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While the drama world in Korea is really quiet these days, I struggle to find anything interesting to post, over here at thedramascenes, days are never dull! We have some great contributors,  I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, top or not top, you are all top!

WordPress has a new tool where they show the top commented posts and also a list of commenters who have made a post.   I immediately recognize the names and just feel like seeing a friend’s name appearing on the list.

Thank you all the commenters, you have come and shared about your views, news and any juicy information for all the readers to this site.  You have kept this place a great gathering ground, for everyone.  In many of your notes, you have thanked me for providing you this place, but it is actually you who are making this place so alive!  OK, I am going to end the mushy bits right here, so just…

Have fun posting!

(BTW, I will be taking a short break again, so I will be missing in action for a few days.  But before that, let me see what I can scoop today.) 안녕!

[DRAMA EXTRAS] Can Kim Tae Hee take on Kimura Takuya’s Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men challenged the Field of God?

Kim Tae Hee maybe the beauty queen in Korea? But when she leaves her home ground this fall, heads to Japan for her début role in ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’ (99 days of me and my star), can she compete with Japan’s drama king Kimura Takuya?

Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉 or きむら たくや) will make a come back this fall with TBS’s 60th anniversary drama 南極大陸~神の領域に挑んだ男と犬の物語 (Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men challenged the Field of God). Most of his works, Kimura Takuya is the rating guarantee. Plus, ‘Antarctica’ has a much richer story plot than Kim Tae Hee’s ’99 days’.

Let us take a closer look at both dramas. ‘Boku to Star no 99 Nichi’ is a romantic comedy, starring Kim Tae Hee and actor Nishijima Hidetoshi. Kim Tae Hee plays a top Korean actress working in Japan, she will be romantically involved with her bodyguard by Nishijima, during a 99 days contract.

Nishijima is 40-year-old single man, ikes astronomy and enjoys star watch. He may be good at what he does but his personal life is quiet a mess, as he looks after 3 children by his sister.

The romance will develop during the 99 days, and what will happen on the 100th day? I think this is what this drama would want us to find out.

To air at the same time slot, it’s Kimura Takuya’s 20 billion Yen production, ‘Antarctica – The story of Dogs and Men challenged the field of God’.

Based on a true story, set during the Showa period. America forms a ‘International Earth Exploring Special Committee’, with countries who won the world war II. 10 years after the war, in order to build stronger faith in its own country, Japan applies to join the committee and sends out a team with 19 snow dogs to South Pole.

Kimura Takuya is the deputy team leader, Kuramochi Takeshi. The drama focuses on the touching story between men and dogs, how they survive through the harsh environment, conflicts, doubts, eventually become united and overcome each challenge.

Will there be a love-line? Well, the female lead will not appear until episode 7, Ayase Haruka plays Takaoka Miyuki, the younger sister of Kuramochi Takeshi’s deceased wife.

I am a big fan of both actors, in this case, I think the verdict is out, Kim Tae Hee has a strong rival, not to say her drama is not interesting, it appears to be a little too light weighted in front of ‘Antarctica’.

Both drama airs October, this fall in Japan.

[EXTRAS] Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan from 45th PaekSang Awards

When there is on-screen chemistry, we would feel it as the viewers.  I came across these pictures while browsing, I can’t help but to give them a post.

Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan were paired up as award presenters back in 2009, the 45th PaekSang Awards. I am kinda of glad to know that they could get along well years before their ‘Lie to me’, hope to see great work from both in this new drama.

Photo credit: Naver blog
Video credit: Youtube channel – nikekilik

[ACTOR FEATURE] The story of ‘Come rain come shine’

I just received a request via twitter, asking if I can run the synopsis on the two movies from Hyun Bin, ‘Come rain come shine’ and ‘Late Fall’.  I am glad she asked me this as the story is often overlooked when we focus on the events that are planned around the movie.  So here is the feature post just about ‘ Come rain come shine’.


On a day that is no different from any other day, he (Hyun Bin) drives her to the airport for her business trip.  She (Im So Jung) thrusts out as a can of soft drink, ‘ I have an other man and I am moving out’.   He never asks her the reason, why she is having an affair,  until the day she says she will bring the new man back.  He packs her bags and the cup she loves, and brews her a delicious cup of coffee, thinking this is the end.  While packing, he packs the memories they have had, bringing back traces of their past.  As the familiar times re-appear, he realizes he still cares for her and that makes her angry, yet she is confused about her own feelings.  He makes an reservation at a restaurant for one last meal with her.  It rains the whole day that day, he takes home a strayed cat as an excuses, using its broken leg as an excuses, two of them stay together for an extra day.

Nothing more can be said until we watch this movie, the director intents to bring out the little details of a married couple in this movie.  Both actors focus on expressing their love for each other from liquid detergent to brewing a cup of coffee, things that a married couple does everyday for the past 5 years.  The camera follows the characters during afternoon before their breakup, revealing things other movies may neglect, even just a facial expression or an action as simple as packing teas are presented to the viewers.


[K-DRAMA FEATURE] Sneak previews from the set of ’49 days’

I’m getting excited about the upcoming SBS drama ’49 Days’, starring Lee Yo Won, Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, Choi Jung Won and Nam Gyu Ri, it will air after ‘Sign’.

Some fans have posted pictures and videos taken from the set, and Jo Hyun Jae is looking good in this drama.

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Here is an interesting and creative fan made video, I think it is very cleverly done. Combining a period drama with music from ‘Chuno’ to create tension then using the concept and music from ‘Secret Garden’ to introduce the story.  You might wander why does the video use ‘Secret Garden’ theme song, as this drama is said to share some similarities with ‘Secret Garden’, about soul exchange.

Take a look at the video, I think you will like it, enjoy ^^



For those who are not familiar with the drama, read here and here.

Photo credit: Jung Il-woo DC & SBS Twitter

Video: mediaconan2004minnie


[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Shin Min Ah, Jung Woo Sung and So Ji Sub, from the location of Giordano 2011 launch party

Picking the right models for a brand is crucial, it is more than just putting faces and pictures up in the display window, it is the whole package, the personality.  And I think Giordano, the mass brand trying to step up its game has done it right this time, it has picked Shin Min Ah, Jung Woo Sung, So Ji Sub and Tiger JK to model for its 2011 S/S collection.

On 8th of February at 5.30, Giordano held its launch party at Gangnam-dong club in Seoul.

Source: Newsis & TVreport

[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Tang Wei arriving in style at Incheon Airport

I am not a big fan of actress Tang Wei as I only got to know her a bit better after seeing her along side with Hyun Bin in ‘Late Fall’.  I thought you might be interested to see these photos ^^

The actress just touched down, and reporters manage to take a few shots of her in style at the Incheon International Airport on 8th of February.

[ACTOR VIDEO] Getting to know Kim Soo Hyun, Song Samdong from Dream High

If you have been following the Mon-Tue KBS drama ‘Dream High’, you must have noticed Kim Soo Hyun/Kim Su Hyeon, who plays the gifted musician Song Samdong in the drama and Hye Mi (by Suzy) is the centre of his world. KBSworld has recently released a video featuring Kim Su Hyeon, it takes us back to where he started his career in 2007 in a sitcom, then taking a giant step in ‘Giant’ playing the teen Sung Mo.

[K-DRAMA NEWS] High Kick Season 3 to air this fall

The new season of MBC mega hit sitcom High Kick Season 3, Kick 3 (working title) will hit the screen this fall, according to Chorokbaem media production company on 7th of February.

The production company mentioned to the media that Season 3 will have 120 episodes with total budget of 8.71 billion Won (including VAT), which is 2.75 times more than its first season and expect to achieve 10 Billion revenue with overseas exports. Casting will begin sometime in March and April.

The High Kick series are like star factory to me, anyone who has been on that show have had some kind of good successes afterwards, just to name a few Jung II-woo, Yoon Shi Yoon and Hwang Jung-eum. We shall see the new faces Season 3 introduces to us this fall ^^

New source: 뉴스핌 | 2011/02/07 & 머니투데이 | 2011/02/07

[EXTRA COMMENT] Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, favourite couple from Secret Garden

This post is inevitable, it needs to be done at some stage.  Many are speculating after Secret Garden ended, what is going on between our favourite couple from Secret Garden, because the characters both Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin portrayed were just perfectly real, one of the reasons why we are still here talking about it even it has ended.

I was intrigued by a comment left by AnaPinay ^^, so I went around and did some research, found some very interesting articles and materials made by the fans, I myself could not help but getting attracted by the ‘meant to be’ chemistry between the two, even before Secret Garden.

Mentioned in one of her interviews, Ha Ji Won shared she was reminded by Hyun Bin that they actually worked together in a movie, Daddy’s long legs back in 2005.  Though they never worked directly with each other, Hyun Bin played an imaginary character mirroring Ha Ji Won’s character in real life.  I have done a post on this topic, you can read it here.

A behind the scene picture, when Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin worked on a commercial called I’m a good downloader in 2009:

If you have the patience, here is the making of a good down-loader:

Part 1 – Hyun Bin’s section starts around 5:00 then followed by Ha Ji Won

Par 2 –

English version:

2006 KBS awards, both Hyun Bin (Snow Queen) and Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi) were called to stage to receive Netizen Awards:


Another video from the same award ceremony ^^ (thanks to SGLOVER31),  Jang Geun Suk and Ha Ji Won won the best couple award at 2006 KBS awards, MC mentioned that not only Jang and Ha were nominated, she and Kim Jae Won were also nominated.  MC then asked, honestly who you would pick?  While thinking, Jang Geun Suk pushed Ha and she actually bumped into Hyun Bin who was standing next to her at 2006 KBS drama awards.

Who knows 4 years later at 2010 SBS drama awards, Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin again won the netizen awards and stand together as the best couple for their roles in ‘Secret Garden’. 🙂

I had a great time researching and writing up this post, hope you enjoy reading this post, for fun of course ^^

P.S.: The featured picture is their hand molds side by side (Hyun Bin on the left, Ha Ji Won on the right), another little discovery made by Netizens ^^

[K-DRAMA PICTORIAL] 2010 SBS Drama Awards and partial list of winners

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SBS 2010 Drama award partial winners list:

  • Best Top Acting Award: Ko Hyun Jung
  • Best Acting Award (Special): Lee Beom-soo, Kim Jung-eun
  • Best Acting Award (TV Special): Kwon Sang-woo, Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won
  • Best Picture: ‘Giant’
  • Top Netizens Popularity: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won
  • Top Netizens Drama Series: ‘Secret Garden’
  • Top 10 Actors: Lee Beom-soo, Shin Min Ah, Hyun Bin, Kim So Yeon, Kwon Sang-woo, Ha Ji Won, Jeong Bo-seok, Ko Hyun Jung, Lee Seung Gi, Park Jin-hee
  • Best Couple Award: Lee Seung Gi & Shin Min Ah, Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won, Ju Sang Wook – Hwang Jung Eum
  • New Comer Award: Ju Sang Wook, Han Chae-ah, Kim SH, Ham Eun-jeong, Choi Si Won, Nam Gyu-ri, No Min-woo, Hwang Jung Eum

New Source: ntn.seoul.co.kr . 2011-01-01 & sports.khan.co.kr . 2011-01-01


[K-DRAMA MUSIC & VIDEOS] Secret Garden OST ‘You are my spring’

I have been working on this post since yesterday, ah…finally I got everything together!

I don’t know if it is because I have watched the kissing scene in episode 14 of Secret Garden or listened to the song ‘You are my spring’ by Sung Si Kyung for too many times, I just can’t get the song out of my head, and when the music plays I have both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won kissing in my head as well, tell me this is normal?!

With that in mind, I have put together this post, with 2 video clips, both are from episode 14 of Secret Garden, and the song with lyrics and interpretation. This is just my humble interpretation not translation, as I feel the song would mean much more if we know the meaning yet I have no idea how to make it as beautiful as the original song nor I can translate word by word. So I tried and added some of my interpretation, hope it makes sense :P.  I hope someday, someone will be able to have a better version done for now I can’t seem to find it, so for now here is my humble version.

Tips: Click to play and remember to see it in full screen 🙂 enjoy @

The Kissing Scene from Ep 14 of Secret Garden

The ending song from Ep 14 of Secret Garden

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[EXTRAS] Drama ‘Iris’ to release its movie version

The movie version of the hit drama ‘Iris’ will be released next week via contents distribution company cine21i on November 22.

“IRIS: THE MOVIE,” will feature the truth about the death of character Hyun-jun (by Lee Byung-hun) as well as some new scenes.

Drama “IRIS,” aired in Korea on KBS from October 2009 to December 2009, starred the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. including Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim So-yeon and Big Bang member TOP.

News source: 10Asia

[ACTOR & NEWS] Barbie Hsu (Da S) is married!

OMO, Barbie Hsu aka Da S, who is most well-known for her role in the Taiwanese drama ‘Meteor Garden‘ just got married on 16th of November in BeiJing China. The groom Wang XiaoFei is a wealthy Chinese businessman from China with asset worth of USD$376million through his involvement in chain restaurant business owned by his mother.

The couple met around beginning of October this year and was quickly engaged at end of the month. It was also announced that the wedding would not be held until February next year.  When the wedding news came out, it was a surprise to many people.

I went around and did some research on the groom.  Apparently he is the real 2nd generation Chaebol, the only son to the owner of a successful restaurant chain.  He went to France to study when he was 16 and returned with a MBA from Canada.  His first job is the CEO of the restaurant chain.  I can say nothing but to wish them a very happy life together.


News Source: tw.news.yahoo.com

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Ha Ji Won in uniform photos released for Secret Garden

On 17th of November, photos of Ha Ji Won and Yoo In Na are released for the current airing SBS weekend drama ‘Secret Garden’.

In ‘Secret Garden’, Yoo In Na plays Im Ah Young who is Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) best friend.  The photos are taken in uniforms to show their characters’ friendship which is dated back to high school and help to illustrate the strong bond between the two.

One hot topic is that despite their age, Ha (32) and Yoo (28) can still look great and cute in these photos.  It is also said that ‘Secret Garden’ which aired last weekend received an explosive positive reaction from viewers.

News source: mydaily.co.kr

[K-DRAMA NEWS & VIDEOS] Secret Garden OST sweeps online chart

Related posts on Secret Garden, click here.

Secret Garden released its teaser video on 9th of Nov and on 11th OST part 1 is also released. ‘She/That woman’ sang by Baek Ji Young has swept 3 online charts and received great attention from netizens, as a result also increased their interest in the drama.  Actor Yoon Sang Yoon who plays Oscar in this drama and Kim Bum Soo are also involved in making of OSTs.

Watch and listen them for yourself here,

OST teaser,

OST Part 1, ‘She/That woman’



OST Part 1, ‘Here I am’

OST Part 1, 윤상현 – 바라본다

BTW, I am totally not doing this intentionally by featuring an other post on Secret Garden, only because there are too many good information released.

News source: kr.news.yahoo.com