[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Scent of a Woman, episode 13 preview with English translation

Ji Wook narrates:

After the car accident, I suddenly realise I may die before you do. I may suffer a heart attack, or a traffic accident tomorrow morning. I may regret if that really happens, regret that I did not hold onto this woman, Lee Yeon Jae.


As I write his narration out, I suddenly have the same thought, we may die anytime, anywhere, without knowing it. Life can be so fragile, in Yeon Jae’s case, she is the lucky one as she knows she has 6 months left. And Ji Wook is right about he may die before Yeon Jae, so when the perspective is turned the other way, what is more scary, a life with only 6 months or a life with fear that he may regret for not have lived it well.

I appreciate the writer’s efforts and understand what he is trying to convey through this drama, in a consistent and clear manner through out the events of Yeon Jae’s life. It is not how long you have, it is how well you have lived.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Scent of a Woman, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun A kneel kissing scene in episode 13

To be honest, I have not watched the last two episodes, episode 11 and 12 of Scent of a woman. Why!? I am sure you will ask, I was just busy…no, that is an excuse. I am afraid to watch it, just feeling too sad and the thought of watching Yeon Jae and Ji Wook cry, argue and hurting each other is just too much for me to handle. So I stayed away…but I know I will be catching up today.

To air in the upcoming episode of 13, Yeon Jae (Kim Sun A) and Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook) will share a tearful and touching moment as they kneel and kiss. This scene was only filmed the day before, it’s one of those complete just before the broadcast time kind of drama. No wonder Kim Sun A once said if only she could just rest for 5 min.

If you look at the picture closely, will there also be a ‘you know what’ scene? The news did not say anything about it, but the picture speaks for itself. It is natural, when the love has reached its peak and you know Yeon Jae has not much time left, just skip or do the wedding late and go ahead with it.

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Scent of a woman, episode 11 preview with English translation

He knows, he doesn’t know, he knows, he doesn’t know….this entire week, I have been thinking about whether Ji Wook will find out about Yeon Jae’s condition. This short preview confirms one thing, maybe he still doesn’t know? He should know, no, he shouldn’t know…argh…now I have a new thing to think about!

Eun Suk, the no. 2 male will make brave advances, about time! He has been in the background. We all know who Yeon Jae will pick in the end, but Eun Suk ah, you need to let her know ah…

Translation –

Eun Suk: Please do not show up in front of Yeon Jae again.

Eun Suk: I have something I want to say for 25 years, I want to let you know…

Se Kyung: I heard you broke up

Ji Wook: I guess you heard that from your dad.

Se Kyung: I heard it from Yeon Jae ssi, she asks me to be with you.

Ji Wook: Tell me what is going on, don’t keep it from me

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[K-DRAMA PREVIEW] Scent of a Woman, episode 8

Are they going to Kiss or not going to Kiss?

In this upcoming episode 8 of Scent of a Woman, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun A will demonstrate their newly acquired dancing skills instructed by tango master Jorge Kaufman from episode 2.

Will their romance intensify as they twirl and whirl around the dance floor, their hearts are beating fast but will it end with a kiss?

Yeon Jae and Ji Wook will have a fun date at an amusement park in the upcoming episode 8 of Scent of a Woman, a scene filmed on 11th of August.

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO] Scent of a Woman Preview

I am super excited about this drama, just love both leads from Scent of a Woman, Kim Sun A and Lee Dong Wook.

This trailer has not disappointed at all, Kim Sun A takes on a slightly comical role, playing an ordinary white-collar working lady who spends majority of her life not living for her self then to realise she needs a change before it’s too late.  Lee Dong Wook, will challenge a typical has it all character, yet he looks fresh here, almost innocent with an attitude.  I look forward to see what chemistry they are going to bring to us 🙂