[K-DRAMA VIDEO] 49 Days, 10 min long preview

I took sometime to watch this video, it is 10 minutes after all.

The clip looks interesting, it gives us a quick introduction to the characters and the story.  I am particularly attracted to Nam Gyu Ri in this 10 minutes, and hope to see more interesting performances from the rest.


[K-DRAMA NEWS & VIDEO] New MBC drama Royal Family

Royal Family, a new MBC Wed and Thu drama airs after ‘My Princess’ held its press conference on 24th of February at Seoul Palace Hotel.    As the name suggests, this drama is about the rich and powerful, no wonder the media would compare this drama with SBS’s new drama ‘Midas’ though not compete head on by airing on the same days.

We had a look at ‘Midas’, how about ‘Royal Family’, what is it about?  The story is based on a Japanese novel ‘Human Proof’, but adapted to suit the Korean culture, screen play is written by the award-winning duo Kim Yeong Hyun and Park Sung Yun who wrote ‘Dae Jang Geum’ (2003) and ‘Queen Seon Duok’ (2009) together.  The story sounds familiar but still interesting, about a widow by Yum Jung Ah, who has lived a miserable  life as the second daughter in law in the richest family in Korea, she overcomes all difficulties and eventually rises to the position of CEO with the help of a very young and bright prosecutor played by Ji Sung.

Stills and teasers are released to bring viewers closer to ‘Royal Family’, it was said as soon as the teasers were released the drama became a hot search term on the major internet search portals.  ‘Royal Family’ airs on 2nd of March on MBC.

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Take a look at the teasers here,


News source: Naver

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS & PICTORIAL] Official stills from the set of new SBS drama ‘Midas’

New SBS drama ‘Midas’ will air its first episode on 22nd of February, 2011 at 21.55 ( local time), the drama stars Jang Hyuk (Chuno, KBS 2010 grand prize winner), Lee Min Jung (Boys before flowers and Smile You), Kim Hee Ae, No Min Woo (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) and Jung Suk Won.  ‘Midas’ takes on a different genre from its peers, with stock market as the backdrop and unfolds stories about power struggles, greed and ambitions.

Jang Hyuk, plays Kim Do Hyun, a top law school graduate who lives a simple life until he meets Yoo Pil Sang.  His views about money and power changed after that and slowly he starts to work to satisfy his own ambition and greed.

Kim Hee Ae, plays Yoo In Hye, daughter of Yoo Pil Sang.  She has worked on Wall Street, also owns her own fund company with net worth of 10 million dollars.  Her character is rather complicated, a capable career woman.

Lee Min Jung, plays Lee Jung Yeon, Do Hyun’s 6 years girlfriend, very innocent and works as a nurse.  One day she realises the man she loves is actually in love with an other woman, and she starts to take revenges by approaching a VIP patient who checked in at her hospital, Yoo Meong Joon.

No Min Woo, plays Yoo Meong Joon, In Hye’s brother.

Are you as confused as I am about the air time of Midas, it starts on Tuesday rather than on the usual Mondays, so does that mean there will be only on episode this week?  Yes, as the second episode will air next Monday on 28th of February.  Oh, what do you think of this drama?  I will not be able to watch it live as Dream High airs at the same time, and I have to prioritize ^^  I will catch up with it later during the week to see if this is something I will be following.  Let me know if you are watching and share your thoughts with me 🙂

Here are some stills released via SBS,

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[K-DRAMA VIDEO] My Princess Episode 14 Preview

So we have had the kiss in episode 13, finally!  I am not sure why I am so crazy about kisses (blushing *-*),  a huge step forward for Lee Seol and Hae Young, let there only be good and sweet times! ^^

Here is the video preview for My Princess, episode 14:


Quick translation:

Lee Seol: Mr. P, I am so bored…I said I am bored…

Professor Nam: Take this

Hae Young: Sorry, I can’t do that

Lee Seol: What to do! What will happen to this person?

President: President (Park Dong Jae) should rest now, it is time to put an end to this

Lee Seol: Miss Yoon Joo, from this moment, you are fired from Hae Young Museum!

Yoon Joo: I don’t care about this

Lee Seol: From my palace, get out…


[K-DRAMA VIDEO] My Princess Episode 11 Short Preview

Quick translation:

Lee Seol: is the fragrant sachet with my sister?

Lee Dan: Is that scary?

Lee Seol (I think it is her voice): Are you worried? What are you worried about?

Yoon Joo: Starting from today…

Lee Dan: I hope you will not be in this room the next time I see you. Prove it if you are really the princess.

Lee Seol: Bad guy…

Lee Seol: Let me out before you leave!

Lee Seol: Did he leave because of me?

Yoon Joo: It does not matter if Lee Seol or Lee Dan owns the fragrant sachet, just leave this palace.


[K-DRAMA NEWS] Dream High, the Ferris Wheel kiss between Taecyeon and Suzy

This first kissing scene from Mon and Tue KBS2 drama Dream High is creating a hot topic in the news today.

During the field trip in Nagoya Japan, Jin Gook meets Hye Mi, and a kiss between them will take place in a Ferris wheel.  According to the production team, both actors, Taecyeon and Suzy have shown strong commitment to their roles and taken filming of the scenes seriously.  This kissing scene is said to be important to resolve the previous misunderstandings of the two characters.

This kiss between Jin Gook (Taecyeon) and Hye Mi (Suzy) will be shown in the upcoming episode 10 of Dream High, to be aired on 7th of February on KBS2.

News source: 민중의소리 | 2011/02/06

After the experience with My Princess, whatever the media decides to feature in the news will be kept in view until it really airs.

[K-DRAMA VIDEO & NEWS] SBS new drama ‘Midas’ is attracting attention

A 10 seconds preview is released for the upcoming new SBS drama, ‘Midas’, starring Jang Hyuk, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hee Ae and No Min Woo.  With a cast this strong, viewers are showing strong interest and raising expectations for this new drama.


‘Midas’ is to broadcast on February 28 on SBS, taking over ‘Athena: Goddess of War’.

News source

[K-DRAMA UPDATES] What’s coming up next?

I am already eyeing what is coming up next and I really need to do this for myself, if you know what I mean 😉  For the current airing dramas, I think I will pick My Princess to watch and follow.  The story is simple and easy to enjoy, seeing Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee romancing with each other is definitely not a bad choice.

But what is coming up next?

Paradise Ranch, starring Shim Chang Min (member of TVXQ), Lee Yeon Hee, Yoo Ha Na and Joo Sang Wook, a romantic drama about a young couple who divorce each other after 6 months of marriage.  They meet again, 6 years later at a Ranch in Jeju Island to find love they once had for each other.  Paradise Ranch will actually air very soon on the 24th of January on SBS.

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