the one who was in love first, she admired him up-close, face to face.  As the music played in the background, Ji Wook suddenly opened his eyes and looked directly into Yeon Jae.  Yeon Jae was not prepared for this (me neither!) she turned the other way and hid in her blanket.  On the other side, Ji Wook seemed as he knew this but he was not surprised nor annoyed.

Their encounters brought them closer, Ji Wook was intrigued by Yeon Jae’s positive out look of life, to her ‘Life is interesting, and sees happiness in everything’.  Something that was liberating to Ji Wook, as we saw him taking Yeon Jae’s hands, ran in the rain.

Last episode, we had a good look at Se Kyung, this episode we zoomed in to Chae Eun Suk (by Uhm Ki Joon).  He was a good doctor but cold-hearted doctor, a patient’s feeling was not his concern.  This episode is laying the ground for his character development, maybe to discover himself again and be a physician that heals not just the body but also the heart.

Since I mentioned about Se Kyung, in this episode she decided to move on from her last relationship.  She thought about Ji Wook, and we could sense she wanted to start the relationship with him.  She followed Ji Wook to Okinawa.

Episode 3 ended at Se Kyung saw Ji Wook and Yeon Jae coming back to the hotel together, they seemed close.  She questioned: “What are you doing?”


[EPISODE HIGHLIGHT] Scent of a Woman, episode 2, how long is my forever?

The first episode of ‘Scent of a woman’ started with 15.8% of rating, not bad at all, a very strong start for the drama.  It is not difficult to understand why, the story flows well with a strong and clear message, it draws the viewers in.  Vivid performances from all actors capture the viewers’ attention.

Now the news starts to kick in, with only 6 months left with her life, Yeon Jae is forced to face up the reality.  For the life she has now, it is clearly not worth her time.  So she quitted in style, when she fought back at the people who treated her as though she was nothing, the audience cheered for her, at least I did.

She threw her resignation letter at her boss’ face, held her co-worker’s bag as ransom until she pays her money back, the best moment was when she slapped Im Se Kyung back.  Yeon Jae asked Se Kyung “How does it feel to be slapped?  You are not the only one who has the right to slap, I too as I am also loved by my parents.”

Yeon Jae withdrew all the money she has left, and went to an expensive restaurant for the first time in her life with her friend.  Though she was not used to the price on the menu, but she ordered something good with her friend.  Ji Wook also walked in the same restaurant, Yeon Jae said she wanted to date someone like that before she dies.  And she took off her glasses and decided to talk to Ji Wook.

Well, that attempt did not end up like how Yeon Jae wanted, instead she was spilled with alcohol so she had to ran off before Ji Wook could recognize her.

There is a highlight I must mention in this episode, it is the performance from Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung.  In this episode, we got closer to Se Kyung, understood the struggles she faced.  She loved a man who only wanted her money, deeply hurt, she told the man not to do this twice and there will be no money for him again.

Seo Hyo Rim has acted out the pride in Se Kyung, cold and tough on the outside but easily hurt inside.  I can see her slowly falling for Ki Wook, a guy with a warm heart but dislikes the meaningless life he lives in.

For Yeon Jae, she complained and questioned why it was her, she cried at her dad’s grave, as though that is only place she could really let out her emotions.  She wants to fall in love, get married and have kids like everyone else but she is not able to now.    She could not break the news to anyone close, not even her mom.

Putting all these behind her, Yeon Jae chose to live well for the last six months of her life.  She had a make over, bought new clothes, flew on first class to the place she thought was the most beautiful, Okinawa.

There she will meet Ji Wook who comes to Okinawa for business, that maybe destiny, the two finally met.

Episode 2 ended when Yeon Jae followed Ji Wook to his boat, and Ji Wook caught Yeon Jae when the boat moved and she almost fell.

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHT] Scent of a Woman, episode 1

Episode 1 of the new SBS drama ‘Scent of a woman’ aired on 23rd of July, it moved very quickly, everything we knew before about the story were all laid out in this episode.  Whatever happens next will be interesting to find out.

It is a long waited drama for me and Kim Sun A did not disappoint me.  Though this drama had its funny moments, but Kim Sun A acted her roles very well.


Her character Lee Yeong Jae, is a woman who struggles with her life.  She is the type of woman who works really hard but yet not being recognized for her hard work, instead she is bullied at work. However she takes it all in, until one day she is told there is a 3cm tumor in her gallbladder.  She decides to call it a quit, take the courage to find her own happiness.


Kim Sun A takes the viewers with her in her lowest moments, she swallows her tears when life is unfair, and then decides enough is enough.  I applauded her performance in this episode, she was the center of the story plot and she was able to carry the story.

Lee Dong Wook’s character, Kang Ji Wook appeared briefly in this episode.  He came in the scene as the president of the travel agency where Yeong Jae works.  Behind all the glamour, he has his own struggles.  He is engaged to Im Sae Kyeong (by Seo Hyu Rim), an ambitious woman, only cares about money and their relationship is based on money.  Sadly, this is his life and what he is expected to do.


This two lost souls will meet in Okinawa in the next episode as their journey starts.