[ACTOR NEWS] Won Bin, CF model for LG Smart TV

After Hyun Bin, Won Bin has been selected for LG smart TV. ¬†They are often compared but I am not going to start it here, I know where it will end up ūüėČ ¬†Nonetheless, both actors are great!

Take a look at both ads here ūüôā

Won Bin, in this latest LG TV commercial, turns into an action figure with the background set in Europe. ¬† A completely different concept from Hyun Bin’s Samsung smart TV, that rides on the¬†concept¬†of Secret Garden.

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[ACTOR NEWS AND VIDEO] Yoo Ah In styles up for Jack and Jill 2011 S/S

Actor Yoo Ah In, the model for urban street casual brand, J & J (JACK & JILL)  has released some attractive stills and videos for its 2011 Summer / Spring season, these visuals are creating hot reactions among the netizens

The concept of this fashion shoot is Yoo Ah In travels freely across desert and city, showing the actor’s individuality and personality with style. ¬† These images were already released in Canada stores and will be featured in ¬†J & J stores nationwide this week, magazines such as Nylon and Vogue Girl will have inserts in April issue.

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[ACTOR NEWS & VIDEO] Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee get together for Hite Lite Beer

How many ads have you done, Mr. Hyun Bin? But, I am so glad you have done all the commercials, something for us to enjoy while you are training hard to be a better man!

The ad is to be released on the 11th, on 10th its concept is¬†disclosed¬†by the media. ¬†‘The age of innocence’ is the theme for Hyun Bin’s new commericial with actress Lee Yeon Hee for Hite Lite Beer, enjoy beer on the floor, face to face in a Korean traditional house with cherry blossom season arriving soon, fresh and pureness are the messages to be communicated to the market.

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[ACTOR PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won, more stills for Cass Light Beer

Stills featuring Ha Ji Won and PSY for Cass Light Beer are released.

I am loving Ha Ji Won in these photos, refreshing, makes me want to have a taste of that beer!


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[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, Samsung Smart TV Commercial behind the scene clip

What can I say, Hyun Bin is Hyun Bin, he is looking good here, as usual.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won replays classic scenes from ‘Secret Garden’ for Cass Light Beer

Actress Ha Ji Won has signed as the new model for ‘Cass Light’ beer, and the concept of the commercial is to replay some classic scenes from the hit SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’, such as the bubble kiss and intimate sit-ups.  Only the male lead is not Hyun Bin but singer PSY and it is said to be a comic version rather than romantic.

Hm…somewhere inside I hope there will not be a real kiss happening (and there won’t be a kiss, the idea is PSY is about to kiss the foam off but instead he is attracted to the beer), to be honest, these classic scenes should remain in ‘Secret Garden’.

Nevertheless, I am just very happy to see Ha Ji Won again ^^

News source: ŪĆĆžĚīŽāłžÖú | 2011/03/03

[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin teams up with Kim Seong Goh for Samsung Smart TV commercial with Eng Translation

This is hilarious, Hyun Bin teamed up with his secretary from ‘Secret Garden’ Kim Seong Goh and filmed the commercial for the new Samsung Smart TV. ¬†Enjoy and it brings back all the good memories from Secret Garden ūüėÄ

Ok, you have asked for a translation. ¬†Again, I have done a quick one as I know you want to know what they are talking about, please read it for reference only ūüôā ¬†Enjoy.

Quick Translation

Kim:  Why is the picture quality so good?

Bin:  It is full HD 3D.  You are not watching those TV with poor 3D quality TV, right?

Kim:  I will change when I get bonus

Scene change

Kim: What are you doing?  When will you learn to behave?

Bin:  Is this the best?

Kim: Why Why? I told you this is TV!

Bin: …(this part I am a bit lost) don’t you understand it is mysterious design? ¬†This is about space.

Kim: Try one more time, Mr. President!

Scene change

Kim: What are you doing?

Bin: Watching TV

Kim: I see you are chatting.

Bin: I am watching TV

Kim (doubting) : You have done search as well!?

Bin:  I am watching TV!

Kim: You are chatting.

Bin:  I said I am watching TV!!

Bin: While watching TV, I’m able to chat and search at the same time.

Bin:  I can multi task, this is difference between you and me.


[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, first K2 TV commercial

It is here finally, Hyun Bin’s TV commercial for outdoor fashion brand K2 is released. ¬†I believe there are more versions to come as the story is not finished yet, we shall see how Hyun Bin’s journey continues.

Take a look at the first one here:

[ACTOR NEWS & PICTORIAL] Ha Ji Won glams up for Guess eyewear

No matter it is vintage classic, urban stylish or sexy glamorous, Ha Ji Won is able to look good and transform into the roles required, that is the kind of actress she is and that is why Guess eyewear has signed her as its 2011 model.

On 23rd of February, Ha Ji Won has done a series of commercial shoots at Gangnam studio, she modelled in 3 three different themes for the brand.   One minute she has long wavy hair looking sexy and glamorous,  the next minute she is back to her short hair looking chic and stylish.

These photos can be seen at the national department stores and duty-free shops.

Vintage Classic

Urban Stylish

Sexy Glamorous

News source: Newsen 24/01/2011

[ACTOR VIDEO] Hyun Bin, latest Laneige Homme Commercial

Another commercial is released starring Hyun Bin, this time it is for the skin-care brand Laneige, featuring its BB lotion with sun protection for men.  Hyun Bin has done commercials for fashion, drinks, skin care and TV, his face is showing up in every household in the country!