[ACTOR NEWS] Yoon Shi Yoon, becomes a teacher in his new movie

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon started filming for his new movie, “Mr. Baek” directed by Kim Myeong Gyun on the 30th of January. In this new movie, Yoon plays a genius professional golfer Baek Se Jin (meaning less than 100 pro), due to an accident he becomes a teacher for an elementary school on a small island village, later regains hope and compete in an official match again.

On the first day of shooting, Baek (Yoon Shi Yoon) meets his students for the first time, yet there are only 6 students in the entire school, each with different personality. Despite it is the first day of shooting, Yoon Shi Yoon expressed positively that the mood is very good on set and shall continue till the end.

The movie will take 3 months to film and is to be released in summer this year.

News source: STV

[ACTOR NEWS] Yoon Shi Yoon makes guest appearance in a tvN drama

The headline is not the key message being featured in the news today, just trying to downplay the ‘Secret Garden’ factor here.  It is actually about a ‘Secret Garden’ like scene where Yoon did a sit up and had an eye to eye contact with a female actress, Nam Bo Ra in a drama from tvN ‘ Once upon a time in Saeng Cho Ri’.

To be aired on 28th of January at 22.00, Yoon Shi Yoon makes a guest appearance in the 13th episode of ‘Once upon a time in Saeng Cho Ri’, where he plays the son of a stock firm President who studies abroad in United States and returns home.

Publisher mentioned, despite Yoon’s tight schedule, he accepted the request to make appearances in this drama and was full of energy on set.

News source: OSEN | 2011/01/26 & 이투데이 | 2011/01/27

[ACTOR NEWS] Yoon Shi Yoon and Eugene receive excellence award at 2010 KBS Drama Awards

Actor Yoon shi Yoon and Eugene received Excellence awards for their roles in drama King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.  Yoon received his award with tears and gave an overwhelming speech that moved all the Kim Tak Goo team.  When Eugene was called to receive her award, she too was emotional while giving her speech, she mentioned Yoon Shi Yoon already made everyone cry, but those were happy tears.

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo was awarded in total 6 categories, including Top Acting, Excellence, Best couple, Drama Excellence, Best Female and Young Actor Awards.

News source: 아츠뉴스 | 2011/01/01

[ACTOR & PHOTOS] Yoon Shi Yoon fashion shoot for Elle

Yoon Shi Yoon, who played Kim Tak Goo in Bread, Love and Dream has done a fashion spread for Elle recently.   Made up with heavy eye-liners and smoky eyes, Yoon turned into a fashion icon. This is a side of him that we have not seen before, nonetheless he does look good in these photos.




[ACTOR & INTERVIEW] Getting to know Yoon Shi Yoon, after Kim Tak Goo

I recently posted an interview on Yoon Shi Yoon after he finished his drama High Kick 2.  10asaia did an other interview with the actor after the mega hit “King of baking, Kim Tak Goo”.

Yoon talks about his feeling after the drama with so much attention after-all this is only his second project, I am glad he is keeping his humble attitude and feet on the ground in the midst of popularity.  He also talked about his role as Tak Goo, which I find interesting to read.  We learn about Tak Goo from the actor who plays him, we see Tak Goo from outside where as he sees him from inside.

I definitely look forward to see his next project!  Here is the interview with Yoon Shi Yoon.


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He debuted last year through MBC’s smash hit sitcom “High Kick 2,” the sequel to director Kim Byung-wook’s popular family series from 2006. He then landed the leading role in KBS TV series “Bread, Love and Dreams,” which averaged viewership ratings of 36 percent and breached the 50 percent mark on its finale episode. With just two acting roles, Yoon Si-yoon went from a noname newcomer to a star. 10Asia sat down with the 24-year-old actor to talk about his past, present and future.

10: I understand that you’re doing interview after interview after “Love, Bread and Dreams” ended its run. This must be the first time you’re experiencing such a thing.
Yoon: It is. This is already my fourth today. And I still have a similar number left (to do).

10: It must be difficult having to do interviews immediately after finishing up a 30-episode drama.
Yoon: It’s not. I believe this is all just part of the process. It’s where I can say ‘thank you’ as actor Yoon Si-yoon. And there’s a lot I didn’t get to say as my character Tak-goo either. I think this is very important.

10: How has it been talking to reporters?
Yoon: I’m lucky in the sense that they have been nice and like me. Some might say to watch out for them (laugh) but when I respond with sincerity, they would write about it the way I told it to them. I’ve never been hurt by articles before. And in a way, I feel more responsibility because they have viewed me in a positive light ever since I became an actor.

10: Like you say, you’ve been popular since “High Kick 2” which could be considered your actual debut work. But I think you must’ve feel pressured about having to play the lead of a drama, regardless of the response from people around you.
Yoon: I did feel pressure. But it’s pressure over the acting I have to do more than anything else. So I think it was valuable pressure because it’s something I have to learn to overcome as an actor. I can only become a better actor by overcoming that.

10: You said that you felt like you had become your character Joon-hyuk when you were doing “High Kick 2” but you now sound just like Tak-goo.
Yoon: I do, right? Everybody’s been saying that this time around. And I think it comes from my love for my roles. Like when you date someone, you become like that person. I know I lack in everyway including vocalization, pronunciation, acting skills, emotional expression and movement. I know it but I love the roles I play. Both Joon-hyuk and Tak-goo. That’s why I become like them.

10: But a lot of people get scared even when they’re doing what they like. Do you think you’re the type that isn’t scared or is good at overcoming such fear?
Yoon: I ask for help boldly. Because I know I’ll never make it by myself. I never repress my emotions. I think Tak-goo is like that too. We’re similar in that sense. I was able to overcome pressure or fear while playing the role of Tak-goo because I with other people — I don’t have the psychological strength to overcome it alone. I’m the type that asks boldly and bravely, ‘I can’t do this without you.’

10: Who is usually the most help?
Yoon: I guess my closest friends are my manager or stylist. The conversations we have while I’m looking at my script and while I’m eating help so much. And like they protect and support me, I feel that responsibility to do the same for them as well. I feel like I should become someone they can rely on when they’re going through hard times as much as I rely on them.

10: Becoming a star could be one of the ways to become that sort of person. (laugh)
Yoon: This is what I think. That if you are someone who holds his ground, you can be that someone who others rely on. They’ll lean on you because you’re standing firm. And it’s people who are always there in the same place, people who you want to go back to, that are the ones you want to rely on, not the ones who speak elaborately. 25 years old could be considered both a young and old age but I’m going to try not to lose my ground. And if I manage to do that, I think that one day I’ll be someone that my family, my friends and that someone that I will love someday, can rely on.

10: That ultimately means you have to have your own set of beliefs or convictions. What are they?
Yoon: I believe in the power of positive thinking. And I believe that power can change others too. I think good things will happen if you try to look at good things and think good thoughts.

10: Was Tak-goo like that?
Yoon: He was like that, always. He’d be making bread in the bakery no matter how fickle Yoo-kyung acts and he returns to Palbong Bakery even after he achieves everything in the end. He achieved everything solely through the power of positive thinking, without having to fight or clash with someone. And it’s not like he was hard on himself. He was the type of guy that upgrades himself in a Spartan-like manner. So when I shot scenes where he’s in a competition or has to change the mind of the board of directors of his company, I did so with the mind that he doesn’t want to win but finds significance in the process of doing so. That’s the kind of kid Tak-goo was.

10: Is that why then? Some people make those around them feel uncomfortable while they’re working hard but that’s doesn’t seem like what Tak-goo was like.
Yoon: He’s someone that’s just happy to do what he does. I never had to act the emotion of him being nervous when he gets results. He just did what he did, he got the results, and ‘wow, I’m done,’ is what it was for him. And he only feels happiness because he enjoyed the process of what he did. The reason he smiled and jumped about after the competition wasn’t because he won but because he could make bread out of boiled barley that the child who helped him gave him. That’s why Tak-goo isn’t a hero. He’s just a kid who likes normalities.

10: That’s why he’s quite an amazing character as well. He himself says that he has been through hardships that are so severe that he has “done everything except for killing someone,” but there’s such an innocent side to him.
Yoon: The similarity between me and Tak-goo aren’t the fact that we are both men of high caliber or are nice. Tak-goo has a short temper and is simple-minded. So I interpreted the power of positive thinking he has based on such simple-mindedness. There are people who can’t contain their sadness when they feel it. Not because they’re kind-hearted but because it feels uncomfortable. So Tak-goo says he’s done everything in the past except for kill someone but he doesn’t dwell on it. So I focused on expressing him as he is in his present state. Of course it’s impossible for him not to miss his parents. It’s just that he focuses on what he’s doing in the state he is in — the process of making bread. Because it’s hard to handle pain that is so immense.

10: But Tak-goo matures through the process of focusing on his present. He vows he will not use get into fist fights and forgives Jin-goo.
Yoon: It’s the factors around him which makes him mature rather than him maturing by himself. Tak-goo has actually never forgiven anyone before. He just accepts fate. ‘Yes, okay, that can happen.’ It’s the people around him that help him mature in the process of him learning to accept them. The master at Palbong bakery teaches him about bread and Jin-goo becomes a friend that Tak-goo can rely on.

10: In that sense, I’m curious to know in what way you matured as an actor while meeting various people through your roles.
Yoon: I would be acknowledging how weak I am if there was a drastic change I went through that made me develop the most. So before, I was afraid of my weaknesses. I was thinking that since I’m playing the lead role, I need to take responsibility, I can’t led the drama flop, and I can’t become a burden on my senior actors. But I was wrong. I realized that acknowledging my weaknesses and telling people that I’m having a hard time was the right thing to do. I think that’s how I’ve changed. That’s also why I showed tears at the event held after the airing of the finale episode. I had felt that I was listening only to the echos of my own words when we had held a press conference announcing that the drama would be produced. And this was basically the essence of what every media outlet was asking. Do you know that your rival broadcasters are going to have major dramas coming out? How are you going to win them? And I had responded, ‘Please keep an eye out for us since Tak-goo is a kid with the appeal that he will never lose.’ But those were empty echos. And such thoughts that I had back then overlapped with when we had our wrap-up party. I didn’t know there were so many actors in our drama. I had said ‘Please believe in us’ with almost no confidence at the press conference but it turns out that we achieved a myth thanks to all of these great people who helped and led the drama on. So I wanted to show everybody who had those questions. That they might have been looking only at me but that they now finally probably notice all these other people as well. “Bread, Love and Dreams” may have done well but I don’t think anyone would regard me as the main character of a drama which reached viewership ratings of 50 percent. I’m still an actor with room for risk. But I think that because I’m that weak, the characters who support me can stand out more. I think it serves as the motivation for me to keep moving forward with them. So I like having that weakness about me.

10: Well you said you received a lot of help from people around you but I wonder whether there has been a newcomer actor who clashes and conflicts so violently against seniors like Jeon Gwang-ryeol and Jeon In-hwa like you have done?
Yoon: I’m very positive-minded and also clueless. When we first tried reading our scripts together, the director and writer said they were surprised because I sat between the two (actors) and started acting between them. I didn’t think much about it but it turns out they were thinking, ‘He must not be afraid.’ But I didn’t feel any pressure from them. I just wanted to learn.

10: And how did they respond to that?
Yoon: Jeon said he thought, “Ah, this kid is really a hard worker.” I lost my voice after we rehearsed that day. So he told me, “I know you’re trying hard but what you need to do is loosen up.” It was the same with Jeon. Her character always clashes so much with Tak-goo. But even right after she says mean lines to me while she’s acting, she’d say, “Oh, good job good job” right after the director gives the cut sign so there was no reason I’d be nervous. She treated me so well.

10: What sort of influence do you think your experience on working on this drama have on your next role?
Yoon: Like I said before, the heart to love even my own weaknesses. I not have even more of the confidence to admit to who I am and be more of a team player. Because I know I can’t make it alone.

10: It seems like you’ll maintain that attitude even when you become a star.
Yoon: Of course. They say that the smartest people are the ones that know they are dumb. And I definitely want to become a strong person so that’s even more of why I want to become someone who humbly acknowledges his weaknesses and utilizes them. I’m not the type of person who is good at looking out for others nor with the appeal to draw in people. The one thing — that I won’t lie and ask for help sincerely. And people will be helping me because they know how I feel so I can’t become arrogant. They’re coming to me not because I’m a great person but because they love my heart so I can’t let my heart change.

10: But you sometimes play your roles with an appeal of a main character at star level.
Yoon: I think roles are about harmonizing. And I actually still don’t know that well so I’m telling you based on the fact that I think my senior actors are the answer. Everything needs to harmonize. I sometimes need to let go of what’s my own. Of course I could raise ratings by having me stand out in a certain way. But when a drama’s over, I think there’s nothing worse than when all people remember is the main character, if after a movie you say ‘Oh, it was a Yoon Si-yoon film.’ That means that person is a celebrity not an actor. I could have gotten into shape by working out and showing a more sophisticated Tak-goo but that’s not him. Harmonizing with other is who Tak-goo is. Of all the fine array of actors who appeared in our drama, not once did one of them try to stand out. I need to learn that. There are so many people out there who try much harder than I do, yet walk to places because they can’t make enough money even for transportation. I’m being rude to them if I obsess over acting that makes me look cool.

10: It seems like you are quite the unpretentious person.
Yoon Si-yoon: I’ve only played two roles so far but have had so many mentors. There are many people who tell me how I should live as an actor. Nobody tries to put false ideas into my head.

10: I think that could only be possible if you loving living an ordinary life.
Yoon: I really do spend my time ordinarily. I’m a very boring person. I like meeting up with people around me to talk with them. Right now as well, I’m not happy because I’ve been receiving so much love but because people around me can happily enjoy themselves through this. Can it get any better? I can ride in a large and comfortable car, talk about my schedule and talk about my work. And while papers on self-development say that one should have big dreams, I think I must be someone who doesn’t have the capacity to because after working hard, I like to spend at least an hour drinking beer with my friends. And I’m working hard because that’s what I’m trying to protect.

10: I think that’s why you’re particularly thankful of your fans. You write on your fan cafe as well.
Yoon: I’m very sorry. I haven’t been able to do that these days because I’ve been so busy. I should have written to them after “Bread, Love and Dreams” ended its run but I haven’t been able to do that. I think I’ll get to only by the time I’m done with these interviews.

10: You said you live an ordinary life but not everyone likes to write.
Yoon: I think I live my life doing all the boring things. I really do. Like I like watching sports rather than playing them.

10: I heard you like baseball.
Yoon: I’m a huge fan of baseball. If you like baseball, you’re automatically on my side and my person. That’s how much I love it. The one day of the year that I have severe depression is the day baseball ends, the day of the finals for the Korean series. I feel very empty. I truly think, ‘How do I live?’ And then I feel like I can breathe again when it’s April.

10: What is it about baseball that you like so much?
Yoon: Baseball is about defense. That’s why I like it. Defense plays a much larger role in baseball, about 90 to 10. And they say while offense may be innate, defense is all about how much training you do. That’s why I feel much more affinity to people who are good at defense.

10: Would you call yourself a hard worker as well?
Yoon: I want to be. I’m not yet but I’ll become one.

10: And you’ll need to work hard to play roles that are heroes or villains, not characters that are close to who you are like Joon-hyuk or Tak-goo.
Yoon: It could come from hard work but I think what’s ultimately important is your love for your character. You need to become as close as you can to the character to deliver your character to the audience persuasively. If you were a genius actor, you could create your character with perfection but I’m not, so if I like the character I’m supposed to play and feel that I want to play the role soon, then I’ll gradually become that character since that’s where I’ll have kept on turning my attention to. I think I’d gradually become that character if I keep thinking about his characteristics and try to see how he feels.

10: Then let me change the question. Do you think you’d be able to love any sort of character?
Yoon: But I think that’s an issue of time. I think there’ll be characters that take a long time to fall in love with. Even with people, there are times when you fall in love with them immediately but also those you love after a couple of years.

10: But your work requires you to finish what you do within a limited time-frame.
Yoon: I think the senior actors are skilled enough to utilize that time efficiently but I don’t know how to do that yet. I need to look at it more on a long-term perspective.

10: I get that you want to hold your ground, that you love ordinary things and that you want to become a good actor. But isn’t there still something that you want to achieve? Outside of becoming a star.
Yoon: There is. And it’s actually something so great that people may think it’s ridiculous but I mean it. I want to become the keyword for hope. It could be about becoming the promotional ambassador of a famous volunteer group or someone who can be influential in both inside and outside Korea in good ways. And I want to act with that energy so that I could become someone whose acting can be believable and trusted. Someone who comes off as the type to take part in good deeds and give hope to people with just a few words, rather than someone who advertisers are charmed by. It’s a really big dream. I really want to become that person.

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[ACTOR & INTERVIEW] Getting to know Actor Yoon Shi-Yoon

This article is from March this year , a while back but still quite recent.  I thought of posting this here for those die-hard fans of King of Baking, Kim Tak Koo.  The reporter from 10asia talks to Yoon Shi Yoon about his role in High Kick 2 and his views on him becoming popular.

Maybe it is possible to do things right the first time. Actor Yoon Shi-yoon, who first met viewers through MBC sitcom “High Kick 2,” has become very popular with his realistic portrayal of “student Joon-hyuk” experiencing first love. The actor says that he — currently adored by all age groups ranging from the young female fans who get excited at the sight of him to the mothers who adore him like a son — is “grateful” for the attention. But this actor, who believes the way to repay his fans’ love is by not being easy on himself, is still thirsty to learn more about acting. He is someone who thinks more about how to take his next step in the right direction correctly rather than quickly. Maybe that is why Yoon Shi-yoon’s voice sounded more mature than the young “student Joon-hyuk” he plays in “High Kick.”

10: You are very popular nowadays compared to when the show first started. Do you feel it yourself?
Yoon Shi-yoon: I don’t really know because I’m always on set. But there are young fans who come to see me sometimes when I do shoots outdoors, and recently, middle-aged women have also started to recognize me and say hello. Those are the times I feel that I’ve become a bit famous.

10: You have a fan cafe now — do you visit it often?
Yoon: There are times, when I’m going home after finishing shooting, where I get very lonely. There are times I want to talk to someone but I can’t see anyone at 3 in the morning. That’s why I sort of hassled people around me by calling them in the beginning, but these days I’ll go into my fan cafes during such times and read my fan letters. They fill my heart and give me faith more than anything else.

10: I heard you are a devout Christian. Being a believer in someone, aren’t you a little cautious about receiving faith from many others?
Yoon: I think faith is a very, very pretty handcuff. It helps you not to fall and stand firm on the ground. I am actually scared to let myself go completely, so I try to whip myself up. And if it’s intended at making myself strong for those who believe in me, wouldn’t that clearly bring a positive effect?

10: The the scene where you sang “The Road to Me” received a lot of attention in particular. There were some fans who wanted to know whether you really sang that yourself.
Yoon: I did sing it myself but my throat was in pretty bad condition when we filmed that scene, so I got very little practice. And I ended up becoming sick at the time too so I had to go to the hospital which gave me about an hour’s practice to squeeze in before the shoot. I’m disappointed because I could have done better.

10: People say that you look like you would really like ballads.
Yoon: I do like ballads. I love [Korean pop singer] Sung Si-kyung’s voice so it [“The Road to Me”] was one of my favorite songs. I like to listen to quiet songs in general.

10: Do you have thoughts of using this momentum to record an album?
Yoon: If I record an album, I would do it in a way that nobody would know about it. I would listen to it alone or sneak it into the bags of my close friends. Hahaha.

10: I think fans want to find something in common between actor Yoon Shi-yoon and your character Jung Joon-hyuk, the more they get used to him. What were you like during your school days? Were you anything like Joon-hyuk?
Yoon: I was an ordinary student. I like people and I like adults so I do think I was very charming toward my teachers. And I like to stand in front of people, so I was often president of my class. I think I was just happy about doing something in front of people rather about getting to lead them. I was the president and entertainer of my class. Haha.

10: In the beginning of the show, Joon-hyuk was a simple character who just complained to his family and felt awkward around Se-kyung. But as the show progressed, you must have had moments when you had to act out a plot twist or it got increasing hard for you to act emotionally. How are you working through such moments?
Yoon: I don’t feel those differences directly because when I start believing that the emotions I feel during the show are real, my emotions change too. For example, the Joon-hyuk we know from the beginning of the show would have never been embarrassed about Se-gyeong washing his underwear. But I have focused on my character’s situation and with Joon-hyuk so into her, I too ended up feeling embarrassed. And when Se-gyeong talks to me with her eyes wide open, I really couldn’t help feeling great.

10: Actors often talk about how they actually become their character. So do the emotions that your character feels also affect the relationship between the actual actors? There are many fans who are curious about Yoon Shi-yoon and Shin Se-gyeong, not your characters Joon-hyuk and Se-gyeong.
Yoon: I haven’t been in a relationship for quite a while now. So it’s true that I feel like I’ve been on a date after I shoot romantic scenes. Even with the scenes which air for less than a few minutes, we actually shoot them for hours. So I think the feelings of nervousness or excitement I got during the shoot linger for a while after those shoots, regardless of who I was with. I do feel like I’m going out with someone at times. Of course, the real Se-gyeong is very attractive and also great to everyone around her so that may be why I’m growing increasingly fond of her.

10: The sitcom is increasingly revolving around the romance between the characters but I think there may be something else you would want to show about Joon-hyuk.
Yoon: Growth. It’s not about who Joon-hyuk ends up with but rather just about the process of how he learns to love. He used to disdain everyone and was unsociable but learns to open up to others and do others favors as he starts liking Se-gyeong. He used to fight a lot with Jung-eum but with her too, he learns to build a friendship based on trust with her. Joon-hyuk is maturing, becoming an adult and a man in the process of learning to trust people and giving them his trust too.

10: There was a report saying you have decided to take on the role of a high school student again in another work. What’s the foremost factor for you in deciding to choose your next role?
Yoon: I only think of one thing. The fact that I still have to learn the fundamentals, despite many people advising me that I should try to get rid of my image from the sitcom or try to increase my popularity. I am learning many things as the youngest on the set of “High Kick.” I think I even learn from Hae-ri and Shin-ae. It’s important to figure out what situation you’re in after you finish one role, but it’s not the foremost important factor. Whatever role it may be, I hope to be able to meet a director and staff who will teach me for who I am and express it well.

10: It seems that you are always very thankful to director Kim Byung-wook for guiding you well.
Yoon: It’s true. He is someone who, if your acting lacked in over nine ways out of ten, he will remember to compliment you on that half a point of what you did well on. And he’ll encourage you to make that into a whole point the next time. That helped me to work with the enjoyment of what I got complimented for, rather than feel daunted over my mistakes.

10: You must have received a lot of help from the actors on the show too. Who are you the closest with?
Yoon: Many of my seniors, including Mr. Lee Soon-jae, always give me great advice and take good care of me. And there are many actors around my age too so I hang out with them in between shoots too. I’m a bit more closer with Gwang-soo, especially because we share the same religion, but he really taught me a lot of things when I took my first step as an actor. Like the mind set I should have as a new actor.

10: Then what goals do you have right now as a new actor?
Yoon: I want to become good enough to truly call myself an actor. An actor is someone who takes responsibility for his acting and can pull off his role so well that the viewers wil be able to trust what they see. I’m still not good enough to achieve that goal right away and I know you can’t become that sort of actor in such a short time. That’s why I’ve set my mind on trying hard from now on.

10: What are some of your more short-term goals? For example, is there a particular genre you really try?
Yoon: I guess I want to play more roles where I can give off the image that I’m maturing because there are certain roles you can only play at certain ages. I hope it’ll be a role where I can give off the vibe that I’m someone in his 20s full of energy.

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