[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Protect the boss, continues with the quirky trend

I have seen many stills released from the new SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’, the feeling I am getting has been rather consistent, that is the quirkiness in the characters.   Maybe we are just bored about being normal…

That is a trend I have seen in some of the popular K-dramas, such as Dokko Jin and Goo Ae Jung from ‘The greatest love’, they are quirky and the most out there characters I have seen so far.  Yet, we loved watching them on-screen, the exaggerated facial expressions are pushing the boundaries of what we usually see on TV.

Here in ‘Protect the boss’, Ji Sung comes to us in an unconventional hair style and now he talks to a gigantic puppy soft toy.


Not to mention about the secretary Choi Kang Hee, who has been eccentric in most of the stills 😀


Maybe the only ‘normal’ character is Hero (Kim Jae Joong) from JYJ in this drama, he seems to have himself all together everytime I see him, but we never know…

















How this drama will turn out to be? The only way to find out is to watch when it premiers on 3rd of August 🙂

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Korean Drama, Royal Family (2011)

‘Royal Family’ is now my new-found love among all the dramas on-air from Korea, it is rare, since I never mentioned about it here, I am eager to share this drama with everyone, if you, by any chance are following this drama, I love to hear from you, if not, I still love to hear from you, that is how it works! ^^

In one paragraph as an introduction, I will leave the details for episode highlights which I am planning to cover.  We see a talented prosecutor Han Ji Hoon (Ji Sung) clears his own name for a crime he did not commit, he is confident in the court, commanding the crowd.  The first person he wants to tell the news to is his secret sponsor, Kim In Sook (Yum Joon Ah), the second daughter in law from the most powerful family in Korea, JK.   Kim In Sook is called ‘K’ inside of the JK family, it’s a label that sums up a central truth that she is not seen as a person but just a letter with no voice.  The story begins when Kim In Sook’s husband dies in a plane crash, leaving her on her own, what will she do now to protect herself and her son?  What is Han Ji Hoon’s relationship with Kim In Sook? What are the stories inside of JK family and Kim In Sook?

The story is complicated but very interesting, based on a Japanese novel ‘Human Proof’, though adapted to suite the Korean culture with more passionate acting and dialogue, we still see the story is faintly familiar, set with Japanese influence, almost a modern version of ‘Ooku’ at times, which is what makes it refreshing to watch.

It took me 4 episodes to fully understand the complexity of the story, the type of the story that is carefully structured and built, its characters are played by talented actors who create complicated, contradictory individuals whom we feel we both know and don’t know.

Ji Sung who plays the male lead Han Ji Hoon, he is intense, clever and deep in his character.  Kim In Sook by Yum Joon Ah, it is her first drama role in 3 years, she plays a woman who carries many secrets, we see she immersing with her character as the story develops.  Kong Soon Ho by Kim Yeong Ae, the family head of JK, a woman who is almost impossible for any real feeling and carries her family forward.  Jo Hyun Jin by Cha Ye Ryeon, the youngest daughter in JK family, this role allows Cha to explore many possibilities, she is sincere but not innocent, she is direct but not open, she is ambitious but only because she is a JK.

‘Royal Family’ is a 16 episodes of MBC drama airs on every Wed and Thu, directed by Kim Do-Hoon and screen play written by Kwon Eun Mi.


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[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] My Princess, a modern-day cinderella story

Can I talk about any other drama besides Secret Garden, the compulsory viewing drama from Korea, it took so much energy out of me, left me with little room for other dramas.

While finding my way through Secret Garden, I took a look at the first episode of My Princess, it turns out to be a drama that is easy to watch, a modern-day Cinderella story with a twist.  My Princess aired its first episode on 5th of January, 2011, a lighthearted and simple story about an ordinary college girl who becomes a princess overnight.  While she adjusts her life to live as a princess, she falls in love with the heir of the most powerful conglomerate in Korea.  It reminds me so much of Googn and Princess Diary!

Before the drama aired, various news were speculating whether Kim Tae Hee (Lee Seo) is able to pull this role off, after all she is playing a college student at age of 30, positive reviews are written after My Princess aired, so I guess Kim Tae Hee has shown the world that she can act.  On the other hand Song Seung Hon, an ultimate hallyu icon, he returns to the small screen in a romantic comedy after his last role in ‘East of Eden’ 2 years ago.  I can’t help but to raise my expectations.

Its 3rd episode has reached 21.7% (AGB Nielsen Media) of viewer-ship,  and various news say it will continue to rise.  My Princess has not taken root in me yet, maybe I am still not over Secret Garden, I don’t think I will ever be over it!  The story is not as dynamic as Secret Garden, but I have to admit I do look forward to its next episode, wanting to find out more about what will happen between Lee Seo (Kim) and Park Hae Young (Song).

What is your view on this drama? ^^

[EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS] Secret Garden Episode 1

Secret Garden aired last weekend and took over my drama world!  I can’t seem to have enough of it, so here are some highlights that I put together for those who are also feeling some kind of  shocking emptiness after it came then left us too quickly and yet the next episode will not be here until Saturday.

Episode 1

I like how the drama introduces each character, a lot is told about them in this episode.  My comments on this drama can be found here, [K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Love ‘Secret Garden’ at the first sight.

As beautiful as a fairytale story, ‘Secret Garden’ started by showing a beautiful garden after morning rain.

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) enters the scene, he is getting ready for work but a bit shocked to hear the TV news announcer on TV mentions his name.

A sign to show us he imagines things, and his facial expression just the cracks me up!

Never the less, he is still a good looking CEO of Loel department store and looking good in his convertible.

Here we see his cousin Oscar (Yoon Sang Hyun) appearing for the first time.  A popular singer and he is obviously popular among women.

Joo Won goes to his match making meeting, there we see Yoon Seul (Kim Sa Rang) who is a commercial director from a very good background.  She is very interested in this arranged marriage, but we also know she is Oscar’s first love.  Why does she remind me of Blair Woldorf and that will put Oscar at Chuck Bass? Hm…too much ‘Gossip Girl’ these days.

Finally Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) enters the scene, a cool stunt woman with great martial skills and from a very different background than Joo won.  Ha carries the persona of Ra Im so well that I am attracted to her ‘handsomeness’.

The 4 main characters of ‘Secret Garden’ are introduced in this episode that has set the tone and expectations of what is about to come.

Note: All rights of featured pictures belong to SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station)

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Love ‘Secret Garden’ at the first sight

I can’t wait to write my first comment on ‘Secret Garden’, I just love it right from the first episode. With witty plot and clever comedic performances, this drama feels fresh.

‘Secret Garden’ starts with a garden just after morning rain, camera zooms in, to a house where Kim Joo Won by Hyun Bin walks down from stair case looking confident and polished.   Hyun’s character Kim is a rich and capable business CEO of a department store. Perfect looking and has always been the center of attention, yet no one is perfect after all.  He suffers from anxiety disorder, more in the area of fear of space, so that he cannot ride in a lift nor can he be trapped in traffic jam.

Oscar by Yoon Sang Hyun is a popular singer who has passed his prime but still popular with his loyal fans. He enters the scene in leopard print morning gown kissing an actress for goodbye. Yoon is once again showing his humorous side and it feels just right for his character. I like the comical chemistry between Kim and Oscar, they are cousins but not on friendly terms. In Oscar’s own words, “if he (Oscar by Yoon) was to buy a car, Kim (by Bin) would buy the company that sells the car.”

Gil Ra Im by Ha Ji Won plays a stunt woman, pretty with great martial skills. Despite her tough and boyish appearance, she is still an adorable little girl inside. She listens to Oscar’s songs when she is down, and lifts her right feet up when she is shy or happy. (that is just so cute!)

Writer Kim Eun Sook and Director Shin Woo Chul have done a good job by keeping the character introductions short and sweet in the first episode, and keeping the pace quick and crisp. They are very clever to set the tone for the soul exchange later on, I cannot help but to wonder if Kim has anxiety disorder and Gil is very girly, how will these be acted out when they are in each other’s body, it should be very funny to watch!

Viewers are engaged and expectations are set, I definitely look forward to the next episode.

Below is a chart of the relationship between the characters, not too complicated is it?

Secret Garden brings old and new together, familiar characters and story but with comedic performances in a fantastical story setting. I like the lightheartedness of the drama, not new but a clever plot. I also have to applaud the chemistry between the main leads that I cannot help but laugh out loud a few times.

I give this drama 9 out of 10 for its first episode, and Secret Garden has got me at first sight!

I will be checking in half way for more comments.

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[K-DRAMA INSIGHTS & VIDEOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal Recollection and Possible Ending

Now we have almost reached the end of SungKyunKwan Scandal, there are 4 more episodes left.  Despite a strong speculation and request of an extension to the production company, until it is confirmed we will continue to keep our hopes high.  This drama is based on part one of the original novel, mainly about the lives of the F4 at SungKyunKwan University.  Part 2 of the original novel is about their lives at KyuJangGak.

Part 1 of the original novel ends at Yoon Hee and Sun Joon are about to get married, the 4 of them will continue to be together but working at KyuJangGak for the King, a glimpse of Jae Shin’s future wife, and Yoog Ha continues to be the one and only Goo Yong Ha (later in Part 2, Yong Ha also marries someone).  We don’t know how much further the drama will go, but for now it seems to be a very happy ending by looking at the original novel.

Here is a MV recently featured on KBSworld, a good re-collection of the story of what happened between the 4 of our favorite students from SungKyunKwan.  I love when the 4 are together, they are very different yet create great chemistry by being with each other.

[ACTOR NEWS] Ko Hyun Jung and Song Joong Ki voted as most beautiful skin

This is interesting, two leads from the hottest airing dramas in Korea topped the chart to be celebrities with the most moist skin in the country.

Ko Hyun Jung current plays the female president of South Korea Seo Hye Rim in “The President”, and Song Joong Ki who plays the heart-throb Goo Yong Ha in “SungKyunKwan Scandal” were recently voted as the most beautiful skin in Korea.

Ko Hyun Jung won with an overwhelming 58% in the female sector, followed by Son Ye Jin with 13.0%, Shin Min Ah 12.1% and Kim Tae Hee 11.1%.

From the male sector, Song Joong Ki tops others with the support of 38.6%, Yoon Shi Yoon at 3rd place with 15.9%, and Won Bin at 4th with 15.0%.


[K-DRAMA NEWS] Playful Kiss 7 Eps special edition to be released via Youtube

Playful Kiss started with a 3.5% rating and ended with 5.9%.  That does not stop its popularity to spread around the world.  It was reported that there will be a special edition of 7 episodes to be released to the world via its Official Youtube site on Nov 2, it will show us a different side of everyone.

[K-DRAMA PHOTOS] Playful Kiss with lots of Kisses!

It is all about the kisses as how the drama is titled, some fans counted there is actually 43 kissing scenes in the Taiwanese version.  How many do we have in this Korean version?  They sure kissed a lot more in the last two episodes, here are some pictures for us see and count! (*^_^*)


[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Park Min Young looks like Hamtori?

Park Min Young is getting cuter as Kim Yoon Hee in SungKyunKwan Scandal.  Some say she looks like Hamtori?!  Hahaha, this is just so hilarious, I have to post it here.

Having said this, I do adore her in the recent episodes especially when she tip-toed to kiss Sun Joon that is just too cute!  Here are some pictures of their first kiss,

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW] SungKyunKwan Scandal Ep 16 preview with Eng Sub

Ep 16 of SungKyunKwan Scandal will air tonight, here is a sneak preview with Eng Sub (sub in text also posted below) for those of us who are super excited about the ‘coming out’.  The good news is Sun Joon finally finds out Yoon Hee is actually a girl after rescuing her from drowning.  Yoon Hee still do not know about this yet, will she reveal it herself?

Before we jump into Ep 16, here are some scene shots from Ep 15:

Video Credit: musicallheart

Translation credit: blue_angel_1004 @ soompi & tishafi

SJ: You’re telling me to just let you go like this?
JS: Where the heck did this kid go?
JS: What?
YHa: You can check for yourself.
Voice: What are you two doing?
SJ: You mean you saw me as a fool who would leave a girl that I like at this men-infested Sungkyunkwan?
JS: That’s my spot.
SJ: How can there be “my” spot and “your” spot
CS: I came to see you despite the rudeness.
IS: Go catch them!
YHa: Those two… something strangely changed about them.
SJ: Since when was it? That you hid your beautiful face under the guise of a man.
YS: Kim Yoon Hee. Kim Yoon Hee is my name

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] Secret Garden releases official stills

The romantic fantasy drama, Secret Garden stars Hyun BinHa Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun will air on 13th of Nov.

These photos are released for us to see the character sets.   It is said that both Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun have been exercising hard to stay in good shapes for their characters.  Hyun transforms into a chic and sharp-looking business man dressed in branded suites,  to make his role as a CEO of a department store more realistic his attires and props are all designer labels.  While Yoon has a softer image to play out his character as a playboy who has all the hearts of women.

[K-DRAMA BEHIND THE SCENE PHOTOS] SungKyunKwan Scandal rating rises & behind the scene photos

3 more weeks until it ends, SungKyunKwan Scandal rating rose on 18th to 13.1%.  Here are some photos behind the scene during the water fall shoot and on Park Min Young.

[K-DRAMA SCHEDULE] 2010 Upcoming Drama Schedule, Oct 2010 – Jan 2011

Ever wonders what’s coming up next? Here is a list of dramas will be airing in Korea from Oct until Jan 2011.
I am keeping my eyes on these dramas.
  • MBC – Queens Reversal, My Princess
  • KBS – Mary stayed out all night
  • SBS – Secret Garden, Athena: Goddess of War, City Hunter, Paradise Ranch, To the Emperor

How about you? What is your pick?

[K-DRAMA PREVIEW & VIDEOS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 15 Preview with Eng Sub

I don’t know about you, I am enjoying Sungkyunkwan Scandal so much and can’t wait till next week.

This just keeps getting better!  Sun Joon finally confronts his feeling towards Yong Hee, poor guy he thinks he is a gay.   But will he finally find out Yong Hee is actually a girl?

Credit: Youtube channel musicallheart

[K-DRAMA PREIVEW & PHOTOS] Playful Kiss, the ‘Kiss’

I am so excited!

Tonight the “kiss” in rain will be aired.  Ha Ni and Seung Jo will finally confirm their feelings, here are some photos for our previews.  It was mentioned that there was not much NGs for this scene, Kim Hyun Joong said that the character Oh Ha Ni is whom he kissed the most this year 🙂





[K-DRAMA NEWS] Playful Kiss Releases Official Youtube Channel

I love how they are reaching viewers around the world, the production company Group Eight released Playful Kiss Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ytkiss with HD behind the scene clips, interviews and trailers.

Introduction is done in 5 different languages, the videos are still in Korean with English sub:

[K-DRAMA NG & VIDEOS] Playful Kiss, NG scenes with Eng Sub

We are loving the couple and enjoying the drama, glad to see they are having some fun on set 🙂

This NG clip is from recent episodes of Playful Kiss with English Sub.

Credit: Youtube Channel reenatriple