[CASTING NEWS] Lee Chung Ah will be the female lead in ‘Flower boys of the Ramen Shop’?

There are rumours, Lee Chung Ah is shorted listed to lead the drama together with Jung Il Woo, in the new tvN drama ‘Flower boys of the Ramen Shop’.  Her agency has mentioned they are looking at this role favourably.

It seems like everything is working well together, just waiting for the confirmation.

Anything got to do with flower boys is my type of drama, and anything drama with food as its main theme is interesting to watch.  They have got the combination right, or at least the drama title right for now.

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[CASTING NEWS] Jung Il Woo, leads new drama ‘Flower boys of the ramen shop’ (Updated)

GOOD NEWS!! Get excited ladies, Jung Il Woo will very likely to  News confirmed, Jung Il Woo will take up the lead in a tvN drama ‘Flower boys of the ramen shop’ (direct translation). Jung Il Woo’s last role was the death messenger from ’49 days’, the vivid highlight of the drama.

Though this it is still to be finalised but publisher CJ&M is rather positive about having him on board as the male lead in the 16 episodes mini-melodrama. The story is about 6 good-looking flower boys, high school students to be precise, running a Ramen shop together.

And there is going to be 6 flower boys!? Hm…and who are they!? Curious with a big question mark dangling in the air, I am definitely going to check this drama out.

“Flower boys of the ramen shop” airs its first episode on 31st of October.

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[CASTING NEWS] Park Min Young meets the ‘Kim Tak Goo’ crew in KBS new drama ‘Glorious Jae In’

Ok, so the leading lady for the new KBS drama will be Park Min Young not Han Hyo Joo.  Not sure if you remember my previous post on this drama, Han Hyo Joo was considering to take up this role.

Park Min Young is casted to lead the new KBS Wed and Thu drama ‘Glorious Jane’, working with the crew from the national drama ‘King of bread, Kim Tak Goo’.

‘Glorious Jae In’ will be written by writer Kang Eun Kyong and directed by PD Lee Cheong Seob, it is a love story about two young people overcoming their destiny.

In the case for the male lead, actor Chun Jung Myung comes up as a strong candidate to take up the role.

‘Glorious Jae In’ will air after ‘Princess’ man’ in October.



[ACTOR NEWS] Yoon Sang Hyun teams up with Chui Ji Woo in ‘Can’t live without losing’

Oscar will be making a comeback, and this time he will team up with the famous Hallyu actress Chui Ji Woo, to appear in her 3 years comeback drama ‘Can’t live without losing’ (tentative title).

On 18th, Yoon Sang Hyun has confirmed his participation with the new MBC drama ‘Can’t live without losing’, airs in August after ‘Heart-string’.

The story centres around a divorce case of two lawyers, heart-warming encounters with light touch. Yoon Sang Hyun plays a bright and lovely character, Chui Ji Woo’s husband, Eun Jae.

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[CASTING NEWS] Uee and Joo Won to lead in a new KBS weekend drama

This  pair looks refreshing, I actually saw the news about Uee joining KBS’s new weekend drama ‘Golden pond’ (working title) yesterday and today they announced Joo Won is casted as the male lead.  Now they have my attention!

After school member Uee who made her debut via ‘You’re beautiful’ will team up with Joo Won from ‘Kim Tak Goo, King of Baking’ in a new drama as its leads.

‘Golden Pond’ is to be direct by Kim In-su and screenplay to be written by Yi Jeong-seon,  About a big family with 4 sons.

Golden Pond is to broadcast on August 6th on KBS2.

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[CASTING NEWS] Kim Sun Ah makes a comeback in SBS ‘Scent of a woman’

Actress Kim Sun Ah has confirmed that she will appear in SBS weekend drama ‘Scent of a woman’, script by No Jiseol and directed by Bak Hyeonggi. This will be her first appearance since ‘City Hall’ in 2009.

According to her agency on 1st of June, Kim Sun Ah likes the positive message in this story and wants to present this message to the viewers. ‘Scent of a woman’ is a romantic comedy, it is about a loyal employee who works at a travel agency. To find her happiness, she decides to leave the country and travels around the world, she eventually finds love and happiness.

Why do I fell this story sounds a bit like, ‘eat pray love’. I am excited to see Kim Sun Ah’s comeback, she has this charisma that will definite bring viewers with her to find happiness.

‘Scent of a woman’ airs on SBS on 16th of July.

News source: 연합뉴스 | 2011/06/01

[ACTOR NEWS] Micky YooChun teams up with Lee Da Hae in a new drama

The news is out that JYJ’s very own YooChun will team up with Lee Da Hae and Kang Hye Jung to lead a new MBC drama ‘Good-bye Miss Ripley'(working title), airs after ‘The Duo’ in May this year. The production team mentioned to the media that the script reading meeting has happened on 16th of March at the MBC Drama Centre. The crew has visited one of the filming locations in Fukuoka, Japan together and confirmed YooChun’s role.

YooChun made his first acting debut through ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, gained enormous popularity and everyone has been waiting to see which acting project he will pick next. Seems like this is the one but I was a bit surprised to see him pairing up with Lee Da Hae. What an odd pairing? Maybe I am just not over SKKS, nevertheless this May will be a busy month for us, Park Min Young + Lee Min Ho Vs Yoo Chun + Lee Da Hae 🙂

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[ACTOR NEWS] Will Yoon Eun Hye make a drama comeback in May?

If this was confirmed, I will be a very happy drama viewer this Spring/Summer!   Yoon Eun Hye was originally considering a new KBS2 drama ‘The Maids’, since that is not happening, will she appear in ‘Sweet Scandal’?

Yoon Eun Hye is considering a comeback in a SBS drama ‘Sweet Scandal’, to air after the current Midas.  One of the officials from Yoon’s agency confirmed with the media on 3rd of March, that they are reviewing the project but still not made any decision yet. That is when Yoon’s agency mentioned she is also reviewing ‘The Maids’.

‘Sweet Scandal’ is a romantic comedy to be directed by Kim Su Ryong (Green Rose) and script writer Kim Ye Rin (Heading to the ground), it schedules to air after ‘Midas’ in May.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon to star in KBS2 drama ‘The Maids’

Another drama finalised its leads and made announcement today via the media.

Actress Sung Yu Ri  is about to make a come back in 2 years to the small screen after her last project ‘Swallow the Sun’.  She and Jung Kyu Woon who took part in ‘Doctor Champion’ and ‘Sign’ will lead a new drama ‘The Maids’ ‘(working title), scripted by Su Sook Hyang (who wrote drama ‘Pasta’) and directed by Hwang Eui Kyung, to be aired on KBS2.

‘The Maids’ is said to be a romantic comedy, about lives and love stories of the maids who work for the rich families.  Sung Yu Ri plays a strong and lively character who is very different from her previous roles.  ‘The Maids’ is scheduled to air on 11th of May.

News source: 서울신문NTN | 2011/03/09 & 노컷뉴스 |  2011/03/09

[K-DRAMA NEWS] Park Shin Hye and Jeong Yong Hwa to lead in new MBC drama ‘Festival’

Park Shin Hye and Jeong Yong Hwa will be leading the new MBC drama ‘Festival’ (working title) according to the news released on 9th of March.

Both actor / singer worked together with Jang Geun Suk in ‘You are beautiful’ back in 2009, this time they will be working with director Pyo Min Su who also directed ‘Full House’ and ‘The world they live in’.  ‘Festival’ is another drama after ‘Dream High’ with art school as the backdrop, about a group of students pursuing their dreams in acting, singing and dancing.

Park Shin Hye plays character Gyu Won, who is cute and charming , majors in traditional instrument Kayageum.   Yong Hwa will take on a role as handsome male band singer.

There will be a romantic line written for the two, so for those who were wishing for Shin Woo and Mi Nam back in the A.N.JELL days, your wishes may finally come true but I am not sure how will the WGM fans react…they should just cast Seo Hyun to make things easier or actually more complicated?

According to production company Wai-tree media, ‘Festival’ is scheduled to broadcast on 22nd of June.

News source: 헤럴드생생뉴스 | 2011/03/09

[K-DRAMA CASTING NEWS] Park Min Young joins Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter’?

So will Lee Min Ho finally get his female lead for the upcoming new drama ‘City Hunter’, and is it possible that she is Park Min Young from the hit drama ‘SungKwanKyun Scandal’?

On 17th of February, officials from Park Min Young’s agency mentioned to the media that actress Park Min Young is looking promising to join Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter’, which will start filming early March and to be aired on 25th of May.  The second meeting has happened, it is not yet confirmed but everything is looking rather positive.

It is not an easy task to cast someone opposite of Lee Min Ho, especially the female lead from his last drama was the Son Ye Jin, there are certain expectations on who will be next?

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[CASTING NEWS] Kim Jae Won cast in a new MBC weekend drama

Actor Kim Jae Won who just completed his mandatory army services in January this year, is casted to play the lead character Chan Dong Ju in a new MBC weekend drama, ‘Can you hear my heart?’.

On the 7th of Feb, according to Kim Jae Won’s agency that ‘Can you hear my heart?’ will take over the time slot after ‘Flame of desire’, and plans to air in April this year. The producers of ‘Can you hear my heart’ shared they wanted to cast someone who is able to express humanity, while they were struggling to find the right actor they saw Kim Jae Won, who stayed at Tony An’s side when Tony An’s father passed away, that helped them to decide on Kim.

Kim Jae Won’s character is a conglomerate but lost his hearing in an accident, this drama is about how he rises above the circumstances, unfolding a beautiful and touching story.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, Jang Dong Gun and JYJ’s Jaejoong to be in a new drama?

On 31st of January, production officials from a new drama ‘Peninsula’ shared with the media that they are discussing with several actors and names such as Ha Ji Won, Jang Dong Gun and Jaejoong are mentioned, however the casts have not yet confirmed their participations.

Kim Ok-hyun from Jang Dong Gun’s agency shared with the media that the decision is not yet made about this role.  Shin Seung Hoon from Ha Ji Won’s agency also mentioned to the media that it has not been confirmed.

‘Peninsula’ is an epic drama with united Korea as the background, and is said to be backed up with 10 billion won production budget. Broadcaster is still undecided (and one news says SBS is currently making arrangement) and it is expected to broadcast in October.

News source: My Daily 01/31/2011 &  Newsen 01/31/2011

[ACTOR NEWS] Actress Choi Ji Woo is considering a comeback in a drama

On the 27th, representative from actress Choi Ji Woo mentioned to the media that Choi has received a script for ‘College’ and showed interests in the synopsis, however her decision on this is not yet finalised.

Choi Ji Woo, appeared in her last drama ‘Star Lover’ in 2009 and is very cautious at selecting her next project, if this is confirmed, she will be making a comeback to the small screen in 2 years.

‘College’ is a medical melodrama, details such as broadcaster and broadcasting time are not yet released.

News source: 마이데일리 | 2011.01.27


[ACTOR NEWS] Shin Min Ah rejects ‘Full House Season 2’

Full House season 2? This is definitely interesting! Do we still remember Full House from 2004, that cute couple Rain and Song Hye Kyo?

Publisher Hak Productions announced that ‘Full House’ Season 2 will be in production. SBS mentioned they are working on Full House Season 2, and plans to put together Song Jung Gi (SungKyunKwan Scandal), Shin Min Ah and Top (Big Bang member, real name Choe Seung Hyeon) in this new drama.

Officials from Shin Min Ah’s agency came out and clarified their involvement, that the offer was rejected. Meaning she will be not be appearing in season 2 of Full House.

Hak Productions mentioned they are still in the process of casting, and the air date is not yet confirmed.

News source: 마이데일리 | 2011/01/07 & 서울신문NTN | 2011/01/07

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Jung Il Woo returns with ’49 days’ in March 2011

This is interesting; actors Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Nam Ryu Ri and Bae Soo Bin are casted to appear in a new romantic fantasy drama ’49 days’ (tentative title).  ’49 days’ will air after the forensic drama ‘Sign’ finishes in March 2011 on SBS.

Jo Hyun Jae returns to small screen after his military service, while Lee Yo Won returns after her last role in ‘Queen Seon Deok’, and for Jung Il Woo, I have been looking out for his next project.  Jung became a household name in ‘Unstoppable High Kick (2006)’ then moved to play the lead in drama ‘The Return of Iljimae’ (2009).  He also appeared in ‘Take care young lady’ (2009) playing the other love interest of Yoon Eun Hye.  After appearing in dramas, he moved to stage plays, playing a homosexual in ‘The beautiful Sunday’.

In ’49 days’, Jung Il Woo will play the character Song Yi Soo who collects souls of people after they die, Nam Gyu Ri plays Sin Ji Hyeon who enters coma because of a traffic accident, her soul is transferred to Song Yi Yeong by Lee Yo Won. The script is written by So Hyun Kyung who have worked on ‘Prosecutor princess’ and ‘Brilliant Legacy’.

Seems like the soul exchange concept will continue in dramas from Korea after ‘Secret Garden’, nonetheless, the casts look great and the story sounds interesting.  Something to look out for in 2011.

News source: 아이뉴스24 |  2011/01/05