[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Marry Me Mary Episode 4

I am starting to feel the chemistry between Moo Kyul and Mae Ri in this episode yet things are just starting to get complicated for them.

Here we have it, two husbands finally meet each other but in a rather awkward timing! Mae Ri by Moon Geun Young finds her two husbands Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk) and Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) together in Byun Jung In’s bedroom at the beginning of Episode 4. Hahaha, but I have to say this timing cannot be any better.

Next Highlight

Jung In finds where Moo Kyul is and trys to persuade Moo Kyul to be the music producer of his drama. The 3 meet again in front of Moo Kyul’s van.

I really like how the story is developing here, 3 young and unfamiliar people are brought together for their passion (Drama and Music) and also love (Mae Ri).

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[K-DRAMA COMMENTS & PHOTOS] Hyun Bin captures hearts of viewers in Secret Garden

At the end of episode 2, Kim Joo Won (by Hyun Bin) grabs the hand of Gil Ra Im (by Ha Ji Won) said “To me, this woman is Kim Tae-hee and Jeon Do-youn (top Korean actresses).” Once again Hyun Bin puts on his charm and captures the hearts of viewers.

Hyun Bin has done a fine job portraying a wealthy young man falls in love with Gil Ra Im who is from a totally different background. There is this cute and innocent charm to Bin’s character Kim who maybe rich and arrogant but never annoying.

I like how writer Kim Eun Sook and director Shin Woo Chul have done episode 2, very clever!  Instead of using words to say that Kim is thinking about Gil they choose to show Gil appearing next to Kim.  In the park, Gil walks with Kim in his imagination and in the study room Gil appears again in different characters.  Viewers are showing strong interest in this funny and witty drama, and so do I!

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Actress Park Ye Jin to join My Princess as Kim Tae Hee rival

The news is out that after 1 year and 8 months, actress Park Ye Jin that most of us remember her last project in Queen Seon Duk as Princess Chun Myung has been cast to join ‘My Princess’ as Kim Tae Hee‘s rival together with top Korean star Song Seung Hun.

‘My Princess’ is a romantic comedy about a love story between a regular female college student and a conglomerate.  Kim will be playing the role of a college student whereas Song will play the conglomerate.

Writer Kim Eun-sook who is also the writer for the current airing ‘Secret Garden’ will be writing this drama, she previously penned ‘Lovers in Paris’ (SBS, 2004) and ‘On Air’ (SBS, 2008).

‘My Princess’ plans to air in January 2011 on MBC.

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Marry me, Mary slow start

Marry me, Mary aired on 8th of Nov night on KBS, with all the anticipations and the high-profile launch coverage, did it deliver what everyone expected?  To me maybe not from the start, but we surely hope it picks up the speed later on.

The drama gained around 8% rating for its first two episodes, not too bad for its premier. Let us give it a bit of time and I know this post will not be my only one for this drama.

The story

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young led the opening, Moon plays Wi Mea Ri a girl who is jobless, schoolless, loveless and in debt. Yet, she has this bright personality that helps her to get through the tough times in her life. She runs into Kang Moo Kyul by Jang Geun Suk, a popular and handsome rock band lead singer. They become ‘friends’ and Moo Kyul agrees to help Mae Ri to get out of an arranged marriage with Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) by pretending to be her other husband. Mae Ri will spend her day with Jung In and evening with Moo Kyul during the 100 days, at the end of the trial Mae Ri will decide who to marry.


Hard to match up the expectations, that is my first impression for the 2 episodes. So now I am tuning the expectation button in order to give this drama a fair shot.

Some quick comments here. I am not sure how you feel about Jang Geun Suk in this drama (feel free to give your views), for me I am not feeling his character coming through yet. I get the point that Kang Moo Kyul is a free-spirited singer with no baggage attitude but it is not working for me somehow.

A few shots in the first episode where they focused on Jang are supposed to be stunningly beautiful, yet they fall right through my eyes that I can not see any sparkles. I love Jang in You’re beautiful, Hwang Tae Kyung is charismatic with a personality that captures me right from the start. I hope he will bring out the personality of Moo Kyul harder and sooner.

Quoting my twitter buddie, there is no chemistry between Jang and Moon yet. I do agree to certain extent, they are not acting on the same level YET. I have to say yet a lot, because it only just started and we should give it a bit more time.

One person I have to talk about is Kim Jae Wook, he surprised me here and currently he is leading me to the show. He plays this workaholic drama producer who looks so refined in his preppy outfit, he is talking to me in Jung In language and I am secretly siding with him right now.

I am certainly following this drama till the end, will check in half way to talk a bit more about it.

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 15 Preview with Eng Sub

I don’t know about you, I am enjoying Sungkyunkwan Scandal so much and can’t wait till next week.

This just keeps getting better!  Sun Joon finally confronts his feeling towards Yong Hee, poor guy he thinks he is a gay.   But will he finally find out Yong Hee is actually a girl?

Credit: Youtube channel musicallheart

[K-DRAMA PREIVEW & PHOTOS] Playful Kiss, the ‘Kiss’

I am so excited!

Tonight the “kiss” in rain will be aired.  Ha Ni and Seung Jo will finally confirm their feelings, here are some photos for our previews.  It was mentioned that there was not much NGs for this scene, Kim Hyun Joong said that the character Oh Ha Ni is whom he kissed the most this year 🙂





[K-DRAMA VIDEOS] My girlfriend is Gumiho, Lee Seung Ki’s Music MV to thank the fans

My Girlfiriend is Gumiho ended on 30th of September with a happy ending, Lee Seung Ki who played the main character Cha Tae Woogn released his own version of “I will love you from now on” on 4th of October to thank the fans who supported the drama.

Very lovely done with some behind the scene footage, my heart just melts when I hear the music and seeing the two of them together again.  We will miss you!


[K-DRAMA 2010 COMMENTS] Dr. Champ, as real as it can get

Dr. Champ aired its first episode on 27th of September on SBS.  Unlike any of the dramas we have seen recently, it is as real as it can get to our everyday lives therefore stands out from the crowd like a fresh breeze that is refreshing and pleasant.   The drama has given time to introduce each character during the first 2 episodes which I really enjoyed watching.  Each role has a story behind them, the authenticity in them brings us closer to their world.

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[K-DRAMA 2010 COMMENTS] Playful Kiss – Charming, familiar & pleasant

Playful Kiss/Naughty Kiss/Mischievous Kiss, what do you think of it?  For me?  I like it!  I have watched the first 4 episodes twice, the more I watch it the more I am drawn to it, I find it charming, familiar and pleasant.   First, let us take a look at the story.

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The Story

Most of us are very familiar with the story, it is based on a Japanese Manhwa Itazura na Kiss.  Our heroine Oh Ha Ni by Jung So Min is a highschool school girl who has a 3 years crash on the smartest student in school Baek Seung Jo by Kim Hyun Joong.  Of course Seung Jo does not think too much of Ha Ni at the beginning.   You can call this fate, Ha Ni moves into Seung Jo’s home with her dad after their house collapsed.  Seung Jo grows to like Ha Ni for her clumsiness but with an innocent heart, eventually they married each other.  Not sure if this version will also extend to the after marriage part, I sure hope we get to see that unlike Goong which ended at the wedding and part 2 never happened, 🙂

Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo

One of the reasons I am drawn to the show is because of Kim Hyun Joong.  I have to say his acting has improved since Boys before flowers.  I am quite impressed by the Seung Jo he is trying to portray, not that cold and ignorant.  A rather warm character who actually cares about Ha Ni quite early on, that actually draws me to him.   I actually smiled a lot when I watch Seung Jo and Ha Ni together,  there are some very pleasant moments that I would like you to watch and enjoy!

Similarity to Goong

Many Goong fans like myself would have picked up some similarities here and there.  The teddy bear at the ending scenes surely reminds us a lot of that.  The light beat music as background is also very similar.   It is actually somehow familiar and nostalgic to me.

I mentioned earlier on that I watched the first 4 episodes twice,  really glad I did!  It helped me to get into the rhythm.  If you decide to watch this drama, do watch it as a complete piece without comparing to any other version.  Then you will enjoy and appreciate Playful Kiss much more!

[K-DRAMA 2010 COMMENTS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal – F4 from Joseon

So, I have just finished the first two episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Mixed feelings here, I do see traces of manhwa moments from time to time that are kind of like broken pieces when a story is told.   Having said this, I do like the drama for its overall story which I definitely find interesting and wanting to find out more.

Many of you may already know that this drama is based on a novel set in Joseon era, about Kim Yoon Hee disguised herself as a boy to attend one of the most privilege school in the country.  There she meets 3 boys and we will see the story develop as they live together.

So who are these 4 characters?

Kim Yoon Hee (played by Park Min Young), she is not just pretty but also intelligent.  Her knowledge tops many scholars out there, however her family became poor after the father passed away.  In order to support her sick brother and family, she disguises as a man to work at a bookstore and plans to work as a substitute for students in exams.   By coincidence, she passed exams however is also pointed by the King to enter Sungkyunkwan to study.

Lee Sun Joon (played by Micky Yoochun) is like Goo Joon Pyo from Boys before flowers but less the attitude.  The only son from the richest and most powerful family that era, tall and handsome.  However himself is very humble and treats servants well.  He enters the college with a purpose to do something for his country.  He later on will fall for Kim Yoon Hee, but finds it confusing as she is a “man”.

Goo Yong Ha (played by Song Joong Ki) is a playful character, you can use beautiful to describe him.  He is tasteful but not over the top, he loves wine, women and having fun.  He knows Kim Yoon Hee is a girl from day one, but keeps this secret as he finds it entertaining to watch her living as a man.   At this stage we don’t know if he will also develop feelings for Yoon Hee, I certainly keep my hopes high!

Lastly, Moon Jae Shin (played by Yoo Ah In) who appears as a rough guy but will end up sharing the same room with Kim Yoon Hee and Lee Sun Joon on campus.  He later will develop feelings for Yoon Hee as well.

The story is becoming more interesting after I get to understand each character.  I will stay on with this drama, let me know if you are watching it as well!

[K-DRAMA 2010 COMMENTS] My Girlfriend is Gumiho – witty, cute and funny!

My girlfriend is Gumiho aired on 11th of August with Lee Seung Ki and Shin Min Ah as its leads.  It started well by drawing a good percentage of viewers with its witty, cute and unconventional approach to the story of a 500 hundred years old fox with nine tails trying to be human in a modern world.

The 1st episode was a bit slow for me but the 2nd episode definitely picked up the speed and I was engaged through out.   Lee Seung Ki plays Cha Tae Woong, a college student who sees himself as the next big Kung Fu movie star just waiting for his big break.  Shin Min Ah is the Gumiho, this cute and honest creature in human form.  Unlike how it is said in myth that Gumiho eats human, this Gumiho has a kind heart and loves beef!  Hahahaha!

Fate brought them together whether they like it or not.  I am not sure how the story will develop, but for now I can’t wait to watch the next episode!

How about you?  Will you give it a try?

[K-DRAMA 2010] Prosecutor Princess 검사 프린세스 – We are satisfied!

INTENSE and SATISFIED, this is how I would describe Prosecutor Princess.  The emotion was intense and the flow of the story was intense, you would go away feeling intense after watching the show. Yet you definitely feel satisfied with the story!  It is like they take away your sweets but give back a big piece of chocolate with caramel filling….maybe some marshmallow too!

Prosecutor Princess maybe based on the concept of Legally Blond, it was definitely not lack of any Korean flavours!  Kim So Yeon played the main character Ma Hye Ri, who was more interested in a pair of shoes than being serious about her work – Prosecutor.   Park Shi Hoo played this mysterious lawyer Seo In Woo who fell in love with Ma.   The story evolved along a mystery which kept your interest level high, yet it was the romance between Kim and Park that made you so intense.  We have to give them a big round of applause for portraying the love yet not able to love kind of struggle so well.  As the story developed, we saw Ma growing up to be a good prosecutor, Seo revealing his mystery and eventually the ultimate romance!

This show was an other under performer while competing with two other giants – Personal Taste and  Cinderella’s Sister during the same time slot, yet it gained great popularity overseas.  So, who cares about the rating anyway?

[K-DRAMA 2010] City Hall 시티홀 – Reshaping Politics!

As ordinary as a coffee girl, as desirable as a Mayor, Kim Sun Ah played these two roles in City Hall as she transformed from a coffee girl to a beauty pageant and eventually the Mayor.

I adored her in My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, she sure became a bit serious in this show for her Mayor role however still carried her usual sense of humour.  This show is definitely not short of laughs.

An other pleasant surprise was Cha Seung Won whom I have never heard or seen before City Hall.  Yet he turned out to be the perfect fit for this role.  Cha played a high achiever in politics who seemed to have it all.  Later he fell in love and helped Kim to become the Mayor.  Cha mastered his emotions well, and has successfully portrayed a very charismatic politician.

Do I need to say more?  Or you have already made up your mind to give this show a try.

[K-DRAMA 2009] You’re beautiful 미남이시네요 – Took the world by storm!


Do I still need to talk about this show?  No word can describe its popularity, the world has been overtaken by the Minam and Jang Geun Suk phenomenon by storm.

For those who are thinking what is this all about?   Here is a glimpse into the show.  You’re beautiful is about a girl who disguised herself as a boy to join an extremely popular 3 member boy idol band – A.N.JELL.  How interesting is that already!   A winning formula, yet the best part is the outstanding performances the main casts have given to us.

I would like to save the best for you to discover if you decide to pick this show to watch.  You definitely will laugh (I mean laugh really hard) and maybe shed a little tear, but majority of the time you will enjoy this show and be mesmerized by Jang Geun Suk!

[K-DRAMA 2010] The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married – Touches your heart!

If you are in the mood for a funny, romantic, witty and feel good show, this is the one!

It resembles to Sex and City in many ways, 3 single and passed the ‘ideal’ marry age ladies became good friends while they searched for love and meaning of life.   There were many memorable moments that could just melt your heart.

I loved the bond between the 3 ladies, whether you can find love or not the friendship from your girlfriend surpasses all!

I loved how they break the tradition and went for a May-December relationship that was portrayed so beautifully.  The main character struggled to embrace the feelings inside, isn’t that the courage we all need to grab things that are important to us?

It is one of my favorites if not the most favorite show from Korea this year, sit back and enjoy!

Data & Facts (Credit to Drama Wiki)

Title: 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 / Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Shipeun Yeoja
Also known as: Still, Marry Me / City Lovers
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-20 to 2010-Mar-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55