[PICTORIAL & VIDEOS] Seoul Drama Awards 2011 Red Carpet

It’s a drama feast, packed with good looking drama actor and actresses.  Seoul Drama Awards 2011 held its award ceremony on the night of 31st of August.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Hello Goo Hye Sun, long time no see. Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi from the ‘The Musical’ Press Conference

On 30th of August, 2pm in the afternoon, SBS new drama ‘The Musical’ held its press conference. Part of the event, each actor donated an item for charity auction.

The 16 episodes mini-drama will start airing on 2nd of September.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Eugene and Ki Tae Young: lovey-dovey photo captured

Rub your eyes, this is not a photo from a drama, but a photo recently captured by a fan when Eugene and Ki Tae Young were passing through Austria.

In this photo, Ki Tae Young hugs Eugene from back, while Eugene enjoys the affection from her husband. A little surreal, close to a fairy tale, I’ve almost mistaken this is a scene from drama. 🙂

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[ACTOR NEWS] Park Yoo Chun and Moon Geun Young, voted as the most popular #1 on ‘Seoul Drama Awards’

The verdict is out, the winner of popularity for ‘2011 Seoul Drama Awards’ goes to JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun in the male category and Moon Geun Young in the female category.

In the man category, Park Yoo Chun has total 47,7444 votes, followed by Jang Geun Suk with 401,987 and Kim Jae Won with 50,140.

For the female section, Moon Geun Young has 108,815 votes, followed by Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won at second and third place.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong participated in this event, award ceremony will be broadcast live on the 31st of August via SBS.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho, becomes real couple

Couples in dramas becoming real couple in life? This news has made my day!

Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho, who recently finished ‘City Hunter’ were caught seeing each other after the drama ended. Their agency also stepped out and admitted that they have been seeing each other in person, at a getting to know each other stage. It was also mentioned after the drama ended one month ago, the two had crush on each other.

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Photo source: Dispatch 디스패치 | 2011/08/23

[ACTOR NEWS] Eugene and Ki Tae Young, honey moon picture

I have not updated this blog for a week, I think. I was really busy at work last week, by the time I reached home, all I wanted to do was to hit the bed and sleep…Zzzzz…

I missed coming here, reading your comments and updating news. I really hope I can catch up, on everything again. Thanks so so so much, for your patience and putting up with me, 😛

A photo featuring the sweet sweet newlyweds, Eugene and Ki Tae Young was released via an online community recently. Both actors seem have enjoyed their holiday, as they hold hands and take leisure walks on the streets of Prague.


[ACTOR NEWS & COMMENT] Yoo Seung Ho involved in a car accident

Oh my boy! Yoo Seung Ho, who is my latest flower boy crush is involved in a car accident.  My heart goes out to him and hope it is not too serious.

On 29th of July, on his way to the filming location for ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, Yoo Seung Ho’s car was involved in a car accident while pass through highway.  Yoo Seung Ho is taken to the nearby hospital for treatment.

The accident is said to be quite serious, the car is damaged badly and according to his agency that they are shocked by the news and will rush to hospital to check on Yoo’s condition.

The filming schedule for Baek Dong Soo is cancelled for the day, it will also depend on Yoo’s condition to determine whether he can continue with shooting Baek Dong Soo.

I watch Baek Dong Soo for one single reason, that is Yoo Seung Ho!  Yoo Seung Ho has taken on a role of Yeo Woon, an often silent, complicated and withdrawn character. Yeo Woon is born to kill and while he struggles to grow up with his destiny, he is also Baek Dong Soo’s best friend.

Yoo Seung Ho has captured the complexity of this character and is able to pull the audience into his sadness, make us sympathize Yeo Woon.

I hope Yoo Seung Ho recovers well and can be back quickly to continue the good job he has been doing at playing Yeo Woon!


[ACTOR NEWS] Eugene and Ki Tae Young, wedding filled with happiness

On 23rd of July, 1pm, former girl group SES member later turned actress Eugene and actor Ki Tae Young held their Christian wedding ceremony at Central Church in Seoul. Big Bang member TaeYang who attends the same church will be singing an anthem for the couple at the ceremony.

The couple met each other while working on the same drama back in 2009, ‘Creating Destiny’ then developed into romantic relationship afterwards.

On 25th of July, the newly wed will be traveling to Spain, France, and Italy for three weeks for their honeymoon.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Eugene and Ki Tae Young wedding photo released

The soon to be married couple, Eugene and Ki Tae Young has released couple of their wedding pictures to the public.

The wedding dress Eugene will be wearing on the day is the designer who has made the dress for Princess Kate MIddleton, by Kate Blanc. The concept is to take on the recent royal wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William.  This shoot is only a small part of their wedding photos, as the official photos will be taken in Europe during their honeymoon.

The wedding is to be held on 23rd of July at 1pm at a church in Indeogwon. Their celebrity friends are expected to attend and their church friends will sing anthems on the day.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Eugene and Ki Tae Young, ‘Creating Destiny’ wedding invitation

On 13th of July, at 2.30pm, Actress Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s wedding invitation is released to the public. So adorable, it is their characters from the drama they both acted in ‘Creating Destiny’. I have been following their news since they announced their big plan, a sweet and loving couple. Congratulations!

Actor Ryu Sang Wook posted a photo on his twitter, and wrote ” We were in a triangle relationship In drama ‘Creating Destiny’. Wedding invitation in real life, congratulations to you!’

Eugene and Ki Tae Young will hold their wedding on 23rd of this month.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Han Hyo Joo looks at joining a new KBS2 drama

This news has caught my attention when it says the team behind ‘King of baking, Kim Tak Goo’ will be making this drama and Han Hyo Joo might take on the leading role, fantastic!

Actress Han Hyo Joo is looking positively at playing the lead in KBS2 drama ‘Glorious Jae In’ (direct translation), script by Gang Eun Gyeong and direct by Lee Jeong Seop, the duo who worked on the ‘National Drama’ King of baking, Kim Tak Goo back in 2010 with over 50% average rating.

This will be her first appearance since last drama in 2010, if Han Hyo Joo joins the casts.  According to Han’s agency BH entertainment on 29th of June, there is dramas and movies been proposed to the actress, she has been struggling making her decisions.  Due to Han Hyo Joo’s activities overseas, the final confirmation is not yet known.

‘Glorious Jae In’ is a about the a road to success story of the heroine Jae In.  It plans to air in October after ‘The Princess’s man’ on KBS2.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Lee Jung Suk joins Ha Ji Won in ‘Korea’

Newcomer Lee Jung Suk will be joining ‘Korea’, a movie stars Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na.

Lee Jung Suk appeared in ‘Secret Garden’ as the young and talented musician, Han Tae Sun.  This time, he will be joining ‘Korea’ playing a young man named Choe Gyeong Seop.  ‘Korea’ is a true story , about conflicts and friendship.

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[K-DRAMA NEWS] Myung Wol the Spy, preview photo released

Han Ye Seul and Eric are casted to play the leads in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Myung Wol the Spy’ (script by Kim Eun Yeong Kim Cheong Ah, direct by Hwang In Hyeok).  The team had their first script reading on 3rd and shot the teaser video, photos are released to raise people’s expectations.

On 3rd of June, Eric’s character, a Hallyu star Kang Woo started shooting in a townhouse located in PyeongChangeDong. Han Ye Seul plays a North Korean Spy, on the shooting day she showed sniper shooting skills at expert level.

At the shooting location, there were fans pretended to get close to Eric and created some laughter on set.

Both Eric and Han Ye Seul have lived abroad, they will have English dialogues for their scenes to be shot in Singapore.  So friends in Singapore, watch out for them, they are coming your way!

Myung Wol the Spy is a romantic comedy, about a love story between a North Korean Spy and a top Hallyu star.   It airs on KBS2 starting from July 6th.

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[ACTOR NEWS] Yoon Eun Hye, the romantic comedy specialist

To be honest, I am not really interested in the content of this news as it says nothing new mainly giving credit to Yoon Eun Hye being the romantic comedy specialist from Goong to My fair lady, the news goes on to talk about the rating for ‘Lie to me’, something I try to overlook.

I love YEH in romantic comedy, as she mentioned herself that the public likes her in that role.  But I am also open to see her in other roles if she wants to try.

Ok, I am more interested in the photo, where Yoon Eun Hye poses with a new hair style?! Oh, it looks cute on her yet makes her looking more feminine!

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